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Hi, my name is Paul, and i created the film, Hijacking Humanity, wishing to give proper contextual understanding of the 911 attacks so that people who just can't get past that mental block of WHY it would be the Government/Intelligence Agencies/Corporacratic Rulers who are truly responsible instead of a small band of Islamic Extremists...

Please check out the 911 Chapter, the 4th section of the movie, entitled "911 Conspiracy and The Push Towards Final Global Consolidation."

I appreciate any and all feedback, criticism, questions, and comments... I know the whole movie isn't perfect, but since it was created pretty much by my lonesome, it really just represents my own personal viewpoint of the truth, nothing more, nothing less...

Regarding some feedback about dismissing the film because of the appearance of a reference to the notorious David Icke... I can fully appreciate people's strong reaction to even the mention of Icke's name... I can categorically state here that I personally am NOT in the "camp" of supporting the lizard-people, ufo aliens, holocaust deniers, etc. Pretty much known as the fringe of the fringe, right? I don't get into that stuff in my film, because i have too many huge questions and holes in those ideas that i could drive a truck through.

However my heart doesn't allow my ego to categorically state that any of those ideas/things aren't POSSIBLE, its just that, to myself, they are so IMPROBABLE and unlikely, that i don't waste any of my energy researching them further, nor wasting energy arguing with proponents of these ideas, simply because their intentions are either: 1)clouded because they just want to argue and insult, 2)obvious as disinformation meant to take truthseekers away from the provable and useful evidence, 3)ignorant, and still following others, not doing their due diligence, but have stumbled upon 911 truth, and happen to discover TV Fakery/Holograms first, and their ego claims that as their "original discovery" which they ignorantly hold onto, perpetuate and defend...

It's all unfortunate, as most of the "real" researchers of those subjects probably keep to themselves and discuss these subjects in their own groups, knowing there is no benefit to them bombarding and flaming sites like 911Blogger with inflammatory statements and blankets of insults. Provocateurs are obvious because they go around creating provocation. The amount of energy and data on the internet that is simply a volleyball of attacks between these camps represents to me, an unfortunate black hole, because newcomers who come upon 911 truth that see this as "infighting" often end up not wanting to join a movement because they want to rise above these illusions of polarization..

Groups and organizations are great because they can become the moving parts of a counter-machine to the system, but once they are big enough to be infiltrated, more often than not, they are.... But when things are as decentralized, as they are on the internet, there is room for SOOOO many voices... its the notes we are singing in harmony that will ring the loudest, ie: WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY more people believe in 911 Truth than in Lizard People. Discerning people are smarter than you might think - they can actually read a David Icke book, data mine the good info, laugh when they read the pointless lizard stuff, and then recommend to people, hey, read 2/3 of this book, the other 1/3 is a waste of time...

In my case, i was surprised that US Border guards accosted me over a David Icke book BECAUSE i thought the lizard alien crap was so outrageous... But their attitude of seriousness towards Icke as an author meant there was SOMETHING they didn't like about him. Lizard Aliens is not a threatening idea to the elites, they like that idea because they can try and paint it over the entire conspiracy awareness movement... But the other info in David Icke's book(s) is usually just him articulating in his own words, SOMEONE ELSE'S research! That's it.

I agree with everyone who said David should perhaps apologize for his statements about the Lizards and Aliens and clarify where he was going with that research, because ultimately its all very disempowering... if the conspiracy is just a bunch of rich satanist elites trying to enslave the planet, that is something we can deal with.. if it is a bunch of Lizard entities from Planet Xenu of Dimension 5 who are really pulling the strings, then WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT THAT? People rightfully identify that information as completely disempowering, pointless, and almost embarassing. Some allow the inclusion of that information to be grounds for the dismissal of someone's entire work, and i can accept that, i just don't agree with it.

Just because i don't believe The Bible or the Qu'ran or the Bhagavad Gita are the actual written word of God, it doesn't mean i can't find a small few passages that i happen to agree with, simply because of their universal truths... A discerning mind can separate the ego from the heart and let each process information in their own way. Ego helps with bullshit detection, and heart just lets you know what is truth and what is not.

I hope this doesn't sound all wishy washy to the more intellectual of 911Bloggers, but the point of this is not to defend David Icke, nor to even state "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater", but my point is that, the simple truth, is that it was in FACT a David Icke book that HAPPENED to be the first book i was confronted by authorities over, and it wasn't the author, but the INFORMATION that led me to get involved and eventually want to create a film. Fact Checking "Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster" (itself not at all a perfect book), is what led me to Alex Jones' work, Jordan Maxwell, Aaron Russo, Bill Hicks, Dylan, Korey and Jason's work, Henry Makow and many others, because at the top of the Conspiracy Personality pyramid, people get along based on the majority of similarities, not the minority of differences...

In the end, i wish the No-Planers/TV Fakery crowd would try and focus on and propagate some of the easier to understand and easier to explain evidence, like WTC 7, Controlled Demolitions, Money trails to AIG, Kroll, Marsh McLennan, etc. but these people exist and our choice is to either give them our energy or spend our energy out there propagating what we know to be the truth... There will always be armchair warriors backing us up on the internet, holding the pirates at bay, and with a skeptical eye on even people like me, like there should be. It's fair to question each other, about our motives and intentions, it's completely right to do that, but we shouldn't do it at the expense of never trusting another human's opinions or ideas ever again just because they are contrary to our own...

Hoping this message clarifies my motives and intentions for making Hijacking Humanity, (which you can watch for free at, or get on DVD at

Guess that reveals my true motive... I want you to watch my movie any way you can! Have fun and be well!

Peace and Respect;

-Paul Verge
Writer/Producer of "Hijacking Humanity" (at)

Paul, we had a good discussion of your film here:

Paul, we had a good discussion of your film here:

Not what I would call a good discussion

Most of that discussion is about David Icke. It's interesting to see how the bare mention of a name can make people stop watching or completely freak out. But it's still off topic.

Great film Paul!

I agree the lizard aspect of

I agree the lizard aspect of it is probably a bit far fetched so it is a shame people throw out the baby with the bathwater. I went to listen to him at the Brixton Academy in April and he is spot on.

I will also add that 9/11 is

I will also add that 9/11 is not his main thing though he does mention it in his talks. He concentrates on the New World Order Agenda and how, as a collective conscience, we can fight the system.

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