NORTH TEXANS FOR 9/11 TRUTH have piloted a broadsheet flyer project. For about the cost of a Kinko’s black-n-white copy on 8 ½ X 11, our group has printed a graphic COLOR flyer on a newspaper sheet sized, clean, semigloss white paper. This pilot project print run is extraordinary in that the cost of a single flyer is under 7 cents. That includes taxes, freight, set-up fees and boxes for every 1,000 flyers. We have 30,000 copies.

Under 7 cents delivered!! COLOR, high quality photos!!! Newspaper size!! Clean, semigloss paper!

The purpose of the broadsheet-flyer is to attract credible attention towards 9/11 Truth and to prompt people to further investigate 9/11. The purpose of the flyer is NOT to try to convince the public that 9/11 was an inside job, because a flyer alone can not effectively relay all the important information.


There are many of 9/11 Truth. While all can not be in the spotlight, here is a brief story of a Truther who made things go right.

Arlen is a poor college student in his early 20’s taking a demanding load of advanced science and math classes. He is trying to put himself through college. His spendable savings from past jobs revolves in the neighborhood of $800.

Regardless of lean finances, he has paid for and burned many, many 9/11 Truth DVDs. An example of his bold courage is the time he stood ALONE passing out 9/11 Truth DVDs on campus. The first day he gave out 180. The next day he made it to 40 before he was escorted to the Dean’s office. Despite the intimidation and suppression of further actions on campus, Arlen later went on to distribute 100’s of DVDs at other locations.

You often find Arlen dynamically participating in the Dallas area 9/11 Truth Actions. When “Loose Change Final Cut” was being shown at a Dallas Theatre, Arlen spent over $100 for copies of movie promotion posters and helped to place them around town. These are but a few of his past actions.

However, this Broadsheet-flyer action takes the cake so far of actions which Arlen has accomplished for 9/11 Truth. Back when this broadsheet flyer concept was first proposed, Arlen recognized the value of such an endeavor. He volunteered to help make it a reality. Many a night the lamp oil burned till morning. Arlen finally completed the project after months of labor, headaches, reformats, glitches and trying to figure out on his own what exactly to put on a page in what position. I need to point out that while having an idea of what to put on paper is great; it takes exact graphics & text at hand to make things a reality. Arlen knew that this first run would not be perfect. However, it paves the way towards a future better broadsheet-flyer and a much more cost effective form of dissemination of 9/11 Truth.

Under 7 cents delivered!! COLOR, high quality photos!!! Newspaper size!! Clean, semigloss paper!

If your group wants some flyers, or wants to mock-up a better flyer, you can contact Please allow time for a response to your email. (No armchair critics please, because we will ask for a copy of your current broadsheet flyer.)


North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site


Oh Wait, I already have 6,000 copies minus the 50 or so I gave out last night along with DVDs.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

You should be able to access the files for the four Broadsheet pages in pdf format by clicking these:


Thanks for all the very many emails to We will try to get to you quickly. Yes, we can easily mail one sample in an envelope...just give us an address and name. Again, we encourage other groups "to take the ball and run with it" by developing a more ideal Adobe mock-up. This is a pilot first run. We are finding that the flyer is most effectively received by the public when a 911Truth DVD is attached. The broadsheet with a DVD seems to attract keen interest.

Arlen has his pdf's available here:


When you click on the following photos, the picture will enlarge to where you can even read the script.
Arlen reading the broadsheet -
Inside pages of broadsheet being read -
Arlen holding backpage -

***I should mention something that you can not tell from the photos. The resolution and color of the pictures on the broadsheet is fantastic!! It is pristine quality, just like what you see on the pdf. Arlen was amazed at how well the printed material showed the fine resolution.

An Idea that Kicks A.., Changes Minds, and Saves Money

Thanks TomT and Arlen for getting things done!

This will be an effective tool. Wonderful work!

This broadsheet provides instant information to inspire curiosity. It will definitely help our cause. I so appreciate your hard work and generous contributions toward reaching our goal of critical mass. You didn't just talk about what you would do, you actually followed through on it. Ideas are great, but without the work, they are just ideas. Thanks to you and the A man for putting this thing together from start to finish. You both are real assets to the movement, and especially to our local group.

I appreciate the effort and

I appreciate the effort and the broadsheet idea is great. It's important to have cheap and attractive stuff to give out. I hope you will consider updating versions as reviews come in and events change.

Just a little critique, from what I could make out --

* angle cut columns used to be in question but as it turns out, appear not to be good evidence and are in fact debunked recently right here on blogger --

* Is that Captain Eric May you have listed? A good description of why he is a problem is here --
Who Is Captain Eric May
A supporter of "next 9/11" research and articles, antisemitism, numerology, and accusations of COINTELPRO against 9/11 researchers/activists.

* "Patriots Question 9/11" has tons of links directly to Fetzer -- take a look through the actual links on the "bios" -- many many links directly to his fake "911scholars" group. Why? Because Patriots Question is primarily about advocating "no plane at the Pentagon" and that's what Fetzer is all about. It advocates the false claim that Fetzer operates a real scholars group, even as every one of us on here know that Wood, Reynolds and Fetzer are about hoaxes, not truths. It promotes Fetzer directly below Griffin. That is a hoax being perpetrated on the public by that site to push him to the public.

Please see the review --

Discrediting By Association: Undermining the Case for Patriots Who Question 9/11
By presenting, directly alongside the serious and professional notable individuals, the advocates of ridiculous nonsense claims about the 9/11 attacks -- space weapons, nukes, "TV fakery" and even holograms -- the website functions to undermine a serious reader's overall belief that the site, the community, and the individuals are actually as credible as their titles suggest.

* Gen Stubblebine - seen in the UFO community as a discreditor and potential infiltrator (!), primarily advocates that the Pentagon hole is too small (weak if not refuted).

From wikipedia --
Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III was the commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984, when he retired from the Army. He is known for his interest in parapsychology and was a strong supporter of the Stargate Project.

Usually it's not helpful to mix UFOs, parapsychology and psychic phenomena interests with 9/11, nor people who were command positions in military intelligence for decades who now claim in public that the Pentagon hole was too small.

* George Nelson -- openly questions not just FL77, but *any* of the 4 planes that crashed that day, suggesting Boeings did not crash in NYC or Penn. He isn't just asking the question rhetorically, but literally claims that the real jets never hit anywhere. Huge red flag there. Has advocated pods on letsroll forums.

A great summary of these types is here:


This is a pilot..we want you or someone to mock-up a better one

Understand. We were expecting lots of critiques. We spent months trashing things on the edit floor, but there comes a time to just "go". This is a pilot...and a DAMN GOOD FIRST RUN. The COST is superb!
No one had created a piece, so we "went for it".
This is a pilot to encourage other people to put together a better one. We blazed a trail for a very cost-effective piece.
Now it is in your hands. or someone could lay everything out on Adobe, being sure it had the marketing appeal and correct data. Then the entire movement would have a good piece.

You have good ideas.
Ideas are great, but having the exact text and pics and position ready size...then building the piece.

So, we want others to take responsibility and build one. We can't wait to see yours.

Continue Poisoning The Jury Pool

Justice may come slower than we wish but if we keep disseminating information we can obtain a majority point of view that can one day be utilized.

These are not wasted efforts.

Very good idea..

to present the info in a newspaper format.
This might help overcome the psychological resistance to accepting the information from alternative sources like DVD's, flyers, stickers, verbal, etc.

After all, newspapers bring the news!
(or are supposed to...)

Looks great

I will be ordering a good many, try to insert them into NY papers. Thanks!

Cool! let me relay some info about inserts in the newspaper.

I am not sure how many you are looking at inserting into the newspaper. If it is quantities in the hundreds, then by hand, street gorilla style sounds cool.
However, if you are looking for a big project, say 10,000 or so...then you should call the advertising department for the paper or an affiliated type service. For example, these "grocery store ad sheets" which are inserted in the paper and are also mailed as a bundle with other ads to homes, are often handled by the advertising department of the newspaper. The next time that you get one of these "junk mail grocery & retail advertising broadsheet assortment packs" in the mail, save it to find out contact information on who handles the ads.
!!! -- Here is why--> You may be able to get the broadsheet printed and delivered to homes for close to 7 cents, more or less. You read this correctly. They will print and deliver by mail / or insert for about the cost of printing these. EXAMPLE: In 2002, an 81/2 X 11, bright neon yellow paper flyer, printed and inserted into the newspaper and also mailed to homes cost me 41/2 cents each.
>There is a drawback with this type of shotgun marketing. Your ad (Truth message) is competing with all the other printed material and other ads for attention. If you market this way, you want to be sure to have something that will quickly stand out on a very brief glance which attracts attention and interest. (That is why I had used the neon yellow paper for my retail store grab attention before the arm went towards the trash can.)

In previous years I have had various companies. (After the telecom bust in my area, I lost my businesses. So, I am broke now.)
For example, in the year 2002, I spent $250,000 on advertising. When it comes from your own wallet, you watch how the dime pays off. I would hire a girl just to survey every customer entering on how they found out about us.
By far, flyers have proven to be the most cost effective form of advertising that could be tallied against radio and TV and newspaper print ads. Flyers presented alone (on the street or on doors or on cars) are extremely effective, because they are not competing with other mediums for attention and interest.

While I am talking about advertising, I should mention a few things.
TV ads
Another thing that people don't realize. TV ads can cost as little as $50 for a 30 second spot. It is not prime time news, but it depends on the Channel or a Cable channel mix. I had "Shark Week" Discovery Channel for many spots at that price. (There is a "tech" to getting a good price and how to be cost effective with TV, or many types of ads.)
Box Truck
A very cost effective, guerilla method that I used with some of my stores, was to buy an inexpensive box van or bread truck. I would paint it and put appropriate, but big & bold signs on it. This was mobile. I could go park it off a highway during rush hour where everyone saw it. Sales stats told me that it was effective.
Stake signs are also very effective. Our group has put out hundreds and hundreds of stake signs which you can see in the video:
-- - --There are little successful methods when talking to an ad rep for a paper or TV. You can always write a note to and we will try to help. We want to see the movement expand.

get the word out

Go to book stores and popular coffee shops and stuff the papers there and leave copies on the tables and chairs.... try to make it look random.

make them look like normal reading material... don't go neon

Folded material will get more attention than a flat flier
Together in Truth!

What a great idea!

This is a great initiative and one I hope to see one day in Canada
(I'm a journeyman Newspaper Pressman by trade..hey ! all we need is a printing press boys!!!)
Doug's Blog:

UPDATE - Early November 08 - "National Version..."

People are pooling ideas for a national version or more refined version of the broadsheet flyer.

Email for details at

Arms straight up, looking to the sky!

Arms straight up, looking to the sky! That's how I feel reading this and the accompanying story on 911blogger, Dallas 9/11 Truth and North Texans for 9/11 Truth are rockin'! Fantastic, inspiring, we love you! Way to go TomT.

With you in solidarity,
WeAreChangeLA -