November 22nd, 2011

To whoever is still alive to read this,

As I look out my apartment window, I see a very different America than I lived in just a short time ago. The whining of sirens and buzzing of choppers passing overhead has become an everyday part of American noise pollution these days.

After the massive "So-Called" terrorist attack on Houston on the 11th, things have taken a serious turn for the worse. It has given the government reason to strip us of all of our rights. You can't even piss without a camera watching you now.

My heart always starts to pound when there is a knock at the door lately. You never know who might be on the other side these days. My friend's sister had gotten a knock at the door a couple of weeks ago, and a random blackwater "terrorist" sweep ended up turning into 2 days of hell for her. After being raped and sodomized repeatedly by at least 5 mercenaries, she was beaten, tortured, gagged, tied, blindfolded, and left for dead. If it would not been for John stopping by to take her to go look for work, she may not be alive today. She will never be the same.

It's not just the Government we have to fear either. There are millions of hungry people out there, me starting to become one of them. They are desperate for hope, and starting to act crazy. People are starting to form various gangs and mobs that come and go and take what they please. Sometimes these mobs will clash with the military. I have not seen that here so much but I read that in LA that so many people were killed in one battle that blood was flowing like water down the storm drain.

I never have seen anybody actually killed, murdered, cut short of life, by another person before...before yesterday that is. It seemed like a simple misunderstanding. When this forgetful kid, I guess around 19, failed to remember to bring his wallet with him, and when he was stopped at one of the various checkpoints he became scared and tried to run away. That's when the shooting started. It looked as if he was hit by about 5 or 6 shots in the back, but it was the one that took off the side of his face that really shook me up. I actually saw the blood spray out like someone popped a water balloon filled with red paint when that bullet took off everything off right up to his nose. When the shot hit his head I heard a loud ding on the car I was standing next to. I thought maybe it was a stray bullet fragment, but then after looking down on the ground next to me I noticed it was one of the young man's teeth.

We thought the media was bad back in 2008, but now it has just gone completely over the top. Reality is no longer something to be taken for granted. Everything we see comes with a spin, tainted, propagandized so much that people are actually starting to break, emotionally, and accept things the way they are.

I never thought I would see the day that armored military vehicles would escort school busses to school. The busses that do go to the schools are only about 1/2 full these days because many of the parents are keeping their children at home in protest of the new chip implant laws that go into effect next month in violation of federal emergency laws. How can they force parents to chip their kids to go to school? I am not going to take that chip! Hell, I don't need to go into any Government buildings, and don't want to anyway.

I wish I could go back to the year 1992, back before everything started to hit the fan. Back to a time before the Government went sour on us and used terrorism and contrived wars to take away every civil liberty we had.

First they started this "FEAR" campaign with the Y2K scare...There was the OK City bombing, then the WTC Bombing...Then came 9/11, and the fear ramped up 1000%...After 911 nothing was the same, but it was tolerable. Over the next 8 years after 911 they hit the American public and the world with scandal after scandal until the masses lost total faith in the system.

In 2008 came the start of "The Greatest Depression"...After the elites contrived a massive economy scare, they gutted the system for everything it had, and left the country out to dry. Suicide is way up, especially after the market dropped over 5,000 points in the first 2 weeks of October 2009.

The icing on the cake came on 11/11/2011 with the bio attack on Houston and the Nuke in Chicago...I can't believe that some people still believe that "terrorists" are capable enough to pull off these attacks...They can't see it's not "Terrorists" taking away our rights or killing us on our own streets.

I don't see many protestors anymore after the Seattle incident. They said that the microwave crowd control guns were safe, and then claimed the whole thing just malfunctioned...Tell that to the 430 people who were "liquefied" right on the spot.

I hope that someone in the future reads this and realizes the misfortune of our way.

Letting the Government get out of control was the worst mistake the American people have ever made.

The oath says;

"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...

They included the word "Domestic" in there for a reason...because people can and will take over your country from the inside. It was the only way to take over America because our location and military might made it impossible to beat in a conventional war.
I do have to end this letter because the lines at the food bank will start to get long and if you get in too late you either get nothing or maybe a can of generic peas...and God how I hate peas.

Take Care and Good Luck,

Anyperson USA