9-11 Truth March Oct. 11, 2008 Santa Monica Part 1/4


Every person that stands up with others for visibility, outreach and solidarity increases the impact of our actions by ten, like a Richter Scale.

Thanks go to all those who marched for truth, and helped to make this action so successful and rewarding, including San Diego 9-11 Truth, WeAreChange Long Beach, Orange County Tyranny Response Team, and Inland Empire 9-11 Truth.

Stay tuned for the remaining videos in this series. This march was so intense, we have to share as much of it with you as we can.

The 2008 Now Or Never events in NYC were such an inspiration. We implore everyone to make it to NYC for 9-11-09. It's the one day of the year we should all come together in one place.


P.S> also stay tuned for the next video of the 9-11 events in NYC coming soon :)

Thanks! I find these type of videos inspirational!!

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER

WACLA creates their own reality

Can we get an honorable mention? 9/11 Truth LA was present, despite what you may hear from the PTB. We promoted the 10/11 march because it was a "regional action". I distributed over 500 fliers at my own personal expense. Over 200 at David Icke, at our meeting, while tabling Santa Monica Third Street on Sundays and elsewhere. Announcements were sent out to our lists and I posted on Craigslist as well. I brought signs at the request of one of WACLA's steering committee members. I brought Deception Dollars. I suggested that we cross the street for a photo-op at Google (DUH?!?). However, our presence was not acknowledged at the start of the march, as has been omitted here again. I suspect that we will also be excluded from any onscreen credits appearing in these videos. Some WACLA steering committee members refused to even speak to us. Some of us were so offended that they left before the march even started.

I apologize for giving our members and supporters the impression that they would be welcomed. It was a honor to stand again with the good people in the 9/11 Truth Movement that I have met over the years, and those who have no idea what this is all about. To WeAreChangeLA steering committee members (with one exception, Jeremy) ... good luck if you think that you don't need all of us to right this ship of injustice. The fate of our world is in your hands ... I guess.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Peter Thottam

Randy your tone is abrasive, negative, and snide... as usual.

This is not the forum to go over all this, or is it? Peter Thottam is your 'leader' of 911 Truth LA. He has been banned from 911blogger, 911truth.org, and WeAreChangeLA. Peter Thottam has proven again and again that he can not be trusted. At the march, we made a great compromise by not asking Peter Thottam to leave the march.

'Some of us were so offended that they left before the march even started.' I beg to differ. Peter and others left very early in the march most likely because they felt that they had their photo op, and could tell others that they themselves organized the whole event. That fits into Peter's pattern of behavior perfectly.

Thank you for helping to get people out there. You are still a member of WeAreChangeLA, and your team appreciates all the efforts you put into the promotion of the event. Randy, please find peace in your heart first. You can't force peace down the throat of others to achieve it. Peace comes from within.

The march was a phenomenal experience, and though several of us personally put a lot of our own time and effort into organizing and promoting the event, it's the participation of each sovereign individual that truly made the experience phenomenal.

WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org

P.S. Peter Thottam reminded everyone today through another 'email blast' that he was also banned from truthaction.org. My apologies for leaving truthaction.org out of the list. Peace.

Randy, when all is said and

Randy, when all is said and done...
1. it may just be that the greatest contribution that historians will recognize us all for is that we were the first to stand up for truth and justice and we did so in a PEACEFUL fashion, setting the example for the others that followed and drawing the line as to what went outside of acceptable conduct in our affairs so that we could keep the movement peaceful and respectable despite all provocations to go in another direction.
I only ask that you view your own actions (such as airing dirty laundry and vitriolic bitterness on a public forum) in this context and also weigh those of "your God" Peter T.
I think you should curb the outrage a little bit, bro.

2. as one who has been humbled, in a good way, by my experiences with Truthers and the Truth movement, I can say to you that the only one that can truly acknowledge one for such endeavors as these are the individuals involved in doing them, none other. One should not seek admiration or affinity but just do what is in their heart and earn the greatest award one can receive... the proud knowingness of accomplishment. If you are proud of your participation on Saturday, and you should be, then let that be your reward. Maybe some day we will all be stars in the sky on a peaceful night over a free nation. Then we can have another reward.

garko, the humble

Meet The Truthers

garko ...I like those words...

In no way am I about to get into the middle of the above discussion...

... This is just a good philosophic phrase to try to live by and it stood out for me:
"One should not seek admiration or affinity but just do what is in their heart and earn the greatest award one can receive... the proud knowingness of accomplishment."
Thanks for the well stated phrase garko.

a "well done" to you also on

a "well done" to you also on seeing the big picture and not getting bogged down in the stuff and nonsense aspect.

Meet The Truthers

A "very, very well done" to ya'll for ALL your actions! ;)

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