We Are Not Alone

Here I just copied the links at the 9/11 Truth Europe website. There must be many more including Meetup groups and We Are Change Chapters. These were posted a year ago.


Links to European sites on 9/11
Please contact the webmaster at info [at] 911truth.eu for any corrections or to report new sites.
List per 15 September 2007


http://911.yweb.sk/ (Slovak website dedicated to 9/11 truth)
http://gorg.php5.cz/ (Czech anti-imperialist and 9/11 truth website)


http;//www.dknwz.net ('It cannot be true'. Many issues, including war on terror, irak, iran, oil, money and of course 9/11. The website belongs to an organisation of concerned citizens who have also established a political party, The Party of Truth, which presented itself to national elections)
http://www.onderzoek911.nl (Website dedicated to 9/11 truth with many resources)
http://www.daanspeak.com (Excellent website in the Netherlands) (many issues, including 9/11 basic data)
http://deepjournal.com (9/11 activist site both in Dutch and English by the same author, Daan de Wit, as www.daanspeak.com)
http://www.waarheid911.nl (Another website dedicated to 9/11 truth with many resources)
http://johnito.blogspot.com/ (Anti-war website with 9/11 sections)
http://www.partijvoordewaarheid.nl (Party of the Truth, a Dutch political party which has 9/11 truth on its agenda)
http://www.ditkannietwaarzijn.eu/ (Dutch general anti-war website with good 9/11 and 7/7 section)
http://eqgen.nl/aanslagen911 (Mixed bag website, with a 9/11 truth section)
www.zapruder.nl (including forum for 9/11 activists)
http://www.911belgium.be (Flemish website dedicated to 9/11)
http://www.kenjedit.be (Flemish personal website with 9/11 sections)
http://thomasdeflo.wordpress.com (Flemish language site on false-flag terrorism)

http://nineeleven.co.uk (The prime British 9/11 truth site with both resources and information on 9/11 events in Britain)
www.911truthcampaign.net (appears connected to nineeleven.co.uk)
www.rinf.com/conspiracies/9-11.html (Multi-issue website with 9/11 emphasis, illuminati, police state, new world order, etc.)
www.checktheevidence.com/911/ (Archive of some interesting audio and video Material on 9/11)
www.911revealed.co.uk (Webpage adverting Ian Henshall’s and Rowland Morgan’s excellent book 9.11 Revealed)
www.thedossier.ukonline.co.uk (Resources on 9/11, Afghanistan and US oil geostrategy)
www.nafeez.blogspot.com (Nafeez Mosaddez Ahmed’s unique blog)
http://truth4peace.co.uk (Popular 9/11 webpage with resources)
http://911physics.co.nr (A collection on 9/11, the London and the Bali bombings by Chris Morganti)
www.juntawatch.com ("Addressing the Post 9/11 Military Industrial Complex", based in Scotland)
http://www.myspace.com/EastAngliaTruth (New, very creative 9/11 NWO truth site)

Local chapters of the 9/11 truth movement in England:
Bristol: www.911truthbristol.com
Cumbria: www.911cumbria.rinf.com
Totnes and South Devon: 911truthtotnes.com
Ipswich: www.wytruth.org.uk/ipswich.php
Lancaster: www.wytruth.org.uk/lancaster.php
London (see nineeleven.co.uk)
Manchester: www.wytruth.org.uk/manchester.php
Norwich: www.wytruth.org.uk/norwich.php
Peterborough: www.911truthpeterborough.com
Skipton: www.911truthskipton.com
Oxford: http://www.oxford911truth.bravehost.com/
Uckfield: www.uckfieldtruth.com
West Yorkshire: www.wytruth.org.uk
East Anglia: www.eastangliatruth.com
Glasgow: www.glasgow911truth.net (local 9/11 truth movement group)
http://www.scottishinternationalist.com/ (anti-imperialist Scottish group with 9/11 on the agenda)

http://www.911truth.ie/ (Irish 9/11 truth movement)

http://www.saunalahti.fi/wtc2001/ (A dedicated 9/11 Finnish site with some original articles by Finnish authors in English)
http://www.tinyurl.com/3xncd9 (Excellent analysis of the collapse of WTC-7 in English; Finnish site)
http://wtc7proof.blogspot.com/ (Companion site to above in English; Finnish site)

http://reopen911.online.fr (Active 9/11 forum and resources)
http://perso.orange.fr/jpdesm/pentagon/ (A visual demonstration from 2002 that no plane hit the Pentagon by Jean-Pierre Desmoulin)
http://www.jp-petit.com/Divers/PENTAGATE/Pentagate0.htm (unmaintained site by Jean-Pierre Petit on Pentagate)
http://voltairenet.org (General anti-imperialist news service directed by Thierry Meyssan with 9/11 section)
http://www.editionsdemilune.com/ (Publisher of 9/11 books in French)
http://hacktivismes.org/ (Anti-imperialist group in Bordeaux, with some 9/11 stuff)
http://www.editionsdemilune.com (Site of French publisher, Arno Mansouri, of critical 9/11 books in French)
http://www.asile.org/ (Pentagate visuals in French, Spanish, English and Italian)
http://membres.lycos.fr/wotraceafg/accueil.htm (Many articles on 9/11, terrorism and the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, unfortunately without authors’ names)
http://www.paullannoye.be (Site of former European MP, Paul Lannoye)
http://www.oulala.net (Humorous, anti-imperialist site with some 9/11 stuff)
http://www.montki.be/content/view/3285/101/ (Belgian site with 9/11 stuff)
http://isagoria.googlepages.com/ (Belgian site with an interesting 9/11 section)
http://www.11septembre.ch/ (Swiss-French - Le 11 septembre en question)
http://www.univers.ch/911/ (Swiss-French site with focus on New World Order)
http://911truth.ch/ (Swiss-French personal site on 9/11 by Tognola)

http://911komplott.de (911 stuff, New World Order, etc., aimed at popular audiences)
http://broeckers.com (Personal website of Mathias Broeckers, one of the main critical German authors on 9/11)
http://gerhard-wisnewski.de (Personal website of Gerhard Wisnewski, one of the main critical German authors on 9/11)
http://medienanalyse-international.de (A bit chaotic website on media reporting of 9/11 and other events, with some interesting bits of information)
http://www.911video.de (Depository of 9/11 videos)
http://www.bushtrash.com/ (Pop-site on 9/11, anti-war, with music and video)
http://www.911research.de (small 9/11 site)
http://www.alciada.net/ (New World Order, Health, Philosophy and Programming and some 9/11 stuff)
http://www.kokhaviv.org/feature/sept_11/ (New site in Germany)
http://www.sauron2k.de/index.html (New site in Germany)
http://www.arbeiterfotografie.de (Progressive, leftist website with serious 9/11 resources)
http://politblog.net/ (frequently publishes news on 9/11 truth and the emergence of a police state)
www.infokrieg.tv (a german-equivalent of www.infowars.com / with web-radio)
www.wahrheitssuche.org (9/11, toxic vaccines, NWO, etc.)
www.dominik-eickholz.de.tl (a private website on FBI, CIA, NSA, False Flag and 9/11)
http://dominik-eickholz.foren-city.de/ (a forum run by Dominik Eickholz on 9/11 etc,)
http://www.freeloosechange.com/ (Website in Germany dedicated to the free distribution of Loose Change)
http://www.ceiberweiber.at /Women’s collective in Austria with fine 9/11 section)
http://www.danieleganser.ch (Personal site of Dr. Daniele Ganser, Zurich, Switzerland, researcher in areas such as covert operations, peace research and “false flag operations”, including 9/11. His website is in German and English with individual items also in Italian, French, Greek, Turkish and Slovenian).

http://www.luogocomune.net/ (The prime Italian website on 9/11 with many resources, links and a forum)
http://xoomer.alice.it/911_subito/ (Website dedicated to 9/11 truth)
http://www.zerofilm.it/Notizie/tabid/79/language/it-IT/Default.aspx (Zero Film, website connected to European Parliamentarian Giulietto Chiesa)

NORDIC COUNTRIES (except Suomi/Finland)
http://blog.lege.net/ (Swedish anti-imperialist site with substantial 9/11 section)
http://www.investigate911.se (Swedish site dedicated to 9/11 truth research)
http://aktivist.se (Excellent visuals in Swedish exposing the war on terrorism as a fraud)
http://vaken.se (Swedish site, New World Order, 9/11 truth, etc.)
http://september11.se (Site is down for maintenance)
http://911info.se (Swedish 9/11 activism and resources)
http://fk911.se (New Swedish 9/11 site by Johan Kronberg)
http://krigenavterror.trykker.com (Danish anti-estabishment site with strong 9/11 section)
http://www.rolfkenneth.no/Books-11-9-dramaet.html (Norwegian 9/11 truth page)
http://www.vgb.no/21654 (A blog by Christopher Briggs, Norway, devoted to 9/11 truth)
http://www.vgb.no/14296/ (Popular Norwegian 9/11 blog, "Ubevarte Spørsmål")
http://www.vgb.no/19434/ (Popular Norwegian 9/11 blog, "Krigen om ditt sinn")
http://www.nettby.no/gruppe/insidejob/ (popular Norwegian 9/11 website)
http://svnlsenetter.wordpress.com/video/ (Neat 9/11 site with many links)
http://www.blogging.no/blog.php/meleg/post/8526 (Another Norwegian blog site)
http://svar911.no (Dedicated Norwegian 9/11 truth site with resources, but action-oriented)
http://www.northernresistance.info/911.html ("Northern Resistance against the New World Order", Norwegian webpage with substantial 9/11 emphasis)
http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konspirasjonsteorier_om_11._september (Wikipedia on 9/11 in Norwegian)
http://www.stoelsvik.no/index.php?section=Article&category=Article&artid=12 (dedicated 9/11 site in Norwegian)
http://norway911truth.blogspot.com/ (New promising 9/11 Norwegian and NWO site)
http://www.hvamenerpartiene.com/ (general critical politics with 9/11 truth section, in Norwegian)
http://www.911pk-gruppen.no/Welcome.html (The Norwegian 911 Press Conference Group, English language)
http://www.dokumentar.no/ (Norwegian site about documentary films, including 9/11 films)
http://agenda911.dk (Dedicated Danish 9/11 truth site with a discussion group and some resources)
http://www.folkebevaegelsen.i11time.dk/ (New [2008] 9/11 Danish website)
http://jakoblog.agenda911.dk (Personal Danish website on 9/11, war on Iraq, anti-Zionism and US domestic politics)
http://1192001.dk (Small Danish 9/11 site with a few resources)
http://911truth.dk (Another small Danish 9/11 site with a few resources)
http://11september.dk (Small Danish 9/11 site with a few resources)
http://juscogens.org (Personal site of Elias Davidson, Iceland, in English, French, German and Icelandic. Hundreds of articles and documents on 9/11, terrorism, economic sanctions and Middle-East issues)
http://www.gagnauga.is (Icelandic anti-establishment web-magazine supporting 9/11 truth)
http://www.911-fo.com (Excellent 9/11 site in the Faroe Islands [in Faroese]



http://resistir.info (Portuguese anti-imperialist site with some 9/11 stuff)
http://franciscotrindade.blogspot.com/ (Francisco Trindade’s anti-capitalist blog site with some 9/11 stuff)
http://ftorp2001.50webs.com/ (Very good Portuguese 9/11 site)

http://www.911truthmadrid.org (dedicated Spanish 9/11 activists’ site)
http://11-s.net (dedicated Spanish 9/11 resources site)
http://www.amics21.com/911/ (excellent Spanish/English 9/11 website)
http://www.libertaddigital.com/php3/opi_desa.php3?cpn=26405 (general news site with some 9/11 articles)
http://murciatruthsquad.blogspot.com/ ("Desde Murzia Truth Squad nos sumamos a la propuesta de llevar acabo acciones por la verdad los dias 11 de cada mes")
http://www.barcelona11s.org/ (9/11 truth group in Spain in Barcelona focussed on activism: "Colectivo por una nueva investigación de los sucesos ocurridos el 11 de Septiembre del 2001 en Nueva York")
http://www.11-septiembre-2001.biz/inicio.html Página dedicada a la comunidad hispanoparlante sobre los acontecimientos del 11 de septiembre de 2001
http://www.investigar11s.org/ (New site for 9/11 truth, aka www.911truthmadrid.org)

Madrid bombings 11/3 sites
http://veritas-11m.com (dedicated Spanish 3/11 resources site)

London bombings 7/7 sites



Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?