17e Onze Bouge France, 12 October 2008. Watch out to be together for the next Tuesday 11 November 2008.

Herblay France
Thursday 16 Ocober 2008

bonsoir ,

sorry that I am a bit late in posting my action with Farid on the Herblay market. the 12 October 2008. Of course it would have been more pleasant to do our action on the 11th like everyone else but at Herblay the Saturday there is very few people on the market. So Sunday was not so bad. Farid, 20 years old , was a bit lost compared to his weekly flyer and DVD distribution at the fontaine of Saint-Michel at Paris where there are a lot of students very interested to learn the truth on 911.

At Herblay it was people of all ages with so many different problems. No one seemed to be interested to question the 911. No one seemed to realise that the crash in the stock market is nothing compared to the 3 times 700 000 000 dollars evaporated on the pentagon accounts computer the 10th of September 2001.

In fact Farid adjusted very well to the apathy. For example a man around the sixties could not care a damn about 911 but when Farid said “Contribuable” the tax payer is paying for destroying Afghanistan and the tax payer is paying twice to rebuild what we have destroyed this guy said yes we must stop that !

Another woman who passed us and then came back in her tracks said she did not want our free DVD. Actually we did not offer her one because the DVD cost us money ( not like in America ?) but as she did make an effort we could make an effort as well. In these circumstances we are delighted to give here a free DVD . She said that her husband is in the military and he knows everything and she as well. It is terrible to know that it was an inside job and if she took our DVD she will have unrest with her husband. I talked to her about Greg Pallast
and how at the end of his book he said we could put in the dustbin 99% of the journalist who are no other than copy/ paste journalists or megaphones of the government. I told her how excited I was to find out on the internet how important he was on 911. But no he was completely NULL !

this woman said to me, attention she in not just anybody, she was a journalist and I should understand that she can not say what she wants. Otherwise she will be fired. On that she fled from us. I am sure that once she has seen that we will be no harm to her, she will be back. Anyway she is a beautiful lady and I am sure to recognise her the next time I am on the market. I will have my eye on her !

At last I have brought the camcorder FS100to

just to do C_X_I_R ( Citizen X Internet Reporting) had thought of doing WeAreChange.Herblay but have not found a WeAreChange.HERBLAY so am doing a Me Citizen DO IT.

Thank you to Robert who filmed our first try which was not good enough to put on you tube. We will practice and soon you will see french video like as does Jon Gold. Or at least I hope !

Our day on the market seemed so unproductive until Pascal (~ forties ) came. Perhaps with his help things will go faster :!
He seems so competent on video and on the finding the good information on the internet. We will see.

I did a “ONZE BOUGE 911” on Google to see what other group had done an action in Paris or France and was so disappointed to find none.

At least I can tell you thanks for what you are doing every 11th of the month and keep up the actions.

You can be sure, you can count on me for the struggle for justice, I have already given on the past on the unemployment.
and I will give even more effort on the 911.

It is late tonight ( I started my day at 05h30, now 22h53) and I will have to talk to you later about the interesting developments in France on 911. While you wait see this video

If I have the courage tomorrow I will correct the english faults in this posting. ( When we will have the four day working week we will have time to do our militant actions without faults !)

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