French JM Bigard explains his last month of hell due to his doubts on the official 911 version. English sub-titles please !

Herblay FRANCE
Since the last month Jean Marie Bigard is under a horrible media attack because he expressed some doubts on the official version ot the 11th of September 2001 attacks. His reply last Friday night is very powerful. Can anyone put up English sub titles to this so that the non-French speaking Americains can appreciate the difficulties to get the truth out !
Please counter the hate mail sent to Jean-Marie with emails of kindness and thanking him for helping ( perhaps involantarily) the truth mouvement.
Yours John
PS he is a personnal friend of the French president so what has Nicolas Sarkozy to say on this ?!

Again we are attacking him !

This is exactly what he said

Show "Why is this here?" by Memory_Hole

Thank you Memory_Hole for you question. Hope for subtitles.

Herblay France

bonsoir Memory_Hole

thank you for your question as it is peple like you that help us to step forward. In looking for the way to reply to you, we have to push or thoughts and arguments further. However I am sorry that you are pissed off and I can undestrand you are frustrated in not being able to understand French and I hope some one in the world will volunteer to put subtitles on this entry for you.

You know there are French people here in France who would also like to be able to understand all the articles/videos posted on 911blogger. Farid who was with me on the French market last Sunday keeps asking all the time that I translate these 911blogger articles into French which he suspects are so important.

But you know it takes a lot of time to translate from French to English and from English to French. As well as that if you have not that expertise or training it is even harder. And it takes time. And then you need to know who to put it into the video.

I have seen all the posts on 911blogger for a long while and I have never seen anything so powerfull as said by Jean-Marie Bigard. He explains the death menaces he had because he has doubts on the official version of 911, worst he had messages saying that they would violate his wife before him before killing her. Another menaced to viloate his wife and cut her tit’s in a way that they would fall like the twin towers. There is so much more to what he says about the budget difference between the 911 commission (only abut 15 millions of dollars) and the budget of 50 millions of dollars to know if Clinton had his blowjob on the Whitehouse desk or under the Whitehous desk. And that is not all !

Like you, I feel bad that I cannot understand Gernan but I am so pleased that 911blogger gives me the opertunity to see what they are saying in Gernamy on 911

I do not understand Russian but can appreciate this

the Union makes the force. We have to be togeher to get the truth out. Americains , British, French , German , Russians , Irakiens , Iranians, etc. We must overcome our language difficulties.

You can be proud that it is your 911blogger who is international and will diffuse the important 911 nformation to the world.

So please be patient. Someone will put up the subtitles one day or another.



Update 22h02 20/10/2008

this is an email from I have just received from

A ;

Sujet rough translation of bigard interview Date 20/10/2008 19h04
Kevin Barrett's rough translation of Jean-Marie Bigard's interview on Canal + (about 90% complete, contains all of the important references to 9/11. Caution: may include a few relatively minor inaccuracies that could be corrected by native French speakers):

see updated translation here;

death threats! are acts of terrorism

'Interviewer: "You've received death threats?"

Bigaud: "Yes, three death threats, including 'We're going to kill you and your wife, we're going to rape your wife, we're going to cut off her tits the way the Twin Towers were cut down on 9/11..." So I'm mortified...I offered an apology to those who were shocked by what I said. I mean, I didn't kill a puppy dog or anything...I just said what I thought, that's all." '

This is now a matter for the police...Ironcaily, these threats are acts of terrorism!

how do you know?

How do you know who can or cant understand french on this site??? Give it a rest. Its 9-11 related and should be posted

Maybe more people should

Maybe more people should LEARN some French instead of being so arrogant and ignorant, I know I want to all I can say pretty much right now are the numbers lol. It’s a beautiful country though, every time I go there I find something inspiring.

Video has been Translated !

A News Article along with the Subtitled Video in English

If anyone wants to Help Translate from FR > EN or just subtitle videos, you're more than welcome!

The Association ReOpen911 France is a voluntary citizen initiative, independent from all political, philosophical and religious movements.

I want to thank John Mitchell for posting it!

Dear Memoryhole,

911Blogger is a place to find 9/11 related alternative news.
You would be surprised to see what a wide reading that actually has in the rest of the world.
To begin with, our neighbors to the North, usually speak French, and are curious about the reactions 9/11 Truth is getting in the French media. Also, many people dealing with diplomatic affairs are still following the developing 9/11 Truth news, as they understand that it is of utmost importance in how the future of security cooperation will develop: Cossiga was the former Italian Prime Minister, and we were happy to learn about what he made public in the Corriere della Serra :

We really need to keep our tentacles open to different cultures and societies coming to terms with 9/11 Truth. What is happening with Jean Marie Bigard in France is quite hilarious, while also being deadly serious.

I found the link on 9/11 Blogger and passed it on to French speaking friends. In so doing, I also add a wealth of links back to 9/11Blogger for the French speaking world to see.

I contemplated translating some of what Jean Marie Bigard said, but for an American public it is almost unimaginable to express one-self in such strong language on a television set. He did it, now two times, and it is making waves. I’ll leave it to some-one else to translate, and aseptisize a little bit for the American public…

I want to thank John Mitchell for posting it!

"unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory. If such a determination is not embodied in our political vision we have no hope of restoring what is so nearly lost to us - the dignity of man." (Harold Pinter)

Thankls for posting that.

Perhaps you wouldn't mind just stating in a distilled fashion what he is saying - why he questions 9-11.

a good eg of how freedom of speech is not tolerated

A good eg of the hypocrisy of freedom of speech, so much bandied about by 'democracies'. What people SHOULD do is raise this issue to these attackers of how they violate what they supposedly hold dear.

A lesson for us all in these days of 'wars for freedom and democracy' (REGD TM).