Successful FOIA Request: FAA Phone Calls on Day of 9/11

I have obtained a new document via FOIA request. It is an FAA memo comprising a transcript of calls between various FAA facilities and other institutions on the day of 9/11, and was referenced in the 9/11 Commission Report, in endnote 128 to Chapter 1 (on page 459). It is not spectacularly exciting, but touches on awareness of all four hijacks, in particular the last three. You can find it here.

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This is really very interesting. I think I have detected something exciting right at the beginning. Listen:

ZNY (New York Center): o k this is new york center uh we're watching the airplane he's fifteen west of kennedy now we had uh one or two confirmations that he was still at twenty nine one at twenty nine one at thirty one didn't couldn't see him uh i also had conversation with american airlines and they've
told us that they believe that uh one of their stewardesses was stabbed and that there are people in the cockpit that have control of the aircraft and that's all the information they have uh right now...

( time is unclear, must be between 8:41 and 8:55)

With other words: New York Center reports Flight 11 fifteen miles west of JFK airport (they're watching it!), at a place where Flight 11 - according to the official story - never was.

This might come as a surprise for many, but not for me. I have always argued that Flight 11 was still tracked by Air Traffic Control after its alleged crash into the North Tower. You just have to read the 9/11 Commission report properly. Additionally, the NORAD Tapes confirm that Flight 11 was still airborne after the North Tower crash. Just listen to them.

So we have confirmation for an Operation Northwoods/plane swap maneuver again.

UA 93 over Hagerstown?

Another, most telling discrepancy:

UAL ellen ellen ninety three it's over haggerstown now and you're not aware of it it's heading toward washington d c and we are under a threat uh uh of a uh hijacking on board and this flight is out of our control now heading toward washington d c

Hagerstown is in Maryland, right near Camp David. So UA 93 is at a place where it should not be - according to the official story. The final proof that UA 93 was still airborne after its alleged crash at Shanksville, and that it was heading towards Washington D.C. More details here:

very interesting

At what point in the official timeline is AA11over Bayonne, NJ?

UNK: "...we lost the primary target about twenty west of Kennedy..."

So it was tracking East to the SouthEast of the towers when contact was lost?

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


New York Center locates the aircraft 15 west of Kennedy, then "unknown" claims its track was lost 20 west of Kennedy. It would be helpful to know who "unknown" is.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

NORAD tapes

At 8:47:30 (i.e. after the North Tower crash!) New York Center reports the following lat/long coordinates to NEADS (Channel 4):

4039 North
7403 West

This point is just over New York Upper Bay, 3 miles east of Bayonne, 5 miles south of Manhattan.

On other channels, Flight 11 is reported 15 miles east of JFK, southwest bound, and 8 miles east-north-east of JFK. So it looks like the aircraft, flying southbound, passed east of New York City (instead of hitting the towers) and turned west.

The last position datum is "20 miles south of JFK" at about 8:55.

@Kevin Fenton: I've just read your blog entry. You write:

Finally, at no point was United 93 every over Hagerstown, which is in Maryland. The plane is thought to have crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and Hagerstown is between Shanksville and Washington, United 93’s presumed destination. So quite why Rogers would claim that was the plane’s location is unknown. One possibility is that there were false reports in some quarters that the plane was still airborne after it had crashed, perhaps this is in some way related – she is referring to the plane’s projected position, rather than its actual position.

So are you overtaking the government's position that the FAA tracked UA 93's "projected flight path"? Don't you see that the 9/11 Commission is playing the "incompetence" card here? There's plenty of doubts that UA 93 really crashed at Shanksville. Is it more believable that a couple of FAA controllers are not able to interpret their radar screens properly - or that UA 93 didn't crash and continued its flight towards Washington D.C, and that this embarassing circumstance is covered up?

Again the NORAD tapes provide us with additional position information. At 10:09, UA 93's latlong coordinates are reported as

3951 North
7846 West

which is near Hymand, Pennsylvania, right between Shanksville and Hagerstown.

Furthermore, at 10:14 a manager from Washington Center reports to NEADS that UA 93 crashed east of Camp David - it "exploded". How can a projected flight path "explode"?