College Newpaper Promises the”Naked Truth” except for the Truth About 9/11

Three editors of a University of Florida College Newspaper joined together in an effective ban on printing anything having to do with the government coverup of the events of 9/11/2001.

In their September issue of THE FINE PRINT (TFP) the editors characterized their inspiration as coming from a core of dedicated “truth seekers” and affirmed their commitment to print “the Naked Truth”. But by October, they had retreated to a disturbing “mainstream” position that betrays their initial enthusiastic promise.

Read the September "Letters From The Editors" and their commitment to printing The Naked Truth:

Despite the conclusive evidence that 3 World Trade Center Towers were deliberately destroyed by controlled demolition, the fledging TFP rejected a $120.00 ad placement featuring Richard Gage’s -- research -- paid for by, a local 30 member 9/11 Truth group that represents UF students, UF alumni, high school teachers, architects, engineers and others.

The ad artwork as submitted:

The following is an email response to our submitted ad:

“…the editorial board and myself have all agreed not to run the ad or the article in the best interests of the publication.” – Jessica Newman, Editor, THE FINE PRINT --

We received no response from our request for the merits as to why the advertisement was rejected by the TFP editorial board. But the article was rejected even before it was submitted, giving a clue that the bias was topical rather than qualitative.

The UF campus is awash with students who know the government's story about 9/11 is a coverup. What service is performed when a campus newspaper promises the "Naked Truth" then deceives their readers with a broken promise?

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