TC Palm Letter [to the editor]: Engineering the truth about 9/11

TC Palm has published 4 letters to the editor recently that address the controversy over the truth about 9/11. I also posted another one they published last July, that i think i posted previously

Letter: Engineering the truth about 9/11 Sept 16, 2008

Americans love murder mysteries. Why is it then, seven years after the murders of 9/11, that the most outrageous conspiracy theory, proffered by those who benefited most, is the only one we are allowed to consider?

Put on your Sherlock Holmes cap and ask why in the more than 100-year history of high-rises there are only three examples of fire causing total skyscraper collapse? Especially when those three examples occurred on the same day, in the same city, at the same office complex, leased six weeks earlier by the same group (and insured specifically against terrorist attacks)?

Why did the first two buildings fall after just an hour? Through the path of greatest resistance, straight down at free fall speed? This is something that could happen only if the massive and undamaged steel columns below were somehow removed before the floors above came crashing down.

Jet fuel burns at about 1,800 degrees in an ideal (pure oxygen) environment. Yet the black smoke indicated a much cooler fire. Two problems:

• Underwriters Laboratories certified the steel at WTC to be able to withstand at least 2,000 degrees for at least six hours.

• There were tons of molten metal under all three towers. Steel melts at 2,700 degrees. Where did the energy come from to melt steel and turn the tons of concrete not into “pancakes” or even rubble, but into powder?

Every murder mystery contains numerous false leads to distract you from the real culprit. That is especially true with the myths of 9/11.

We must first acknowledge controlled demolition. Who-done-it, how and why are separate issues that follow.

America cannot heal without knowing what really happened seven years ago. Three towers? Go to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( for the rest of the story. 

Larry Zimmerman 

Vero Beach

Two lame rebuttals:

Letter: Check facts before writing Sept 22, 2008

Letter: Conspiracy theories dishonor 9/11 victims Oct 18, 2008

This one slips in a kernel of truth:
Letter: McCain is same as Bush Sept 25, 2008
"I’m going to make this simple. It all started on 9/11. By the way, the FBI still has no evidence connecting Osama bin Laden to that horrific day."

Letter: Truth is still out there on 9/11 July 19, 2008 (good questions, but it misspells both websites)

Retired Master Sgt. Robert L. Geremia’s July 13 letter was right on the money. Since Sept. 11, 2001, our country has been under attack, and not from foreign terrorists.

The entire world knows the truth about that day, except the uninformed American people. I strongly urge all citizens to view these Web sites: (www.911 and and get informed.

All Americans should be calling their members of Congress to demand a fair and honest investigation of that tragic day. The 9/11 Commission was a disgrace to the people of this great country.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said: “To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

Together, we can stop America from bleeding. 

Dominick Zannelli 