2008 Now or Never - 9/11 Part 3 - at Police Plaza - NYC


In support of all First Responders, the march on 9/11/08 made a stop at Police Plaza in NYC.

Luke Rudkowski reminds everyone, including the police officers present, that First Responders have the respect and the support of the Patriotic 9-11 Truth Movement.

Both Luke and Matt Lepacek point out the significance of the large presence this year in NYC.

NYC is the one place we should all come together once a year, on 9-11 to make our presence known. We have strength in numbers.

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Luke Rudkowski...

Is a god damn hero, Patriot, True America, Role Model and He should be fully supported in his efforts for the Truth Movement. Be sure to donate to his cause over at WeAreChange.org if you can afford it. People like him should be the multi-millionaires in this society and people like Bush and McCain should be living in squalor.

If his nickname is the "Polish Pope" .. I agree with it. Peace.