9/11: Total Proof Bombs Were Planted-Do You Agree?

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9/11: Total Proof Bombs Were Planted-Do You Agree?

CAREFUL CONSIDERATION indicates bombs were planted, then detonated and brought down all 3 WTC buildings on 9/11 in mere seconds.

Some of the steel structural columns of the World Trade Center towers, weighing 40 tons, were blasted sideways with such velocity that they stuck in the facades of other buildings hundreds of feet away. It's impossible for a collapse caused only by fire and gravity to have done that. In fact it was done by explosives, which had to have been planted in the towers beforehand.

Below ground level, the structural columns were melted into huge puddles of metal that stayed liquid for a month (due to the thermal insulation of the rubble on top of them). Jet fuel is kerosene -- like charcoal starter fluid. When burning it never reaches the melting point of steel. The steel was melted by thermite -- aluminum-powder incendiary -- enhanced with sulfur (which forms a lower melting-point compound with iron); the combination is called "thermate". Since the steel members were box columns -- hollow inside -- the thermate powder was simply poured into them. When ignited it was held in place by the columns until it melted them, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n-nT-luFIw

The irrefutable conclusion: the World Trade Center was destroyed by explosives and incendiaries planted in the buildings.


It was impossible for Arabs to get in and do that.
Not sure
NO, fire and the impact from the planes collapsed the building
YES, bombs were planted and detonated to bring the buildings down

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