Concerns about deployment of military on U.S. soil growing

Concerns about deployment of military on U.S. soil growing -- while mainstream media buries its head in the sand: Naomi Wolf


The following is the spin of military spokespeople in response to questions about the deployment of the First Brigade on US soil for the first time in over 200 years.

The Army Times initially reported that the First Brigade would handle domestic crowd control and subduing 'unruly individuals' and that they had 'lethal and nonlethal technologies' to do so. Then it issued a correction declaring that the 'nonlethal' package was not for domestic crowd control. Then after a hue and cry was raised by many citizens, Northern Command (NorthCom) offered a wholesale revision of their mission – and the mainstream media is eating it up. Here is an excerpt from the articled linked to in the previous sentence:

Despite conspiracy theories that this could be a first step toward martial law in the U.S., there won't be tanks on Main Street or active-duty troops putting down demonstrations. That is barred by federal law banning the military from being used on U.S. soil for domestic law enforcement.

Instead, the soldiers of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, Ga., have been training to back up civilian authorities in providing medical care and dealing with chemical, biological, high explosive or nuclear attack.

Not only does this entirely contradict the first Army Times reports, it also egregiously misrepresents to readers the status of US law in regards to this deployment. Yes, there are laws against military policing on US streets -- they are part of both the 1807 Insurrection Act and 1879's Posse Comitatus Act -- but the Defense Authorization Act of 2007 gutted them.

Congress restored some limitations on the President's ability to deploy troops to engage in military policing in 2008 -- but President Bush issued a signing statement declaring he did not feel bound by those limitations. He also can direct these troops -- and the National Guard, and Blackwater -- to engage in military policing of civilian populations simply by verbally and unilaterally declaring a national emergency of whatever kind he wishes.

Unfortunately, the US Army spokespeople are parsing their words and misleading us. And, whatever the stated mission is today, the fact remains that military up the chain of command report to the Commander in Chief -- not to Congress or to you and me, and not to the Governors as most of the National Guard do.

Why do I insist on raising an alarm about this deployment in spite of a great deal of opposition and criticism? (Though I am grateful, too, for a great deal of support.) I insist on raising an alarm because I am aware of world events and not just blinded by American recent history.

In Zimbabwe, a nominal democracy, President Mugabe sent troops to harass, arrest and even kill voters during a closely contested election. Mugabe's challenger called off his own supporters, telling them they should not risk being killed just in order to vote.

In Sierra Leone, a nation I visited shortly after elections, during a fragile democratic voting process troops and militias were both deployed by the contesting political parties to intimidate, beat and arrest voters. In Azerbaijan, troops were sent to intimidate the opposition during the elections -- and now there is no meaningful opposition. Don't trust me -- ask Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International. Troops are sent by leaders in power, even in weakening democracies, to intimidate voters, arrest and harass opposition leaders in tightly fought elections, all over the damn world.

And nothing, nothing, nothing prevents the First Brigade from being positioned around poll locations, intimidating or silencing or threatening or worse those who challenge their voting outcome or their having been purged from the rolls. This at a time when Prof. Mark Crispin Miller of NYU and Robert Kennedy and many others are documenting MILLIONS of voters being systematically purged from rolls -- overwhelmingly by Republican actions -- and early voting is already showing machines flipping selections from Democrat to Republican, and voters becoming upset.

I am having a surreal experience with the mainstream media, as well, as I try to raise questions. A source at The Philadelphia Inquirer says that nothing has appeared on the wires about the First Brigade -- so they can't cover it. A source at The New York Times says they are 'looking into it' -- but no coverage yet. "The Today Show" asked if I was a 'fear-monger' and 'paranoid' for raising alarms and reproduced NorthCom's soundbite intact about the First Brigade being here to help with communities affected by weapons of mass destruction -- but did no independent reporting of their own. I know from hearing from citizens across party lines that I am not the only American concerned about what information the Army may have about such threats to lead to this deployment now -- the first time since the Indian Wars that troops have been sent onto US soil.

If you would like to see how average Americans are responding to the news about the deployment of the First Brigade, check out some of the posts from readers on a military-oriented Web site that posted the recent Colorado Springs Gazette article on the subject:

'Since 9/11 the Department of Homeland Security has spent billions to prepare civilian law enforcement, local fire departments and civilian agencies to deal with such [crises]. This smells of despicable mission creep for the Armed Forces. In the late 1980's, I participated in several exercises focused on "counter insurgency" operations that specifically dealt with demonstrators and civil unrest. Backing up law enforcement officials is a end run around Posse Comitatus and this should be exposed for what it is, unconstitutional.'

'Just why is a combat brigade being tasked for these scenarios and not Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare commands? Medical Commands? Construction Battalions?

'This seems much too similar to the use of troops to put down the Bonus March of WW I veterans in which Army Troops fired on and killed veterans in DC protesting the government's failure to pay their promised [bonuses].'

'This job can AND SHOULD be handled by National Guard troops (domestic issues).'

'This, it stinks. Posse Comitatus is in place for very valid reasons. This looks like pre-positioning equipment in preparation for a fight.

'The Defense Authorization Act of 2006 empowers the president to impose martial law in the event of a terrorist "incident," if he or other federal officials perceive a shortfall of "public order," or even in response to antiwar protests that get unruly as a result of government provocations.

'The terms "incident" and "public order" are left wide open to interpretation under the Military Commissions Act...'

"Just why is a combat brigade being tasked for these scenarios and not Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare commands? Medical Commands?

Construction Battalions?"

'Back in the late seventies I was apart of a force that had a similar responsibility, except we were trained to handle "civil disturbance", thank god we were never needed. This is not the first time something like this has happened, the only difference, we were Arty. Every Batt. had to train so many troops, from Inf. to Medical. I enjoyed it, we all did because for the time we were apart of it, we were exempt from all duty. To have the troops on stand-by is not a problem, to deploy the troops to take over civil responsibilities is...'

'This is quite disturbing. 4000 troops may not be enough to impose martial law on an entire country, but they could do it to a moderately sized city.'

'There is already a group to do this its called the National Guard Civil Support team. They are all over the country and are more trained than these rotating people will ever be.'

'As a former member of the 10th Civil Service Detachment/Weapons of Mass Destruction, I do feel a bit insulted. The unit is a full time National Guard unit that was in place for two years before the 9/11 attacks. We were trained to do exactly what this article says this combat brigade is being trained to do. Is this another example of the services not talking to each other, or are these commanders really that ignorant of the world around them?'

'Reorganize FEMA and keep the Combat Military out of the picture. Our Combat troops are for Combat. SeaBees are Construction Battalions that have the expertise for disaster related occurrences. They understand support missions and are the best in the world when it comes to Can-Do.

If the Combat Military has to become involved, it means Martial Law is a scribble away with the pen.

'If we actually need this Brigade, take it away from the Combat Army and assign it to the SeaBees.'

'Did anyone catch the articles in the Army Times in September about this. The first article on 8 Sept. mentioned the Oct 1 deployment was to be prepared for any civil unrest during the election. The Next article I read on line around 26 Sept Changed 3 times in one day. From explaining about the extensive training they have received in IRAQ, the new non lethal weapons for use against (American Citizens) for civil unrest to a final article of they just here to help for emergencies.'

"Despite conspiracy theories that this could be a first step toward martial law in the U.S., there won't be tanks on Main Street or active-duty troops putting down demonstrations. That is barred by federal law banning the military from being used on U.S. soil for domestic law enforcement."

'Did you read the Army Times article?

Have you read the Military Commissions Act 2006?

Have you read the Military Budget Act of 2007?

Have you read the Patriot act?...

'What they are saying is that the local, state and federal police departments can't handle a crisis?'

'If you're reading these posts, you've already read the words "mission creep," "end-run around Posse Comitatus" and "unconstitutional"'.

'I joined the Navy to make sure NO GOVERNMENT WOULD NEVER DEPLOY TROOPS ON OUR SOIL. Why did you join? I believe every Governor should recall all National Guard troops to defend your states.... This detachment must stand down. This is an illegal order.'

So don't take the warning from me. Take it from many these patriots in military circles.

Bonus March - 1932

1932 - A total of about 44,000 people total, veterans with other groups and families, march on Washington DC. They were unwarrantably attacked by US troops. MacArthur helped to lead the charge against them. This was a huge protest in those days, (and during the depression).
A similiar, but larger march on DC of a half million people ("Poor People's Campaign") was planned for the summer of '68, but MLK was killed in April.

Bonus March -

Posse Comitatus Act - dictionary
Homeland Security's perspective -

Not a protest, but a failed coup.

The "Bonus Army" and march were actually part of a failed fascist coup to overthrow FDR and the US government:

Note that these fascists were in fact the bankers and business leaders of their day: J.P. Morgan, Andrew Mellon, Remington Arms, the Dupont family, the Heinz family, etc.:

These are effectively the same "New World Order" corporate criminals who have not-so-covertly seized control of the USA and are behind events like 9/11.

It appears to me to be a protest..

After reading the Wiki article and the article below, it appears to me that the protesters and their leader, Smedley Butler, were protesting for their promised bonus pay. The elite bankers and corporatists of the times, including Prescott Bush, were trying to recruit Butler and 5 hundred thousand WW1 veterans to actually execute a fascist coup. Butler refused to do so and exposed the attempted recruitment and coup plot. This is my understanding. Butler was a true patriot.


Speaking of Prescott Bush my wife and I went to the movies and watched the new movie about Bush called "W". (We needed a good laugh) There were three people in the theater. Myself, my wife and another woman. If this doesn't tell you something, nothing will. Yes, people are starting to wake-up. I just hope it's not to late.

My point was that casting

My point was that casting the Bonus Army as a mere protest obscures the more important point, which is of course that the elite manipulate events like this behind the scenes to seize power.

I think we have every reason to believe that the same fascist coup plotters who targeted FDR were also behind the Bonus Army.

FDR wasn't in yet

The Bonus March and its suppression occurred in 1932, when Hoover was still in office; FDR wouldn't take office until January 1933.

It would hardly be surprising, of course, if the coup plotters under FDR attempted to stoke and capitalize on--and misdirect--the same kind of discontent among veterans that had manifested itself in the earlier Bonus March.

Again, my point is that the

Again, my point is that the Bonus Army were merely pawns in a larger operation to overthrow the US government that was ultimately directed at FDR.

By the way, FDR did not apparently take office until March 1933 for some reason.

Correction noted

'FDR did not apparently take office until March 1933 for some reason.'

Of course--you're quite right. March 4 had been the traditional inauguration day (an exception being Washington, the first one, which was on April 30,; it took a while for that first Congress to reach quorum and get the elctoral votes officially counted, etc.) and still was in 1933, when FDR made his famous 'nothing to fear but fear itself' statement. Then an amendment passed in the early '30s stipulated Jan. 20 as the date on which presidential terms would begin from that time forward. The first inauguration to take place on this day, then, was probably at the start of FDR's second term, Jan. '37.

So, according to sources you've read, the plot that ultimately took shape against FDR was already in the works as early as '32?

We may have to end up marching on Washington...

Here's the new movie from Naomi Wolf. Out today and only 75 minutes in length...

Disappointed in Snag Video Player

This movie is almost unwatchable on this shit player. Naomi is going to be in New York today.

October 22, 2008

* New York City
New York City
Time: 5:30 pm
Princeton/Labyrinth Books at 5:30 pm

Hope someone can ask her some good questions like why her film isn't free on Google Video and why she isn't speaking out yet on 9/11.

Nothing more useless than marching on WDC...

Please view the video "Sir!, No Sir!" and get a good feel for why the Vietnam War actually ended...the Pentagon lost its ability to execute a ground war. YES...the marching in the streets DID support the troops in fragging their superiors so that the troops would not be killed for a wrongheaded war.

So, the HI PERPS had a really big problem with the truthful ending of the war...

1. This information COULD NOT be allowd to become understood by the civilian populace because they would distrust the military even more. And distrusting ANY military ALL THE TIME is a really GOOD and very PATRIOTIC thing to do!

2. More importantly, these major actions by the soldiers that went beyond insubordination while on the ground in Vietnam simply COULD NOT be allowed to be understood by succeeding generations of soldiers. In other words, they had to STOP soldiers from understanding that to get out of an unpopular war all they had to do was to begin fragging their commanders on the ground.

3. more draft...and hello mercinaries like Blackwater to make sure insurrection does NOT happen...its all so simple.

So, how to STOP these "Vietnam" truths from reaching the masses and future soldiers?

Again a psy-op...

They got Nixon to make that famous statement about him stopping the war because he was so upset by themarching on WDC. This encouraged protesters to conontinue to do the same thing...wasting their time, money and energies marching to nowhere, in front of nobody, to a media that eventually didn't cover them.

Thankfully, the younger set of kids out in the streets that I work, who, when asked why they do not attend "marches" and the like...most often say two simple words: "Theyr'e stupid!" Then they get plugged back into their NEW info world with IPODS, Blackberries, text messaging, and the webworld.

THIS is why they are the BEST demographic out there...and conversely, why the 60s-70s protesters are the second WORST group out there...its "modern informationizing" baby!

Now comes the 9/11 Truth Movement who...has adapted to the new information world...has a "message" that is ten times more difficult to bear than simple oppostion to the war...does not have major marches...yet grows silently, steadily, undergound, in between the lines, buried in the internet, creeping ahead like an unstopable LIE FIGHTING MICROBE, and its as modernized as could possibly be...

And STLL...the thought is to march on WDC...OYE VE!!! What a complete waste of time!

Its better to keep informing the civilial populace in your own home towns using all the books, movies, on-line videos, independent 9/11 groups, radio interviews, well behaving We Are Changes, good alternative media, and any other source information that is being refreshed and developed almost every day by hundreds of thousands of people dedicated to finding the truth about EVERYTHING.

The one thing that the HI PERPS fear more than anything else is a well informed public that can vote them out of office.

Accordingly, they have tried to keep us dumbed down by a variety of means, none of which are by accident, but instead by clever design, and of course, they have been stealing votes for decades because there are so FEW of the HI PERPS to keep voting themselves into office that they HAD to steal our votes.

BTW...I overheard a nice conversation with someone who told of how NK chose to deal with her problems of getting published while seeing the obvious nexus of 9/11 and how TOXIC exposing this info was to publishing. Frankly, we were informed that NK IS a secret Truther because she knew that if she put the 9/11 connections in her book [s], she would NOT get published. This seems to be a comon reality with 9/11 authors and from my view, she is doing the PRAVDA...telling us and informing others without overtly doing so.

Now, I'm NOT stating that anyone who suggests that we use last century's "protest tactics" instead of the amazing modernized and FAR more efficient tactics that the 9/11TM has developed in this century is a cointelpro...but I will state this:

Cointelpro Ops would LOVE for activists to use the dated, centralized, public and fantastically inefficient tactics of major public marches like those of the 60s and 70s...because then they could control activisms as they have done so since the 60s-70s. Again, this is pretty simple here...

Please read more deeply at to get a handle on what the 9/11TM has created by doing what it does...Civil Informationing...CI.

Its 2008 and NOT 1968...and the peace movements have failed miserably for a reason. They have not grown since the 60s and they do not want to hear this. This is something that we all know when we try to reach out to them...they are stuck in the past.

In the end we simply have to "Throw The Bums Out!" by revolutionizing and otherwise improving the way our government works...its really that simple.

Marching on WDC just won't cut it anymore and the 9/11TM is revolutionizing revolution...

Lets use all the "human power" wasted at big marches instead to be more public on our local corners and overpasses in our own towns on a more simple, less expensive and more frequent basis...and keep moving around the areas. Check out how Frazer Valley 9/11 works their region.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for strters...

Robin Hordon

Always on target

Always on target, Robin!

I fear the community here is mostly missing the eloquence with which you point to the future.
I hope I'm wrong.

Its 2008 and NOT 1968

Good points here...

"Its 2008 and NOT 1968...and the peace movements have failed miserably for a reason. They have not grown since the 60s and they do not want to hear this. This is something that we all know when we try to reach out to them...they are stuck in the past."

Yes... and start your own blog.
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

Naomi Wolf and 9-11 truth.

Off the subject of deployment of military on U.S. soil, which is a very important one...

I was at Wolf's talk in Berkeley where she accused people asking her about her position on the official 9-11 story as government "agent provocateurs" on the offensive against her for her anti-fascist work!

she says 911 should be investigated

Here is proof of her position on 911.

It is just over a third of the way through the part 2 video of her interview with Alex Jones.

Maybe she thought those specific people were provocateurs, but she is for a new investigation of the events of 911.

good news. Thanks

good news.


Very good entry. SVP can you edit with links? Thanks.

Herblay FRANCE

thank you very much for this very interesting article.

Could up please update your page with the links to the Army Times article
Did you read the Army Times article?

to the Military Commissions Act 2006
Have you read the Military Commissions Act 2006?

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Have you read the Military Budget Act of 2007?

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if on the internet.

I know it takes time but you will find the links quicker than anyone else.



Foreign Troops? Private Security Forces?

The number of volunteer military personnel would probably not be sufficient for effective mass domestic deployment. However, globalist interests are pushing for an integrated North American "community", which given the right crisis could justify the utilization of foreign forces. (Recall post Katrina New Orleans and Mexican military convoys crossing into the U.S.)

And then there is Blackwater Security:

Blackwater USA: The World’s Largest Mercenary Army

“Blackwater is a company that began in 1996 as a private military training facility in — it was built near the Great Dismal Swamp of North Carolina. And visionary executives, all of them former Navy Seals or other Elite Special Forces people, envisioned it as a project that would take advantage of the anticipated government outsourcing.

Well, here we are a decade later, and it’s the most powerful mercenary firm in the world. It has 20,000 soldiers on the ready, the world’s largest private military base, a fleet of twenty aircraft, including helicopter gunships. It’s become nothing short of the Praetorian Guard for the Bush administration’s so-called global war on terror. And it’s headed by a very rightwing Christian activist, ex-Navy Seal named Erik Prince, whose family was one of the major bankrollers of the Republican Revolution of the 1990s. He, himself, is a significant funder of President Bush and his allies.”

— Jeremy Scahill, from an interview on Democracy Now

Defend the Constitution

1) Mein Kampf/Project New American Century
2) 3rd Reich/43rd Administration

3) Reichstag fire/9-11
4) Austria (Anschluss)-Czechoslovakia (Munich Agreement)-Poland/Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran
5) Enabling Act/Patriot Act
6) 'Discriminatory Laws'/NSA & FISA surveillance
7) People's Court/Military Commissions Act
8) 'Night and Fog'/Guantanamo Bay
9) S.S. (Schutzstaffel)/Blackwater

collapsing economy

declaring martial law

assembling detention

assuming dictatorship