We Know We Have A False Flag With 9/11 Now We Need A Universal 9/11 Truth Flag

Hello Truthseekers, Truthtellers & Members of v911t,

I have two examples (designs) for a universal 9/11 Truth Flag. (attachments) I believe a universal flag (symbol) is needed for the 9/11 Truth Movement. I would like to see others contribute their examples (designs) and then in some way (vote) come to an agreement on one flag that can become the universal flag used throughout the United States and anywhere in the world to symbolize the 9/11 "Truth" movement and even the "Truth" movement in general with all the deceptions and false flags we have been given over the past years.
Please respond to this idea of a universal 9/11 Truth Flag and think about contributing examples (designs) on a jpeg. I'm not sure how this Flag idea will fly (LOL) with all the different 9/11 Truth sites and how we can come to an agreement, but I think it's worth putting the idea out there to see how it's accepted.
Again, give feedback and send this message to other organizations in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Symbols such as a "Universal 9/11 Truth Flag" can help get our message out about 9/11 Truth and become a very recognizable symbol at the many street actions we have throughout the United Sates and other countries.

Take Care Matt

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