Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist

by Sheila Casey / October 24th, 2008

Over the past few decades, the CIA controlled mainstream media in America has achieved a significant PR objective: they have made it socially unacceptable to believe that there is a conspiracy operating at the highest levels of our government. This puts those of us who do know about the plot at high levels in an awkward position: either we pretend that we don’t know what we know, or we risk being ridiculed and marginalized as a pathetic joke.

He who defines the language defines the parameters of the debate, and so far the conspirators are winning. They have succeeded in imbuing the moniker “conspiracy theorist” with such intensely negative connotations that even most conspiracy theorists—such as 9/11 truth activists—tie themselves in knots to avoid earning that label.

Is there anything wrong with having theories? Of course not. Knowledge progresses through scientists proposing a certain hypothesis (or theory) and then testing to see if it holds up. It doesn’t mean they are flying blind, untethered by facts. They use the facts they already know to create theories about things that are still unknown.

Is there anything wrong with having theories about a conspiracy? Is it akin to having theories about leprechauns, poltergeists or Bigfoot? Do conspiracies exist only in the realm of fantasy or the occult?

Definitely not. There are dozens of vast conspiracies that have been validated by historians. Wikipedia lists 27 “proven conspiracies, some of which were not the subject of any widespread speculation until they were exposed.”

That is, they used to. The list of 27 proven conspiracies is in my article on the back page of the June issue of the Rock Creek Free Press, exactly as copied from Wikipedia in May 2008. That list of “proven historical conspiracies” was removed from Wikipedia on June 7, 2008, just a few days after the June issue of the Creek hit the streets of DC.

But I digress.

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Excellent Article Sheila

I submitted it to blogger a few hours ago, but yours was accepted as it should be.
It is great to see more and more TRUTH be reported at Dissident Voice. The number of "Conspiracy Theorists" are growing exponentially because, in part, of your Dissident Voice.
Thank you

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thank you Joe

I certainly hope I am having an effect.

I think that if we could break the back of this particular meme, it would help us enormously. Now, when someone throws the word "conspiracy" in my face like a slur, I calmly and confidently agree that yes, there is a conspiracy and yes, I am a conspiracy theorist. It's amazing how that takes the wind out of their sails, cause they were hoping to hurt me or put me on the defensive, and they haven't.

Seems like, without thinking about it, many in the truth movement have been affected by the same propaganda, and want desperately not to be called a CT. Our enemies sense our vulnerability and go for the jugular.

The change that needs to happen is really in our own heads. Once we are proud of the label, which marks us as a step ahead of everyone else, it loses its capacity to wound us.

This is because the CIA driven propaganda to discredit conspiracy theorists falls apart under examination. It is based on nothing but advertising (the same stuff that convinced everyone for years that smoking made you cool.)

Excellent article Sheila.

Thanks for all you continue to do for the movement. :-)

link to Poven historical conspiracies Wikipedia

thanks for the update

The Conspiracy Theory section of Wikipedia undergoes constant and HEAVY editing. When I wrote this article in mid-Sept, (for publication in the Oct. Rock Creek Free Press) the section was very short, with the list of proven conspiracies removed. The history showed VERY heavy editing, at least one edit a day for many months, with some days containing a dozen edits. The section is essentially a battleground, and now has lots of new material making the case that conspiracy theorists are losers and crackpots.

Although someone saw fit to add back the list of proven conspiracies (for now, at least) there are two changes worth noting:

--The MK Ultra mind control program is now listed as ending in the 60s, as opposed to being "ongoing."
--Operation Mockingbird is no longer listed as "ongoing," and this sentence has been added: "In 1976, then CIA director George H.W. Bush ordered that paid media recruiting would be prohibited."

I am sure, that were I to add "9/11 was a false flag terror attack," to the list of proven conspiracies, it would be promptly removed.

I'm sure there is a black-op team devoted to keeping incriminating information out of Wikipedia.

This list fixes the wikipedia list for today.

Proven historical conspiracies

Despite the speculative nature of many conspiracy theories, mainstream world history contains numerous proven conspiracies, some of which were not the subject of any widespread speculation until they were exposed. Historical conspiracies include:

* The Catiline conspiracies in the first century BC.
* The Pisonian conspiracy AD 65.
* The Pazzi conspiracy, which included the Pope, of the late 1400s.
* The Main Plot of 1603
* The Bye Plot of 1603
* The Gunpowder Plot of 1605
* The Anjala conspiracy
* The conspiracy of 1865 to assassinate U.S. President Abraham Lincoln and members of his cabinet
* The French government's attempted cover-up following Emile Zola's accusations in the Dreyfus Affair, starting in 1894.
* The 1903 efforts by the Tsar's secret police to foment anti-Semitism by presenting The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as an authentic text.[19]
* The 1939 Operation Himmler and its Gleiwitz incident
* Operation Mockingbird, from 1948. In 1976, then CIA director George H.W. Bush ordered that paid media recruiting would be prohibited.
* The 1945 Operation Paperclip, the extraction of top Nazi scientists.
* The MKULTRA mind control program, from 1953 to late 1960s
* The 1954 Lavon affair
* The 1962 Operation Northwoods
* The 1969 Manson Family murders
* The 1972 Watergate burglary and cover-up
* The 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack
* The 1987 Iran-Contra Affair
* The 1995 Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway

Some theorists, like Charles Pigden argue that the reality of such conspiracies should caution against any casual dismissal of conspiracy theory. Pigden, in his article "Conspiracy Theories and the Conventional Wisdom" argues that not only do conspiracies occur but that any educated member of society will believe in at least one of them; we are all, in fact, Conspiracy Theorists. Authors and publishers, such as Robert Anton Wilson and Disinfo, use proven conspiracies as evidence of what a secret plot can accomplish. In doing so, they demonstrate that the label "conspiracy theory" does not necessarily indicate that a theory is false. Theories cited in making this case include those listed above as well as:

* the Mafia
* the Business Plot to overthrow the U.S. government led at the time by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933
* various CIA involvements in overseas coups d'état
* the 1991 Testimony of Nayirah before the U.S. Congress to rally the support of the U.S. public to launch the Gulf War
* the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male
* the General Motors streetcar conspiracy
* the plot by the British Secret Service to destabilize Prime Minister Harold Wilson, among others.[citation needed]
* the plot by some gaullists of the French Secret Service to destabilize future president Georges Pompidou, known as the Markovic affair
* the series of incidents in Italy connected to the so called "strategy of tension"
* Operation Gladio

These arguments also suggest that interested readers do their own research to come to their own conclusions.

The argument is often advanced there cannot be a conspiracy without leakers or whistle blowers.[citation needed] Given the success of the British government in getting thousands of people to keep the ULTRA secret -- and thereby ensuring that no reliable history of World War II could be published until the 1970s -- it is apparent that this is not necessarily a reliable indicator.


I agree that some questions have been answered to a certain extent, I don't think all of them have. As I said in my interview at Keene, it is important to ask questions of our elected officials when they do questionable things. I think the idea that people are "just asking questions" is misunderstood to a certain extent. Yes, we are asking questions, but we are also seeking accountability because of some of the already available answers. I think "asking questions" and seeking accountability go hand in hand.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Theories and public perceptions

"Is there anything wrong with having theories? Of course not. Knowledge progresses through scientists proposing a certain hypothesis (or theory) and then testing to see if it holds up."

Opinions are easily manipulated. This is why many believe the official story of 9/11. This is why the 9/11 truth movement is framed as "theorists". We have "theories" about 9/11. We don't have anything we can "prove". This is the perception that the MSM wishes to reinforce and caricature.

What about conspiracy facts?

"is it a "conspiracy theory" that not one single person within the FAA, NORAD, FBI, CIA, etc was fired or reprimanded after the events of 9/11? Is it a "conspiracy theory" that those most responsible for preventing the attacks were promoted? It is a "conspiracy theory" that investigations into the 9/11 attacks were blocked by the Bush administration for more than a year, or that evidence was destroyed or is being withheld? National Post, were the 9/11 war games involving hijacked airliners on 9/11 as reported by credible news sources a "conspiracy theory"? Shouldn't this information be something that the National Post should be educating their readers about? Is it also a "conspiracy theory" that NORAD intercepts aircraft hundreds of times a year, but on 9/11 we are told... well actually we were told three contradictory stories by NORAD! So when NORAD tells us three contradictory stories in an attempt to explain why they couldn't intercept any planes on 9/11, is that a "conspiracy theory" too? Senator Mark Dayton said in testimony during a Senate Governmental Affairs Committee hearing that NORAD officials "lied"."

National Post: '9/11 Skeptics Resurface' and "Conspiracy Theories"

If you made a list of things that the MSM virtually never talks about, it would be the facts that:

1. No one was fired or reprimanded and many got promotions following the 9/11 attacks
2. War Game Scenarios that NORAD held on 9/11 involving Hijacked airliners
3. NORAD gave three contradictory timelines for their actions on 9/11. They gave no explanation for why false timelines were given.

I wonder why the MSM will not discuss these issues? I wonder why they call anyone who questions the official story of 9/11 "theorists", when there are plenty of facts about 9/11 that obviously show that people in the U.S. government are lying and no one is getting ANY significant scrutiny or trouble for any of this.
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