School principal censors 9/11 Truth t-shirt


have to admire this kid.

Go Kid

Brave and articulate. Destined to change the world for the better.
Go kid (whatever your name is.)

This man is a badass...

Check out his YouTube channel...

However do keep the exchanges clean and polite.

Herblay France

bonsoir ,

thanks very much for this video and expecially the top one. Excellent work. You are right that we need to use this school principal as an exemple. We need to have an interview with him by WeAreChange so that the world can understand how the truth is being stone walled by people like your principal. Perhaps he does not understand that there are millions of people in this world who think they have been lied to on the real people behind 911.

However do keep the exchanges clean and polite. Pity to use the word badass. Leave this sort of language to people like your principal who have no arguments but ad hominem attacks or illicit censorship

Keep up the good work and courgage because you are going to need it.



PS perhaps your principal is scared that your fellow class mates catch your 911 virus. See the artilcle
A 9/11 conspiracy virus is sweeping the world ... sucks their brains out through their eyes and turns them into gibbering idiots

Here's what I think of cussing.

Totally ~ Bill Hicks ~ It's just a Ride

Can you find earlier school photographed messaged tee-shirts ?

Herblay FRANCE

Can you find exemples of school photos from earlier years where the students are wearing messaged tee-shirts ? Even 20 ou thirty years ago.
If so and of any interest put them up for the world to see.