David Bowie Tried To Warn Us In 1983

David Bowie warned us in the early 80s what was going on...The lyrics tell a true story. Some people say the song has to do with Heroin, but those people are wrong.

He told us the elites would use China and their communist/capitalist system to rule the world.

I could escape this feeling, with my china girl<---Everything in America is made in China
I feel a wreck without my, little china girl<---America can't survive without the economic union with China now
I hear her heart beating, loud as thunder<---As China grows stronger
Saw the stars crashing <---America crashes down

Im a mess without my, little china girl<--Almost every product we use is Chinese
Wake up mornings wheres my, little china girl<--From the coffee cups to the shower heads
I hear hearts beating, loud as thunder<---As China grows stronger
I saw the stars crashing down<---America crashes down

I feel tragic like I'm Marlon Brando<---We all know it's wrong and feel trapped by it
When I look at my china girl<---And we see it all around us
I could pretend that nothing really meant too much<---Turning a blind eye to what is going on, say It's not my problem
When I look at my china girl<---But we see it all around us

I stumble into town just like a sacred cow<---I realize there are a small group of men
Visions of swastikas in my head <---Using fascist socialism
Plans for everyone<---To institute a communist controlled world
Its in the white of my eyes<---With the Aryan male as ruler

My little china girl
You shouldnt mess with me<---If China gets out of line
Ill ruin everything you are<---The elites will destroy China
Ill give you television<---Because they own the media
Ill give you eyes of blue<---And they are the Blue Eyed Aryan
Ill give you men who want to rule the world<---Men who rule the world

And when I get excited<---When anyone says anything or asks questions
My little china girl says<---The elites and their media tells us
Oh baby just you shut your mouth<---You're "conspiracy nut", SHUT YOUR MOUTH
She says ... shhhhhhhhh<---And tells us to Shut Up
She says<---And tells us to be quiet
She says<---And tells us to be quiet

Interesting analysis.

Where is he now...


Oh fer god sakes ... that's a stretch.



I always liked this song and never quite got it. Thought of it as the Neurotic White Man objectifying his literal Little China Girl, but wondered about the swastikas and "plans for everyone." Your decoding it as a more general statement fits the lyrics much better than that. I wouldn't mystify by saying he tried to warn us, though. An encoded essay on trade relations under imperialism isn't really a warning but an artistic treatment of the reality he saw then already. But I don't think you've stretched anything, it fits perfectly. Bowie's a favorite and I really appreciate it. I'm playing the song right now, in fact. Bowie has always been philosophical (well, since he went serious, not in the "Davey Jones" days or whatever he was called). You're intriguing me to look at other lyrics, like "Loving the Alien."

I think "Space Oddity" is still literal, though.

"Truth is not measured in mass appeal."

PS - However...

I would contest your definition of "communism." China ain't communist. Not by the original 19th century definition. And the world system isn't either. Just because it tends to totalitarianism doesn't make it communist. Private control of profit maximization to the point of enslaving everyone and burning the planet is, in fact, opposite to communism.

"Truth is not measured in mass appeal."