Interview with Yumi Kikuchi - Organizer of 9/11 Truth Conference in Tokyo

The Corbett Report has just conducted an interview with Yumi Kikuchi, the organizer of The 2nd International 9/11 Truth Conference in Tokyo. The conference will take place in locations throughout Japan in the coming week, culminating with the main session in Tokyo next Monday, November 3rd. Guests include David Ray Griffin, Yukihisa Fujita and Benjamin Fulford. For information (including how to obtain tickets) please visit the conference website:

To hear the interview with Ms. Kikuchi, please visit The Corbett Report:

Stay tuned to The Corbett Report next weekend for reporting from the Osaka session of the conference.

9/11 And "War On Terror" Questioned In Japan`s Parliament

(edited version of the 20 minute long speech - complete version will be added)

Hats off to Yumi for organizing these conferences!

David Ray Griffin, Yukihisa Fujita and Benjamin Fulford are 3 great voices for our international cause. I am glad our Japanese friends have joined the fight for Truth. Thanks Corbett for the post and the interview.

Benjamin Fulford is disinfo.

Benjamin Fulford is disinfo.


Please provide references and discussion. Accusations alone are a dime a dozen in the 9/11 truth movement.

Having said this, I have come across some criticism of Fulford

"In recent times, he has given a number of interviews to conspiracy theorists, and therein claimed that:

* AIDS and SARS are bio-engineered weapons designed to reduce the Asian population.
* A Chinese secret society with a membership of 6 million, including 1.8 million gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins has issued an ultimatum to the Illuminati, warning them that if they persist with their plan to depopulate the earth, they will be stopped. The society has created an alliance joining Russia, China, India, South America, ASEAN, the free Muslim nations and Africa that is united in stopping the illuminati. [4]
* More recently Fulford has stated that the US have been able to alter the climate, and using high power microwave energy induce earth quakes including the Asian Tsunami, Japanese and Chinese quakes. The program he refers to is known as HAARP High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program"
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

Arabesque, I agree with your

Arabesque, I agree with your demand for proof.

However, I don't have time to write one against Benjamin Fulford now.

I am just raising a "red flag" on this character.

I suggest people check out his family background, think about how he got to interview David Rockefeller, listen to what he has had to say on the Alex Jones show and consider Jason Bermas' comments on him.


How did he get to interview David Rockefeller?

I'm curious. I now he used to work for Bloomberg I believe as a financial writer. Is that why?
Or are you hinting at a different reason?

ps. I agree that Benjamin is not trustworthy. I get the impression that he plays really loose with the facts.