OpEdNews: HORROR is the only word to describe these last eight years and we must never minimize or repress this truth.

An excellent starter article to share with those who can't or won't go there re 9/11 truth. --Betsy


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October 25, 2008

HORROR is the only word to describe these last eight years and we must never minimize or repress this truth.

By W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Lest we forget, here’s a sample:

(1.) 9/11 is the capstone of Bush/Republican treason. The evidence is now overwhelming that far from coming from Bush/Republican ineptitude, it was the DIRECT RESULT of Bush engineering (almost certainly with the help of, let's just say, certain Middle Eastern friends).

To be point blank about 9/11 means answering two simple questions:

(a.) What political party MASSIVELY "benefited" from 9/11? Duh

(b.) What Middle Eastern country MASSIVELY "benefited" from 9/11? Duh.

(2.) Why were only high profile Democrats sent anthrax in the mail? (a rhetorical question)

(3.) Why is our economy going belly up? Couldn't have anything to do with the trillions of dollars Republican elites keep stealing from those money cow wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, could it? Or, what about those astronomical tax breaks for (guess who?) the elites?

This is see spot run simple. STOP the money cow oil wars and STOP the working class and American infrastructure-destroying tax breaks for the elites, and (voila!) a healed economy. But our economy can NEVER be healed so long the "Bush Wars" continue, and so long as the vampire elites continue drain every last drop of wealth/blood from our dying country.

(3.) And now we have a pug VP candidate who is inciting people to violence, if not the literal assassination of Barack Obama. Sarah Palin has become a Queen of Hate who is now openly appealing to loose cannon psychopaths and murder-in-the-name-of-God religious fanatics to construct a political base for future elections. Indeed, she's even repeatedly criticized her running mate (let's see, what was his name?). The Queen of Hate is the incarnation of the Republican Party and has agendas for which McCain is a pitiful and aging stepping stone.

(4.) OK, now to the "wars". We are now mired in two major international wars, whose SOLE PURPOSE is to change billionaires into multibillionaires. Of course, in the process, we have also fundamentally destroyed our military infrastructures and totally lost all international credibility. It's funny how you can get used to almost anything, like a loud noise down the street, but we are selling our souls if we "acclimate" ourselves to these butcher factories for our children. God in heaven, we KNOW that the elites are simply exchanging the blood of our heroic military for f_____ OIL!

This is all about clinging to fossil fuels in order to make pig, pig rich people, pig, pig richer. If the wealth of the Earth was distributed more or less equally, NO ONE would be poor, EVERYONE would have free health care, EVERYONE could take vacations, NO FAMILY would have to have several job, etc, etc, etc.

But instead we have a 21st Century Dictatorship of the Rich. If even one person by now doesn't realize the United States of American is 100% a Dictatorship of the Rich, that person must be a member of another species. Indeed, the supremely important fact of America is that we ARE a Dictatorship of the Rich -- rapidly turning into a fascist police state. Not to see this is not to see the sun.

This list, of course, could go on and on, but the issue isn't so much that these atrocities are unknown, but that they are muted, painted over, and repressed.

But nothing could be more suicidal. Of course these horrors are depressing to radically confront, but sometimes in life you have to SEE THINGS LIKE THEY ARE. And "talking" about these things, or playing political games about them, or occasionally thinking about them is PERPETUATING them, because the only way to deal with such horrors as 9/11, money cow oil wars (that murder our children), the elite rape of what's left of Mother Nature and the American middle class, the devastation of our glorious Constitutional Republic is to strip away the fantasies, denials, and suicidal pretending that “things aren’t so bad”.

A mystic once said, "It is truth that liberates, not the effort to be free." His meaning was that the only ACTION that counts in life is the action-response catalyzed from making eye contact with the desperately avoided.

In our case, this is making eye contact with eight years of horror, e.g., the infinite treason of 9/11, exchanging our children's blood for oil -- and so much more. In short, acknowledging the utter destruction of our "world".

When Odysseus came back to Ithaca to find his Kingdom overrun with insolent suitors of Penelope, he rose to the occasion with incredible violence. Before being impaled by Odysseus, one suitor asked him why he was so enraged. Odysseus answered, "Because you were trying to steal my "world".

That's us. We are LOSING OUR WORLD, and only if we see that all the way through, do we have a chance of salvation. Our rage, like Odysseus, is appropriate and imperative.

The alternative is to whistle in a dark that's not listening and pretend ourselves to death.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)


Authors Website: www.theliberationofrealism.blogspot.com

Authors Bio: A liberal American, PhD mathematician, bipedal Earthling.