This Blogspot Site Attacking ae911truth Is So Ridiculous I Had To Submit It For All To See

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

This blogspot site is a joke.
They claim 123,000 members of ASCE don't question the NIST report. Whoever created this site the webmaster or the owner/author (if you can find out who it is) doesn't list names of the engineers with their degrees up on the site as a list like ae911truth does. They also claim 80,000 members of AIA who do not question the NIST report. Where is the list of these engineers posted on this site. I can't believe 80,000 or 120,000 members even comes close to the number of engineers or architects that have any knowledge of the contradictions that exist with 9/11 because of our main stream media. This blog site also comes up with 120,000 ASME members, 370,000 IEEE members, 40,000 AIChe members and 35,000 AIAA members that don't question the NIST report. If my math is right that means the author of this blogspot site contacted 768,000 professional people and each one of them said that they don't question the NIST report. Any site that claims these kinds of numbers is very suspect with me. At least lists its members with their degree certification. This site is BS. I shouldn't of wasted my time writing this but I needed an outlet for my steam to escape from.

Take Care Matt

Major logical fallacy

They commit the error of appealing to majority opinion as proof of truth; problem with this is that most of those 120,000 or however many simply haven't taken the time to look at it with the emotional blinders off. There is a clear psychological resistance to 911 truth by people even in pertinent fields. Gage was one of the 120,000 who didn't argue the official story... until just a couple years ago.

And the Purdue simulations have been debunked here and elsewhere, as well.

Their page will help bring truth. At the end, Truth will win !

Herblay FRANCE

thank you very much for digging this out and of course it was good that you submitted it to 911blogger. It is important that we can know what disinfo is being put on the web but I think this site will only help the truth movement. On this site they say "remember that there are 123,000 members of ASCE(American Society of Civil Engineers) who do not question the NIST Report." and I think they are right. By my experience the engineers are just too occupied living theirs lives to give up a bit of their precious free time to study the problem.
If the page at is read un certain percentage risked d'être intriqued and do a bit of research themselves. In the long time lies cannot win over truth.

Thanks again