Responding to a Conspiracy Theorist’s Confessions by David A.G. Fischer / October 27th, 2008 Dissident Voice

Responding to a Conspiracy Theorist’s Confessions

by David A.G. Fischer / October 27th, 2008

A recent article on DV establishes a solid and fundamentally simple interpretation for “conspiracy theory” as a theory based on nothing more than individuals conspiring, a human attribute going back centuries – a behavior that even a conspiracy theory critic, with any sense at all, would not refute. Its relevance to the formulation of scientific theory parallels precisely. However, a majority of the population will continue to point the finger of ridicule for adhering to such nonsense.

Nevertheless, as the gross effect of present day calamities reveals itself in the near future, denial of mass manipulation via the media and their politicorporate clients will no longer be possible. While it remains unfortunate that so many people are reluctant to think outside the restricted and acceptable parameters set as such by powerful societal institutions, comprehension of this social phenomena is quite clear when one understands the magnitude of control in the hands of those individuals pulling the strings, aka “The Conspiracy Theory”, as the orchestration of popular opinion is skillfully honed like that of a virtuoso.

For most people, the problem with accepting conspiracy theories is that it completely disintegrates the fabric of one’s security blanket, i.e. the belief system established through mainstream culture and media. It goes entirely against the cultivated grain of one’s understanding of the world, and thus reality. The media and church along with our educational system are responsible for the misinformation regarding historical events and thus contemporary perception.

One topic alone is enough to validate the above theory, take U.S. Presidents for instance. Most if not all of us in Usonian1 society were brought up being taught that our nation’s leaders are all heroic and noble men of principle and integrity. But that is now widely known to be purely a cultural myth which promotes U.S. nationalist pride and a sense of belonging in our society. Free thinkers like Samuel Clemens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal and Howard Zinn among others, began describing history from a perspective not embraced so much by those who had written our contemporary understanding of history, as by those affected throughout history.

Some excellent points of reference for traditionalists on this lesson are President Polk in 1854, and how he antagonized the Mexicans and thus landed nearly half of their nation as an annexation of the U.S. through war and bloodshed. Then there is Hawaii, which was illegally acquired through a corporate venture based on sugar and the subsequent overthrow of the sovereign nation’s monarchy via military force and support from a manipulated U.S. President Harrison and Congress. Moving along, we pass by Cuba and its inevitable U.S. expulsion of the Spanish, and the consequential U.S. occupation of the island in 1898 under the Treaty of Paris and President McKinley.

But the real pioneer of U.S. Imperialism began with good old, lovable Teddy Roosevelt, the man with the largest and most powerful Navy the world had known. He made it a point to exhibit his military muscles on a world-wide cruise of continental coastal areas, arrogantly waving the stars and stripes on every deck – a trek which no doubt made an impression in port cities around the world. And of course, thou shalt not deny that men do not build militaries to let them sit on a shelf and gather dust, they are meant to be used as a tool of force.

In order to avoid historical overkill, if we were to critically examine our government’s involvement of the past 150 years in either publicly known conflicts, or those which were clandestine as is recorded throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean, Iran, Indonesia, basically around the world, we notice that the nation’s military has been continually active with the exception of maybe a year or two immediately following the two World Wars. Based on that, how is it possible that anyone still rationally refutes that our nation has become The Empire, especially when one considers the effect of our economy on the rest of the world as we are witnessing today. Fifteen years ago that was conspiracy talk, today it is a more commonly held understanding.

Our nation has arrived to this point in time on a path which while although calculated along the way, one event at a time, it shares the basic commonality of power as motive, which equates to control. These were not principled acts of integrity, these were acts of greed, but that is not what most of us were taught, and as such the mainstream product confronts a brick wall when it comes to information that is so contradictory to its fabricated belief system.

When we are young, we are encouraged to ask questions, just not ones which contradict the status quo – thus perpetuated. Then one day we are older, maybe a senior in high school or a university student, and hopefully a free thinker who may have been problematic to a degree for certain teachers or the system in general. We begin to expose ourselves to more authors and new information not found in texts approved by the councils of public education. We begin to listen to public radio, study languages and ancient cultures, and target foreign news sources only present in smaller, independent tributaries not yet gobbled up by the megacorps of the mainstream. We travel and experience the flavors of the world for ourselves, for our own personal understanding. In time our realizations contradict what everyone else is being told and thus believing, making us question our independently derived convictions, although increasingly less frequent the wiser we become.

Having said that and bearing nothing which resembles trust in the systems which govern, with patient anticipation the future will unfold, and with that, so must public awareness ascend. Until then, the sheeple can obediently perform their pointless constitutional duty of electing the participants for the traditional changing of the guard; feeling like they have accomplished something special in a meaningless ritual that will lead to more of the same, only escalated as we race up this exponential slope.

While it may sometimes impose inconveniences when resting at night with truth, it certainly beats having to rely on a warm and cozy fabricated lie. Solutions are only devised when a problem is identified, and as such it is imperative that more people begin to accept the truth that the problem with conspiracy is that it runs too deep in circles of established authority. One either comes to that conclusion, or one just goes baaaaack to sleep.