Richard Gage will speak in Colegio Oficial De Arquitectos de Madrid - November 7, 2008

Richard Gage, de Arquitecto e Ingenieros por la verdad sobre el 11-S
Colegio oficial de Arquitectos en Madrid
viernes 7 de noviembre a las 19:00 h. FUNDACIÓN ARQUITECTURA COAM, C/ PIAMONTE Nº 23, MADRID.

Traduccion espanol?

Supongo que el discurso se va traducir a espanol. Hay modo de recibir la traduccion en forma electronica? Me gustaria obtenerla para distribuir a hispanoparlantes aqui en Estados Unidos.

Fred W

No se.

Phredo, That is cool that you want to get some for the hispanic population in the U.S.

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Yeah, well, somewhere around

Yeah, well, somewhere around half the population of California is Spanish speaking and I would guess that not too many of them know much about 9-11. Some of the reasons are probably socio-economic, like not maybe so many libertarian types and what not, but some more Spanish language 9-11 truth cannot do anything but good. There are a few films that have had sub-titles made, but not many. The DVD of "In Plane Site" is the only documentary I know of that has a Spanish voice-over sound track.

If my Spanish were good enough, I would try it. For someone with good Spanish it wouldn't be so hard to take one of the films that's mostly narration, like Loose Change or 911 Mysteries and where Spanish subtitles are available, get a hold of a version that has Spanish sub-titles (youtube, etc.) and read the Spanish into a microphone as they reel by on the screen. Then post it as a mp3. I wish someone would do it. ¿Cómo se os parece, vosotros que sabéis español?

But getting a Spanish dub from Richard Gage's talk would be great. Surely someone there will be doing it into a microphone, ¿no?

Fred W

El sitio en español

Here is the Spanish announcement blog:

The site is worth a visit!

Love, Amor !!

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¿Vais a conseguir la traducción?

Hola. Si sabéis si se va a retransmitir por radio la conferencia sería fabuloso que nos lo hiciérais saber. La comunidad hispanoparlante mundial necesita de estas traducciones. Tener a Richard Gage en España es todo un lujo y que sea traducido es algo impagable. A ver si tenemos suerte y viene algún día el Prof. Steven Jones o Kevin Ryan.