Alex Jones and former Governor Jesse Ventura join Willie Nelson at his home to discuss Economy,Elections & 911

Alex Jones and former Governor Jesse Ventura join Willie Nelson at his home to discuss the effect the current economic crisis has on middle class workers, the significance of the 2008 election and unanswered questions about 9/11.

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2008

Ventura addresses his meeting with undercover CIA agents as Governor and challenges voters to revolt against the two-party dictatorship– supporting independent candidates instead.

So cool, thanks!

So cool, thanks!

wonderful interviews of true patriots.

Great work. It makes me wish I was there. I admire Willie, Jesse and Alex for their efforts.

While Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones are in agreement on 911

they do not agree on immigration. Jones tends to be anti-"illegal" immigrant, while Ventura is clearly for open borders. Jones argues that what he calls the "New World Order" promotes illegal immigration as a way to drive down wages. He says that what the NWO is for, he is against. Jason Bermas has said, if I remember correctly, that he and Jones will win over Ventura to their point of view in immigration. On this issue, I think Ventura has the moral and intellectual high ground. Borders merely define the geographic area where certain services are provided and administered, and not places to keep people out. It is a human right to travel and live where one pleases. It is the responsibility of nations to facilitate this human right. Hurray for Ventura. I'm sure Alex Jones and Jason Bermas will be won over by him.

Fascinating info. Justin A.

Fascinating info.

Justin A. Martell

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