Francesco Cossiga, former Italian President, Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, and one of the GLADIO-Stay Behind founders, hit the news again in Italy for another straightforward and arrogant declaration on the 'dirty little secrets' of power management through unlawful intelligence practices.

After his well known declarations on 9-11 being an inside job (apparently something that did not surprise him at all), this time the aged Italian senator for life has flatly admitted the practice of using 'agents provocateurs' infiltrating pacifist demonstrations to give police the chance of repressing protests.

He went to the point of suggesting to the present Minister of the Interior, Roberto Maroni, the use of 'agents provocateurs' to crush demonstrations now held in Italy by students and teachers against the funding cuts in universities and schools budgets approved by Berlusconi's government.

Here is the translation of the salient sentences in the "confession" given by Cossiga during an interview with the Italian newspaper "La Nazione" (you can find a complete Italian transcription at this URL):

"Maroni should do what I did when I was Minister of the Interior. University students? Let them do what they want. Withdraw the police from streets and universities, infiltrate the movement with provoking agents ready for anything ["agenti provocatori" is the italian term] and let them devastate shops, put fire to the cars and put cities to the sword for ten days.

Then, strengthen by people's support, the sound of the sirens from ambulances will have to overwhelm that from the police and carabinieri [italian military police]. Law enforcement officers should pitilessly beat the shit out of protesters and send them all to the hospital. They should not arrest them since the courts would free them immediatly, but they should beat them savagely, and they should beat savagely as well those teachers that incites them: not old professors, just the young school teachers."

That's all folks, I apologize for any mistake in my translation, but I am sure you got the message: maybe you know the old proverb saying that "only madmen and old people say the truth", Cossiga is old but he is not so mad as someone says. Cossiga pulled the strings of Italian power for forty years, he is involved in Gladio false flag bombings that claimed hundreds of lives and he is also involved in the assassination of Italian christian democrat leader Aldo Moro through extreme left wing terrorist movements infiltrated by his Gladio agents: he was Minister of the Interior at the time and he was ruling with the help of his friends in the P2 masonic lodge.

We should take his words in great consideration.

Old people have nothing to lose, so they say what they think.

Wow. This guy is a piece of work. By giving that kind of advice, doesn't he eliminate the "provacateur" tactic from being a viable option in this case?

Hi Robin, yes, that

Hi Robin, yes, that hypothesis came to my mind.

Anyway, if this was his aim, he did not succeed: in these days there have been riots during the student demonstrations between left wing movements and neo-fascists guys and a lot of people suspects that the "agent provocateur" strategy has already been put in place. For example I have been personally told by friends that the police waits for the riot to begin and then go crushing people in the crowd ignoring the very same guys that starter the riots: this is typical of such kind of strategies, we have seen it happening during the G-8 meeting in Genova when rioters used to come from police lines, start the mess and then going away while their colleagues were taking the shit out of boy scouts and pacific demonstrators...

That is fucked up.

I am sorry for those who are victimized. I saw a video of something similar happening in Germany. It is a class war all over the world. The ultra rich pay people like the police to do their dirty work, even though the police will be victims of the same oppression in the end. The wealthy don't give a damn about them either. They will just use them now and discard them later.

The thing about CI...Civil Informationing... that its civil behavior...and
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Visit and take some time to dig deep into some links and articles and stuff...

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Love, Peace and Progress

Robin Hordon

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Love, Peace and Progress with:


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Robin Hordon

It's a blog

As a transcript of an interview placed on a blog, I doubt this has much worth, unfortunately. I'm not saying that this interview never happened, but it would have a lot more worth if it were published in a newspaper or if it had been recorded on video. I don't doubt, however, that this guy would have used agent provocateurs, not for one second.


Hi, I could find a more reliable link for the interview:

it's the press review of the italian government!

Yesterday I could not find anything more than that blog entry: the newspaper "La Nazione" does not publish all its articles on the web.
Anyway if you google something like "Cossiga intervista La nazione" you will se an enormous amount of blogs discussing the content of this interview (in italian, I'm sorry)

Maybe some administrator here can update my blog entry adding this link (I hope it will not expire too soon!), bye

Blackelk (alcenero)

P.S. :good to be skeptic anyway, whenever I hear Cossiga speaking I have to take a cold shower to be sure it's not a nightmare

Italian senate - good enough?

This is a link to our Senate hearings official transcription. Is this source good enough?


Thanks, I'm fluent in Italian and I see that yes, this is not just a blog.

Thanks! One more lesson for us.

We have to learn this lesson.
There is also one blatant contradiction in Cossiga's points of view: On the one hand he RECOMMENDS the use of (violent) agents provocateurs. On the other hand he BLAMES the left and the student movement of the 70ties for the advent of left terrorism of the red brigades. I'll never stop wondering about this ability of the mighty ones, to keep two mutually excluding opinions.

The defector from Cosa Nostra, Tommaso Buscetta, was convinced that the killing of the journalist Mino Pecorelli was done by the mafia as a service to Andreotti, to stop Pecorelli from telling the truth about the Aldo Moro-kidnapping.
There is in fact much evidence for the theory that the red brigades quite early were infiltrated by agents provocateurs from the operation Gladio:
From Wikipedia:
«In September 1974, Red Brigades founders Renato Curcio and Alberto Franceschini were arrested by General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, and sentenced to 18 years in prison. The arrest was made possible by "Frate Mitra," alias Silvano Girotto, a former monk who had infiltrated the BR for the Italian security services.[4] Curcio was freed from prison by an armed commando of the Red Brigades, led by his wife Mara Cagol, but was rearrested some time later.
The Red Brigades then operated some high-profile political kidnappings (e.g., Genoa judge Mario Sossi) as well as kidnapping industrialists (e.g., Vallarino Gancia) in order to obtain ransom money, which was their main source of financing.
According to Franceschini, the death of publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, on March 15th, 1972, who blew himself up accidentally while trying to dynamite electricity power installations near Milan, had left them like "orphans”, and sparked the more violent nature of the BRs' acts after 1972.[2] Curcio and Franceschini were released under the 1987 law on "dissociation". Franceschini also admitted the Red Brigades' involvement in the bombing of the US Embassy in Athens Greece, which Corrado Simioni organized. Simioni also set up a secret group inside the Red Brigades, a sort of "superclan". Franceschini alleged that Simioni was working on behalf of NATO's Operation Gladio in a false flag operation, citing Simioni's insistent proposal to assassinate Junio Valerio Borghese in November 1970 or another unattended request to murder two NATO agents.[2] Mario Moretti then took the head of the BR, and organized Aldo Moro's March 1978 kidnap. Moretti was suspected of being a spy by Franceschini and Curcio.[5]»
See also Puppetmasters: The Political Use of Terrorism in Italy, by Philip Willan.
If you read Italian:
Many books by Sergio Flamigni (
Rita Di Giovacchino:
Il libro nero della prima Repubblica
Scoop mortale. Mino Pecorelli. Storia di un giornalista kamikaze
(Please excuse my more of less frequent writing errors.)

This is terrorism.

This tactic works because it doesn't matter if people find out the truth. The truth isn't going to be broadcast on corporate propaganda media, so the majority won't ever know. The majority needs to stop watching the lies. Only then will the stranglehold of state terrorists be broken.

It also works to terrorize political opponents through violence: the textbook definition of terrorism. People become afraid to demonstrate, because of the risks.

These men are clearly terrorists, they rule through terror and are fascists, plain and simple.

The big problem is that they are getting US local police departments to also become fascistic terrorists. Whenever big political events occur nowadays, the feds come in and brainwash the local police. They "educate" them how we are all mindless savages who should be destroyed by any means necessary.

It is imperative to educate the average police and low level military about these realities. I wish we had some US high official making the same admissions, but they are too careful about maintaining "plausible deniability" which is their religion.

It is more important than ever to teach people modern history (which is avoided like the plague in school) and how opposing fascism is every citizen's duty.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

Police need educating...and then they get it...

Comment based upon CI behaviors ONLY...

I have had several run-ins with the local, county and state police in the state of Washington. However, after asking them to inform me of the exact law[s] that I am breaking, they cannot justify their requests...other than "safety". Then, after trying to do what they THINK their job is and me articualtely resisting...NOT CONFRONTING...and then, after doing their homework, which I ask them to do after their talking to their supervisors etc., the next time that we engage, they are now protecting ME...and outlining what has been deemed as public areas, and safety related decisions...most of which are reasonable...ALL of which are easily manageable. the way to go...then the law is on our side...its awsome!

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon


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