FOX NEWS: We need another 9/11

Broadcasted on Fox News (August 2007), Columnist Stu Bykofsky, author of the article "To save America we need another 9/11, claims that America needs a new 9/11 to unite the American people, because they have "forgotten" who the enemy is. He also claims that "there will be another 9/11", and Fox News Anchorman concurs.

"Does this columnist have a valid point?" --- "its going to take a lot of dead people to wake people up." --- "Another attack on America is inevitable"


It's all in the blogs now.

It's all in the blogs now. It has been predicted. Multiple high ranking people have said that a major crisis will test the new president. And now people go on the record saying we need another 9/11 to unite the country and wake people up (i.e. put people to sleep and declare martial law). We won't need to point to PNAC to show people the motive. One needn't look further than Fox News.

Shame on Stu Bykofsky. He does not know what it means to suffer.

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

that's what the PNAC said we need a new Pearl Harbour and they had it : the 911 attacks !

The world citizens do not want another 911. The last one has changed the world for the worst. What shame for the christian world ! Innocent death, slow death ( DU posion etc ...) , torture , etc, etc

This guy does not know how many of hundreds of thousands of worlld cititzens ( Americans inclused) have suffered because ot the 911 attacks !

This guy has had hundreds of emails. Its billions that he needs to make him rethink what he is saying !

Think about how Rosie McDonald from the tv WIEW suffered when she lost her job because of her doubts on the 911 attacks




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Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?