WeAreChange NYC Wishlist

-- WeAreChange NYC Wishlist --

WeAreChange NYC are in dire need of materials and resources to keep us on the offensive on the front lines of the 9/11 Truth Movement. We have had cameras damaged and stolen, in need of replacements and repairs. We are in need of new banners, preferably double sided, to be able to display to passers-by on both sides, or to carry in marches and parades. We also go through thousands of DVDs and fliers every month, and the supply line is running thin. Donations are wonderful, and we assure those who can donate that your money will go straight to our efforts to bring truth to power and to educate the public one person at a time.

If anyone could donate the materials themselves such as:
-Batteries for cameras (for a sony handycam the longer the better)
-Wireless microphones
-Blank DVDs
-Mini DV tapes
(Two double-sided banners - one "INVESTIGATE 9/11" and one First Responder banner. Below are examples of what we have in mind)
-Info-boards (rain-proof, preferably laminated. Ours are about 2 ft wide x 3.5 ft high)
-External hard drives in order to store footage

Support Our Troops...

Keep them well supplied.

Thanx so much for posting

If anyone would like to donate these materials directly please contact Sabrina at bri.wearechange@gmail.com

Here are examples of banner designs we had in mind.