Thank You For Donating

Another fund-raiser has come and gone. I wanted to say thank you to every person that donated something. Either to the chip-in account, or directly to the FealGood Foundation. You have participated in an absolute good.

According to reports, the legislation to give the first responders, and New Yorkers the help that they need has been "shelved" which means they may look at it again in the future. One of the first things the new President should do is champion this cause. Not doing so is disgraceful in my eyes. Again, thank you to everyone that donated.

Something has been brought to my attention that I would like to address. I am not going to mention any names or organizations, but people need to be made aware that this is happening. When I held the first fund-raiser for 9/11 First Responders in the 9/11 Truth Movement, I did it because a "debunker" challenged me to "put my money where my mouth is." I had spent years documenting the problems of the responders, but never bothered donating anything to their cause. It is the one thing a "debunker" has said regarding 9/11 that I completely agreed with.

It is something that I have done that I am very proud of. I always say that victories in 9/11 Truth are very few and far between, but every $1 donated to help the first responders is the equivalent to 100 victories.

I am ashamed to have learned what I did. It is disgusting and shameful, and those who participate in this practice are the scum of the Earth as far as I'm concerned.

Apparently, there are people and organizations within this movement who say that a portion of the proceeds they collect will go to 9/11 First Responders, but they are NOT sending the money to them. I don't know what they are doing with it, but it's not making it's way to where it should.

I am ashamed. I am disgusted. I make a point to send money to John AS SOON AS I GET IT so there is NO question about where the money is going. To me, I couldn't even conceive of keeping it for myself. It is an inconceivable thought. I couldn't live with the shame, or the guilt, and I can't comprehend how people do.

Making you aware of this will hurt people's efforts in the future, including my own, to hold fund-raisers for the responders, and that, to me, is UNFORGIVEABLE. It is one of the few things I enjoy in this life. Receiving a donation so I can send a thank you. I love to do that. I LOVE it. Now, however, I may not get to do that as much.

My only advice is to say that the safest thing to do is send any donations directly to the FealGood Foundation. Also, look at people's track records. A lot of people in this movement have done a lot of good in this regard. Some of them are Luke Rudkowski, Michael Jackman, Justin Martell, WeAreChange, and several others.

Again, thank you to everyone that donated to this fund-raiser. You have taken part in an absolute good, and you should be proud of yourselves.