Democracy Is On Its Way Home..

The Democracy of America Is On It's Way Home!
by Sharon Jenson

98% of reason is unconscious. The Democratic Party has always been honest enough to believe that if you present the facts, the American public will reasonably, logically see the sense in their ideals. The Republican party does not waste time presenting honest fact to the American public. They instead use simplified sound bytes and verbiage that appeal to and can be easily recognized by simple and sometimes vacant minds. Therefore, the American public must work harder to concentrate on logic and ignore their natural tendency to be somewhat lazy. They must remember reason and logic are unconscious. Corporations have researched this theory for years with help from psychological professors who have studied the brain and clever advertising. Corporations have invested in various levels of expertise and adjusted their marketing strategies accordingly. It is also important to note that six major media networks are owned by private corporations now and their reporting may be skewed.

Donald Rumsfeld, former Bush Administration Secretary of State, spent time making agreements with Iraq in the 1980's and he did so on Reagan's behalf. He, and the white house, had information from Iran about Iraq's chemical warfare. But in the years leading up to Rumsfeld's meeting with Saddam Hussein, Reagan ignored Iran's plea for help. Although it was against the Geneva laws to use chemical warfare, the U.S. chose not to assist Iran with this issue. Instead, other countries did provide help to Iran, recognizing the Geneva laws. The U.S. chose instead, to recognize the financial benefit of protecting Iraq, due to their massive oil capability. This not only contributed to personal wealth for the Bush Administration, but gave them insight they would later utilize while plotting to invade Iraq after 9/11. Prior knowledge of Iraq's unlawful use of chemical warfare and massive oil holdings clearly shows a transparent motive for the Bush Administration's persistent and persuasive invasion of Iraq after 9/11.

This, combined with both Bush and Cheney being in the business of oil themselves, was all the reason they needed to invade a country having absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 or Osama Bin Laden. Let's not forget Condoleezza Rice serving on the Board of Director's of Chevron. Despite their unruly use of chemical warfare, the Reagan Administration essentially supported Saddam by ignoring Iran's need for help. Time and again, under a Republican Administration so closely tied to one another and to oil, the U.S. smells of greed and a clear desire to keep the oil pumping. Reagan instead increased military protection in Iraq; not for it's people but for its oil assets. Iraq praised Rumsfeld during Reagan's time in office. Little did they know that Rumsfeld would later support an invasion of their country to take their only natural resource from them.

This would not be easy. But post 9/11, America wanted revenge and the well-informed and very greedy Bush Administration acted swiftly. They seized the opportunity to invade Iraq by building a convincing case. They produced false evidence and used Colin Powell to present it to and sell it to America. Rumsfeld immediately started a media campaign that would include radio, internet, print, and network news. He would plant seeds in the minds of shocked and vulnerable Americans that Iraq was the new enemy and that Saddam Hussein was the new target.

There was a young man, who would become a Senator, and who strongly opposed the Iraq war when it was unpopular to do so. Barack Obama voted against the war. Sorry Senator Obama, it didn't matter anyway because Bush didn't follow the Constitution of the United States; nor did he listen to anyone who told him the U.N. inspections had not yet completed their work in Iraq. President Bush, and his staff, acted quickly when they saw the opportunity. This is the worst abuse of power, example of greed, and destructive capitalism that only the Republican Party could commit. Of course later there would be many more during the Bush Administration. History will not be kind to him.

For any "undecided" voters out there, Barack Obama has studied constitutional law, respects it, and is not interested in abusing a position of power for financial gain. In addition, those who surround him have no ties to or interest in Iraq's oil. It is safe to assume that his Democratic belief that the United States of America needs some immediate attention, is shared by many. Please vote. Get a receipt. If any suspicious county or state voting procedures even attempt to flip votes, turn voters away, or ignore every American's right to vote, Obama will be ready. He knows the law. He already has 9,000 attorneys in places that are expected to have trouble. There will be no more stolen elections, hacked Diebold and ES&S voting machines, or greedy politicians who will stop at nothing to remain in power. This is widely known among key players in Washington. This has contributed to the decline of the stock market. The higher Obama's numbers get in the polls, the lower the numbers get on Wall Street.

That said, our financial crisis goes far deeper than the wealthy selling stock because they know the Administration is about to change. There is a mortgage crisis, and a housing crisis, and we are still paying too much for oil. Our troops are still losing their lives in Iraq for protecting oil. However, we have reason to be hopeful. No longer will the wealthy be getting wealthier from the majority of American needs (ie: gas, soap from Wal-Mart, prescriptions, and health care). There is nothing wrong with capitalism. Never do I suggest a strict socialist society should only be allowed to exist. Make your money corporate America, please! But not from our basic needs. America is more informed and if you attempt to, for example, privatize clean, safe drinking water, we will rise and object.

Concentrate instead on investing in industry that would be beneficial to not only our country but our planet. Like clean, renewable energy. Think outside the box and be resourceful. Go back to the drawing board because Obama is coming whether you like it or not. Regulation is necessary just as laws are. No one should be allowed to walk into a bank with a gun and shoot those inside for the purpose of stealing money that does not belong to them. That, like many other crimes, is clearly against the law and for good reasons. So too should regulations and yes, laws exist to prevent America from hurting itself.

We the people will seek to balance our country and restore what we have. We will work hard, pay our taxes, and never again allow those in power to lie to us and take advantage of our busy middle-class lifestyles. We are watching now, tapping in to reason and logic, seeking alternatives to corporate-owned media, and keeping the faith.

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