Previously unreleased 9/11 video footage of WTC7 and North Tower spire posted on Veoh

Some previously unreleased videos of the North Tower collapse, with a long shot on the "spire", and a slightly different angle of WTC7. Posted on Veoh, 10.31.2008. (Footage is bigger at source pages: North Tower - WTC7.

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Note that the spire is not


That's because...

It wasn't made out of wood.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


Wood reminded me of...

... this comparison, based on last summer's midsummer bonfire:

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9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

time stamps

Some very interesting points about the North Tower clip that I see are, first, at 00:08: an orange glow in the center of the remaining spire. You can see it clearer in the sequence between 00:47 and 00:52. For comparison in the shift in color watch at 1:01 when the camera pans back up to the core. The colors then are predominantly gray in this core section.

Another interesting, but very quick view at 00:33. Debris is blowing out well below the destruction front several floors above it.

The orange glow however is very interesting. A higher rez view of this must show that much clearer.

The remains of the core

Funny how just before the remains of the core instantly dissolve into powder, the camera pans down, then back up.

There is a trick I've used in editing and compositing so many times, where I take very high-resolution video and enlarge it as if the camera is zooming in, so then I can do post-production 'camera moves' including pans and zoom ins and zoom outs to an otherwise static shot.

With you in the struggle,
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They don't 'instantly dissolve into powder', IMO.

There is other video evidence which supports the view that the spire 'collapses'. The entire section of spire collapses, shaking loose a shit-load of dust, simulating "dissolving";

In this first video, you can see the momentum of the fall;

In this second video, the fall is as clear as it is likely to get, the entire section collapses downward, quickly, leaving dust in its wake;

"Dustification" has been roundly, and soundly, debunked by Greg Jenkins at the Journal of 9/11 Studies;

"Directed energy weapon (DEW) demolition proponents claim that a large majority
of above-grade structural steel from the World Trade Center (WTC) towers was
dissociated into dust and aerosols during and/or after collapse. However, multiple
quantitative dust and aerosol measurements show that no significant fraction of
structural steel was dissociated into dust or aerosols. A review of the photographic
record shows no gas, dust, aerosols, or debris moved upwards during the
collapse, and physical principles reveal that that no significant fraction of structural
steel from the towers could reasonably be supported by air during or immediately
after collapse. Visibility (optical path length) measurements, dust collected directly
from the south tower debris cloud, and an analysis of the physical transport
mechanisms for dust and aerosols prove that the debris which hung in the air after
the collapse was miniscule compared to the amount of steel in the towers. A large
fraction of steel in the towers could not be transformed into a gas due to the reactive
nature of iron and oxygen which would have caused suffocation of anyone in the
vicinity of ground zero."

To date, nobody has scientifically challenged Jenkins paper. Jenkins does concede that observers could think that the spires from a visual interpretation of the videos, but;

"My personal observation, as well as many other witnesses, is
that the spires fell. Other people observe spires spontaneously turning to dust. All
observers are credible and report what they observe. The data is inherently ambiguous
since it may be interpreted in more than one way. This is the definition of ambiguous
data. Usually the demise of the spires is cited as the strongest evidence by DEWdemolition
proponents, but the interpretation is hopelessly ambiguous as can be gauged
by the people who report what they observe."

One YouTube video is no thing to hang a hypothesis upon. It's ambiguous, and shaky ground indeed.


I have no idea what a directed energy weapon is, and I don't know how anybody can claim they know how the twin towers were disintegrated, but we can all agree that they were indeed disintegrated.

In the example video you provided, it does seem that the spire could be falling straight down, but the quality of the video (or the lack thereof) prevents us from being conclusive on it. The speed at which it falls is suspicious in itself, but who knows, right?

But I do trust my judgment about pan and scanned video. Those camera moves are not to be trusted, so I would put that video aside, and not use it as evidence of anything.

WeAreChangeLA -

Speed and acceleration in the collapse...

What I find interesting in the second video here are three things...

first...the core is NOT symmetric at the top and has been damaged asymmetrically indicating deeper core damage at the top from "something"...

second...its pretty clear that it was collapsing as a unit, perhaps from the bottom...and not dustifying from the top...its all thinner steel at the top...and all thicker steel at the would have had to go through the top first IF coming from above...

third...the speed and acceleration of this collapse seems a bit slower than the main collapse [?]...I would suggest that this is because it is meeting itself forming its own resistance on the way down...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon


Are the many flashes I see near the core merely artifacts? The glass is long gone.

They are not artifacts.

And they are not transformer explosions.

They are visible from several angles in several different videos of the WTC1 "collapse".

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The glass is not long gone.

Those are glass fragments twinkling in the sunlight. There is no building left where some of the glass is twinkling from.

another angle

Regrettably, the clearest view of the WTC1 core flashes is to be found in the dubious 911Eyewitness footage taken from across the Hudson. They are brief, extremely bright in penetrating the dust cloud and seem to correspond to points of failure on the columns.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


Genuine explosive related flashes at the core would seemingly be difficult to see, given that the core was set far within the exterior faces of the towers and given the abundance of office furnishings that would obstruct any view of them - especially from a distance.

Genuine explosive related flashes may also have illuminated much of an entire floor and appeared more as illuminated horizontal strips of light across many windows.

In some cases, the isolated flashes may just be objects with reflective surfaces rotating during their falls.


Another view of a WTC 1 collapse squib:

That was what I referred to below

Right after that scene, the close-up view ended, and the collapse, already progressing, was shown from farther away.

It would have been instructive to see how far below that squib was from the "collapse" zone.


Hopefully continued footage will come to light


Building 7 is the most obvious controlled demolition in the history of mankind.

Note How Thick WTC 7s West Face Is

Other videos of 7 don't depict the depth of 7 from north to south like this one, making the collapse seem so much more remarkable.

Heard C. Austin Fitts on Coast to Coast AM recently discussing the reported transfer of important records to the OKC federal building just before its destruction, making one wonder about WTC 7 even more.

Your are so right Danse

Anyone who sees that video and still believes the Official Story is beyond help.


veoh sucks. my country is blocked. shame though.

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NIST Executives ought to be breaking out in a cold sweat right about now....

I hope their a holes are quivering....

man the times are a CHANGING!


9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

great to get new video, but they are not playing right on my Mac

I am having a technical problem viewing the videos. VEOH video doesn't play correctly on my Mac. I tried Safari and Firefox. Both were stop action frames never turning into a fluid video. And there was no sound when the videos played either. Is anyone else using a Mac? How are the videos playing for you?

I am ok because I have already seen them from DVD, but others with Macs may be missing out.

Just wanted to give a heads up.

Mac stuff

Hi. Mac guy here.

Its probably a codec problem. There is no inherent problem for the Mac although the world [silly world] still assumes you've got a pc. First, make sure you've run software update and have the latest version of everything.

I'm running OS X 10.5.5 with Safari 3.1.2 and it works just fine. Think about your bandwidth as well. Are you on high speed copper broadband, wireless, dial-up? Anything less than a hard-wired broadband connection can result in frame skipping.


adobe flash viewer

I had to install the latest abode flash viewer to be able to see these. They are choppy at best, but is that other's experience?

Yes. I'm having the same

Yes. I'm having the same problem with firefox on an older PC.

Smooth as silk.

On my PC and my Macbook. My Mac is a 2Ghz Intel Core Duo, maybe it's a bit-rate problem. These videos are actually pretty high quality. Try checking them out at the Veoh source page. Could be a streaming issue too, I guess. (My PC is a 2.something Ghz deal).

I had to retire my old Mac G3 when it couldn't play Flash video normally. I wouldn't even try it on these ones.

my mac is an old g4 powerbook

Loading the latest flash player helped some, but the video is still not smooth as silk. I also notice that VEOH drops in ads during the playback.
I am sure that doesn't help. Can't afford a new computer right now. I may be starting HomelessFor911Truth soon. By the way, I did buy and If anyone wants to make something of them, I will sign the domains over to you free of charge. I am not going to be able to complete that project. I have to work on this "making rent" situation before I take on other projects.


I've got a G4 Powerbook too: Try downloading the flv files (use 'Downloadhelper', or just find them in the browser cache folder) and then play them using the newest version of 'VLC Player'.

This works well for me.

Demo charges

Shit-o-dear! between 0:30 and 0:40 on the first video, the demo charges are clearer than anything I've ever seen before.

How can we be sure that researchers like Gage, Jones & co get copies of these? Anyone have access to any of these people?

I know Jones and K Ryan have it.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Just to be sure...

...I'll post this in the Scholars forums.

This is some amazing footage of the WTC1 spire/core. I've downloaded both vids to preserve their copies incase they disappear.

I wonder.

how may more unreleased video's are out there?

Whoa !!!

That changed my understanding of the collaspe (north tower) the outside is blownup and the inside are neatly taken down.
Wow,, that is exactly how it should occur to keep that steel.
This is great footage of a horrible horrible event.


Why is the close-up shot cut right before the "collapse" begins?

I noticed something that I think is interesting. A moment before the close-up shot ends, one can see something that looks like the wall and windows breaking in one spot and smoke bursting out. And that is well below the area where the plane hit.

EDIT: See Aidan's screenshot above.

Veoh is no longer available in ...

I can't watch Veoh in from my country, I get "Veoh is no longer available in ..."

Could somebody put these on youtube and maybe publish original source .avi ?

PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN WTC7 Highest Resolution Availaible

Here: WMV 11 Mb

Commentary from

1. The building is tan in color [meaning it's unlikely the video has been doctored other than recoding]
2. The building is not engulfed in flames.
3. The building falls straight down just like a building imploded via controlled demolition.

I'll add:

4. The windows popping out almost simultaneously, all in line and on several levels of the building looks very suspicious.
5. There's a VERY bright flash above the falling building which can be seen in other clips.

Excellent Polar Bear

Watch the top right rear corner where we saw squibs in previous videos.



Thanks for WMV, any idea where to get also North Tower video in .wmv or .avi?




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rubbing your nose in it

so they even had the camera men there to film the event.seems to me they are saying,,"look what we done and there´s nothing you can do about it."

catch us if you can!

John Parulis does

he knows them, he's done video interviews with them, he's on this site.