Has Troy Sexton crossed the line yet?

I rarely visit the Screw Loose Change blog for reasons I'm sure would be obvious to most. However, after following up on a comment here which linked to SLC, I took a moment to skim the front page. On October 26th, Pat Curley posted a link to a video made by the notorious Troy Sexton, aka AlexJonesWrongAgain, of Hurricane, West Virginia. Troy had posted a video on October 26th of his trip to the big city of Cincinnati, OH for Richard Gage's recent presentation there. I assume that Troy notified Curley soon after posting his video since Curley's post was made the very same day. Curley thought highly enough of Troy's pitifully juvenile antics to consider it "good entertainment value," worthy of a blog post at SLC.

Curious, I looked at Troy's youtube eweser page to see if he had left any more droppings recently. On October 31st, Troy posted a video of a recorded telephone conversation he had made to a woman in California, an architect who had signed the Architects and Engineers petition. Though he gave his own home phone number when asked, Troy falsely.identified himself as a representative of AE911truth who was calling to verify her signing the online petition. He then proceeded to grill her for evidence that she might possess proving that 9/11 was an "inside jobby job." Unhappy with her polite, albeit suspicious responses to his inane questioning, Troy begins to insult her repeatedly using despicable language and calling her horribly vulgar names. At no time during the conversation does Troy give notice that the call is being recorded. And, at no time does she drop to his level.

Another non-consensual recording was posted November 1st. Troy may have chosen this person believing that he would be calling another woman. Instead, Troy gets another California architect, a male this time, who claims to have designed a 40-story building and who is also a former firefighter. Despite continuously stuffing his potty mouth with Cheetos during the entire call, Troy still gets out plenty of explicatives. Like Troy's previous target, this one never loses his cool and remains polite throughout Troy's Cheetos-spewing verbal assault. A lot of salt and fat with no nutritional value. Troy is what he eats.

California and West Virginia state laws differ regarding consent to the recording of telephone calls. California requires all party consent while West Virginia only requires one party consent. And, it is somewhat murky as to which state's law may take precedence in this situation. To get an idea of how this can be, take a look at this California Supreme Court ruling. However, Troy's misrepresenting himself to place obscene calls may be another story all together. That is somerthing for potential litigants in their respective states to sort out though. My hope is that Troy has made himself subject to criminal and/or civil actions for which he is forced to pay dearly.

I am very angry with Troy Sexton. Until now, I thought him to be just a harmless idiot who had faded away into the hills of West Virginia. And, I am sorry for these people who have been subjected to Troy's disgusting behavior. Though I hope that it doesn't happen again, it is likely that Troy is a sociopath who will soon feel an irresistable urge to strike again. Hopefully, a significant number of people who have signed AE911truth's online petition will see Troy's videos and be forewarned and prepared to be his next target. Just hang up on the loser.

Meet Troy Sexton, SLC Posterboy 2008. It would be difficult to find one more fitting. No. Impossible.

Troy snickers while admiring himself in Cincinnati.

The Death of the 9/11 Truth Movement October 31 by SLC Posterboy Troy

what a loser

If i didn't know better, i'd think the 9/11 Truth Movement hired Sexton to make the "debunkers" look bad.


It's good to point out...

That ScrewLooseChange endorses Troy Sexton's "work." Work which includes harassing 9/11 First Responder John Feal, work which includes telling 9/11 Family Member Bob McIlvaine to put a bullet in his head, work which includes endorsing death threats against people like me, work which includes using 911truth.org's grassroots list to make crank phone calls, work which includes scaring truther's families, and so on.

It's also good to point out that the only things they've successfully "debunked" over the years are some of the more questionable arguments put forward by people. Missiles at the Pentagon, Voice Morphing, Space Beams, Pentagon Flyover, etc.. etc... etc...

Here is Troy's latest calling for all of us to commit suicide.


Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Nah, we don't need to hire anyone...

...The "debunkers" (major emphasis on the scare quotes) already make themselves look bad with their straw men and mean spirits. And, of course, DRG REALLY exposed the "debunkers" for the frauds they are, in "Debunking 9/11 Debunking."

I'm part of Cincy911truth and met Troy in the flesh. There were a couple of security cops there, and we alerted them to Troy's past antics, including harassing Bob Mac at wee hours. Troy actually remained on relatively good behavior during the lecture, probably because he didn't want to get kicked out and wanted to get as much of the event on his video recorder as possible. Most of his provocateuring was outside and in the lobby before the lecture.

But could Troy be getting paid by the bad guys to harass us? I'm doubtful in this case.

During conversation over a few drinks after the event, several of us concluded that he's probably not getting paid by the bad guys to make the Truth Movement look kooky. Simple reason: he's having the opposite effect; he's making the "debunkers" look bad, as loose nuke pointed out in his comment. If the perps wanted to pay an agent provocateur to make truthers look bad, they'd want someone who can do a better job.

People like Mark Roberts and Ryan Mackey... I definitely lean toward THEM being paid agents.


Is VERY good at what he does as Bob McIlvaine said. Almost... too good. *evil eyes*

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Never heard of him.

I've never heard of this guy before, but I decided to browse through some of his videos on his youtube channel. He obviously seems personally offended by the 9/11 Truth Movement. Poor baby. His debunking is on par with most other debunkers, that is he resorts exclusively to ad hominem attacks. He is Mark Roberts with expletives.

I had a run in with these guys back in June

They descended on my blog and tried to convince me that my comparison between the blazing Windsor fire in Madrid and the cool WTC fires meant nothing. There is no logic and quite a bit of hostility. Some of it is unintentionally humorous, as one of them lambasts me for something that his comrade wrote. When his comrade sets him straight, he now thinks it's a fine thing to say--since it was said by his pal, not me.

What drives these people? They seem too angry to be doing it for a living for the CIA.

I know they came from SLC because my stats tell me where my traffic comes from. All these commenters (except the lawyer and the guy from Italy) came from SLC.

Their comments are here:


I have noticed that he reads these kind of message boards...

Troy will invest tremendous amounts of time reading these type of message boards, then he goes out of his way through all kinds of effort to cause antagonism, suppression and invalidation.

A maggot has more of a spiritual nature for mankind than this fellow. It takes a pretty weak, degenerated soul to deliberately try to cause so much disruption against those who are trying to better conditions for mankind.

Reason is Mr. Sexton's allergy

He won't bother with those he fails to get a rise from.

I tried badly to reason with Mr. Sexton about why it was wrong to harass Bob Mcilvaine and others.

Jeremy From LA Calls Troy From West Virginia

But I clearly failed in breaking through the bunk bubble. But he seems to be allergic to reason sort of like a vampire to sunlight.

If someone wants to bring a suit against him, I would be in support, but I honestly don't think it's worth the time. We have the high treasonous to deal with, ain't no time for the bottom-feeders...

especially with our 'allies' Wolf and Lindorff going off the deep end.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush