U.S. Department of State Is Inviting "us" To Ask Them Questions About Our Foreign Policy

U.S. Department of State Is Inviting "us" To Ask Them Questions About Our Foreign Policy via YouTube video.

Watch the video, and follow their directions to submit your 9/11 Truth (or whatever) questions.

Although it may be unlikely that they will entertain 9/11 Truth questions, it's important for them to understand what we know and what questions we have.

-Rich F.

Mug shots

Of course, if we take it at face value its a wonderful, unprecedented channel for giving feedback to an administration that has blocked it at every turn in the past.

On the other hand, if I was a sociopathic president about to embark on a huge power grab, with a brigade of combat troops deployed ready to stuff dissenters into one of my 3000+ FEMA built concentration camps, what could be a better Christmas present than the mug shots, voiceprints and usernames of a bunch of potential future "domestic terrorists"?

I suggest you wear a mask at least if you're going to send these fascists a video.

I totally agree.

We can spread the information through better channels and gain more attention from the general public. But if anyone does send in a video.. I salute you.


...or use a sock puppet.

Let's come up with some good questions.

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"Have Fun...?"

Talk about out of touch. This guy invites us to have fun with regards to US Foreign Policy questions. These people are sick individuals. They must think the entire nation is a bunch of underdeveloped intellects, retards. G*d help us. These creeps need to be out of power ASAP.

Yes Great Way to Build a List

911 Was An Inside Job! For the mystery of Iniquity is now being revealed!

Look at this guy... lets have some fun so we know who to round up when we declare martial law.

LOL good one. I think we can reach the masses without this creepy guy.

First he walks in like some he's some god then think OOOOOH WEEE ask me some questions
it will be FUN.

Hes apealing to our entertainment drivin mind programing. Then who ever post will be put at
the top of the list for extermination.

EWWWWWW lets have some fun. YEAH !!

Americans maybe BLIND but were not STUPID.

prepare for the worste hope for the best.


Fun? Fun!? Fun with Sean McCormick?! Wow. This video has all the appeal of an encounter with Ted Bundy wearing a fake cast on his arm. It'd b-be f-funny if I c-c-could j-just st-st-stop sh-sh-shivering.
A-and don't forget all the "fun" this administration's had down there at Gitmo. A-and remember Abu Ghraib? B-boy th-that w-was f-f-fun, t-too...
My advice is, remember what your parents or teachers told you about getting into cars with strangers offering candy...

"The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master." Thomas Pynchon

Full question broken down to fit, yet "pending approval" anyway.

Hello Mr. McCormick

Riddle me this, please:

How might the U.S. Department of State intend to handle a potential future where people from around the world increasingly reject the myth of 9/11 ("19 Freedom-Haters with box-cutters did it"), thus the rational for the War on Scariness and the curtailment of liberty which led from lying about it?

You know, you've probably heard this once or twice and brushed it off as simply the rant or rave of a "kook" or "conspiracy nut". But by now, I trust you've come to reconsider such marginalizing and 'debunking' as hopelessly futile in the face of truths that will always out.... someday.

Seems to me that genuine and constructive diplomacy and ambassadorship will depend evermore increasingly on one's believability and trustworthiness. So even though the Bush Administration got away with murder, and none of the mainstream sanctioned candidates leveraged their roles as civil servants to censure or impeach such treason, and neither of the lead horses today (November 3) reveal any intention to legitimately rollback a unitary executive... how will you and our foreign diplomacy come off as legitimate when confronted by the strength of human decency keyed-up to the misprision within U.S. Government?

Please resist the urge to laugh or snicker... because there is nothing "fun" about this question.

Yours sincerely,

Erin S. Myers.
(Born-again native with only sidewalk-clearance)