9/11 Truth Hits japan

9/11 Truth Hits Japan
2nd International 9/11 Truth Conference comes to Japan

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
03 November, 2008


The 2nd International 9/11 Truth Conference came to Japan this week, with sessions in Akita, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. The Corbett Report was in Osaka to report from the event and has obtained audio and video of the keynote speech by David Ray Griffin, as well as interviews with the conference organizer and attendees.

An interview with Yumi Kikuchi, organizer of the conference, is now available on The Corbett Report's YouTube channel. Click this link to go directly to the video or watch in the player below:

The latest episode of The Corbett Report's podcast contains more information about the conference as well as highlights of our interview with Etsuko Chida a worker for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees who was in Kandahar on September 11th. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Chida tells her amazing personal story of evacuating from Kandahar in the wake of the attack as blame was laid at the feet of Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban. She also muses on the possibility that Osama Bin Laden, being a CIA asset, was not being supported by the Taliban at all. Interview of this amazing video will be released on The Corbett Report's YouTube page later this week.

To listen to this week's podcast episode "9/11 Truth in Japan" please click this link to download the mp3 (right-click and "Save Target As").

The Corbett Report is also able to release for the first time the audio of David Ray Griffin's two lectures at the Osaka conference.

David Ray Griffin - Afternoon Lecture
Length - 1h12m08s
Size - 66.0 MB
Click here to download the mp3 (right-click and "Save Target As")

In this lecture Professor Griffin talks about the incidents at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11, including the numerous contradictions and anomalies in the official story of those events. He also responds to Popular Mechanic's oft-cited criticisms of the 9/11 Truth movement's claims about these incidents.

David Ray Griffin - Evening Lecture
Length - 1h43m39s
Size - 94.8 MB
Click here to download the mp3 (right-click and "Save Target As")

The evening lecture was a prepared speech entitled "The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, The Cover-up & The Expose, A Lecture for Japanese Audiences." It covered the full range of Professor Griffin's work, from his first book on the subject, The New Pearl Harbor to his latest work on the subject The New Pearl Harbor Revisited. In the lecture he covers physical evidence for the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, the lack of evidence for Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon, the lack of air response by NORAD on that day, the deep ties of 9/11 Commission Executive Director to the White House and other evidence contradicting the official story of 9/11.

Both the afternoon and evening lecture is delivered in English and translated in Japanese, making it a valuable resource for both English and Japanese speakers seeking a broader understanding of what took place on 9/11/2001.

After the keynote address by Professor Griffin in the evening, a debunker was given time to attempt to refute Professor Griffin's points. Aside from acting rude and curt to the very conference organizers who had invited him to speak in the first place, he accused Professor Griffin of not having read a certain book on the subject of the Pentagon...despite the fact that Griffin actually quotes from that book in his work. He also attempted to construct an argument that the Jersey girls represented the "true" 9/11 Truth movement in opposition to Griffin, before learning from Professor Griffin that two of the Jersey girls had in fact directly endorsed him and his books. Aside from being jeered at by audience members fed up with his rude and aggressive manner ("You're making an idiot of yourself," one of the attendees yelled), the debunker distinguished himself by displaying a website on a powerpoint projector that prominently featured a link to The Corbett Report's own video parodying the NIST report on WTC7. Perhaps this debunker was not aware the author of the video was in fact in attendance. At any rate, the humor of such a dubious endorsement will not be lost on followers of The Corbett Report. For those who may not have seen it, the video can be watched in the player below:

Thanks for this report.

Big Kudos to the Corbett Report for this piece of original journalism! This is what we should be using the 'net for.


On a separate note;

Regarding the Nov.3 appearance, I would like visitors to this site to know that I have pretty serious reservations about Mr. Fulford. I front-paged the recent story that featured his report re-published in the Rock Creek Free Press, to acknowledge the success of RCFP's recognition by Project Censored, which is a worthy accomplishment.

I'm not likely to publish or mirror much that hinges on Fulford on a solo basis, so any budding journalists planning on posting Fulford speaking at the Japanese conference, please take note.

Please review some of the links gathered by chrisc at truthaction.org;


Take a look at some of the things that Fulford has said publicly on Rense radio;


"FULFORD: And that's why you need gangsters to fight gangsters. This is where these Asian people come in. They know how to do a gang war. The first phase, which is what I have initiated right now, is the shouting match. We say, "Look. You'd better listen." And if they don't listen, then we go to the next phase.

RENSE: What's the timetable on this, Ben?

FULFORD: I cannot discuss that. You can't let people know what you're going to do. But I will tell you something interesting.

There is a force of three thousand ninja assassins. Now these ninjas are a two thousand year old cult - a school of martial arts. One of their specialties is sneaking into fortified compounds and murdering important people. The thing about these ninjas is they are white people - they are not Asians - and they are working for the US Special Forces.

They were trained by the Japanese. They understand the true state of power in the US, and they are willing to act when the time comes.

So I hope you're listening out there, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rockefeller. We have someone close to each of you. You can be turned into dead meat in a matter of hours. I am not bluffing.

And I am hoping it doesn't come to that. I am a decent human being. I am a journalist. I do not want any death. Not one.

But if it comes to it, they will all be slaughtered. They will be hunted down like beasts. Every one of them will be killed. Until they agree to the terms I mentioned before. "

That is batshit-crazy bullshit disinformation.

Anybody who wants a real picture of the US-Japan power relationship over the past 60 years should seek out the writings of Chalmers Johnson on the subject. (No, I don't believe 9/11 was blowback, but his sociological observations are bang on.)

It saddens me that Griffin will be sharing the stage with this joker, and I hope that if Yumi reads 911blogger.com, she is now aware of this situation.