Coke or Pepsi?

Investigative journalist Gary Webb refused to be complicit. For his courage, the Mockingbird character assassins remembered him with this hit-piece of an obituary:

After the 2004 election, five weeks before his "suicide", he called out the American people for their apathy and moral cowardice.

"What this election tells me, unfortunately, is that it doesn't matter to most Americans if their government lies to them repeatedly.

They no longer care if their leaders erode their civil liberties, push this country further towards a police state, or shroud their actions in additional layers of official secrecy.

They don't mind if their government operates strictly for the benefit of the rich and the corporate class, as long as their own taxes don't go up.

Nor do they care if their government spends itself to the brink of bankruptcy. As long as they feel threatened by some external evil, everything is permitted."

By the time Webb wrote these words the 2004 election had already been conceded to George W. Bush by John Kerry, despite already staggering evidence of fraud which has since been exhaustively catalogued by investigators like Robert Kennedy, Jr. And Ohio was only one of the holes leading to that dark warren.

But even assuming pervasive election fraud in 2004, enough Americans were sufficiently moved to press the red button that the Bush regime was renewed, claiming a "mandate" that endowed it with "political capital". This "mandate" made the US public complicit in--among other crimes of state--the crime against humanity the Iraq War already clearly was. Within days, the punitive annihilation of Fallujah began.

Bold voices against militarism are among us. Dennis Kucinich, the only member of Congress with the moral courage to draft Articles of Impeachment against both Bush and Cheney, was marginalized and smeared in the corporate media before being ejected from the debates altogether. Was it something he said?

And if, say, the female African-American Green Party candidate for President speaks out and the media ignore her, does she make a sound?

Was Gary Webb right about "most Americans"? Admittedly, for all the right-wing hystrionics about the menace of the "leftist" or "socialist" Democratic candidate, the American people have again been given a choice between corporate Red and corporate Blue. But there is a difference. Many more millions are informed and aware than were in 2004. Fear has passed its sell-by date. Whoever gets the "nod", We the People are awake, and watching.

A little too pessimistic

I'm no great fan of the American populace, myself. But I think Webb (paradoxically enough) himself failed to grasp that the endless repetition of government lies by the main stream media, plus the utter failure of the main stream media to "connect dots" - i.e., provide historical context - allows for the creation of a pseudo-reality in the populace that makes his criticisms somewhat over the top. Please see "", which accepts no corporate or government money, for a better alternative to the MSM. (Also, please support them with $$ - they ask everybody to chip in $10/month.)

It's too bad Webb didn't survive longer, so that he could help contribute to a new media. May he R.I.P.

Suicide or “suicide”?

Hi Michael, you write «After the 2004 election, five weeks before his "suicide",» as to suggest that Webb did not commit suicide, but was suicided. I am afraid that suggestion amounts to pure speculation. See this comment from Mike Ruppert:
Perhaps Ruppert’s characterisation of Alex Jones is too harsh. Anyway, I think accuracy is a part of intellectual honesty.
For the sake of truth, Webb sacrificed everything. Ultimately he found himself in a desperate situation.


Pretty damning indictment in the above link by Ruppert of Alex Jones, and given Alex's jumping to conspiracy conclusions about the death and publishing false reports, I think it is necessary.

"This is a time for all of us who are activists, professional investigator and journalists on the internet to distinguish and separate ourselves from those who do not employ professional standards for their investigation and reporting. These standards are used to make what is consumed by a sometimes too-trusting readership trustworthy and useful. It is a matter of love and honor for those who read what we write.

Just as the dishonest mainstream media distances itself from those of us who use this powerful medium out of fear, it is time for those of us who care about getting it right to draw an unmistakable line between ourselves and the internet "trailer trash" who detract from the very, very difficult job that Gary Webb gave his life for: Telling the truth, getting it right and proving it in a way that can be trusted… No matter what the cost.

This is what Gary Webb taught us."