Richard Gage's visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Great coverage of the visit by Richard Gage, AIA to Halifax, in Canada, on October 18th, 2008;

"Richard arrived in Halifax on a beautiful Friday afternoon. He met with Dalhousie University's architecture and engineering faculty, and dropped off information kits to many others. Richard then did a television interview with Nick from the King's College journalism program "The Fax"."

Here is The Fax interview, which will be aired on a local cable channel in Halifax;

More here;

He will be in London on

He will be in London on Thursday night and the tickets have nearly all sold out (I think it is for 200)

Excellent interview! --- check out ENGINEER FOR 9/11 TRUTH !!

Check out Terri !! Engineerfor911Truth !! She enlists local Marines to help spread 9/11Truth in her area.