David Ray Griffin Debunks Popular Mechanics

David Ray Griffin Debunks Popular Mechanics
from the Osaka 9/11 Truth Conference, November 1, 2008



.......Popular Mechanics are fools or complicit..............I sure hope they are idiots. If not ...i hope they will enjoy their stay in prison.

They're not fools. They're

They're not fools. They're complicit.

Also check out another good video challenging P.M. and BBC show

I was going to post this as a blog, then I realized it was David "The Messiah" Shayer. Buahahaha! At any rate, the video itself is credible as far as I can tell and I didn't see any "plane hologram" theories presented. I found it as a most downloaded google video the other day. If we can just cut out the credits where it links to his website it would be almost perfect IMO. Film is a good analysis of the bias apparent in the "unbiased" BBC Conspiracy Files. Anyway, I'll just leave this here in the comments section. Do what you will with it.

911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy...

is an EXCELLENT video.