Now That Obama Has Won . . . There is No Excuse

Now that a Democrat has been elected president, the Democrats in Congress have no excuse. They can no longer pretend that they have to "hold back" to win the election.

They have no excuse to delay war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney and company for Iraq.

They have no excuse to delay war crimes charges for torture.

They have no excuse to delay criminal charges for spying on Americans.

They have no excuse to delay criminal charges for 9/11.

Now is not the time for Democratic machine politics. Now is the time to implement true American values - cherished across the political aisle - of liberty and justice.

There can be no liberty in America unless the tyrants who have tried to imprison us and enslave us are prosecuted.

There can be no justice in America unless the high and mighty are held accountable for their actions.

Obama is a former Constitutional law professor. He knows the value of the Constitution and the rule of law. He promised during his campaign to curb the unconstitutional practices of the executive branch.

But that is not enough. Because if the tyrants in both parties who have trampled on the vision of the founding fathers are not held accountable, then future tyrants will learn that they can get away with it, also.

Now that Obama has won, there is no excuse. Those who have trampled on our country and our people must be held to account for the whole world and future generations to see.


No excuses. Time to turn up the heat. The neo-fascists must be exposed and punished for all to see, or the "new day in America" will prove a false dawn. Demand repeal of the Patriot Acts, Military Commissions Act, no immunity for torturers, war crimes trials for high-level Bush/Cheney officials.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

get used to disappointment

The excuses have already been made. Obama and his advisors (like Cass Sunstein) have long been saying forget trials and punishment. They're going to move forward in a BIPARTISAN manner. In other words, forget the justice system, for the Obama administration is going to "work with" the criminals to determine what course of action to take.

Too bad Obama wasn't in office after WWII. We could have saved a lot of time and money by "working with" the defeated Nazis in a grand spirit of "unity," rather than seeking punishment at Nuremberg for those who invoked preemptive war and torture.


Just stating the obvious for the record. Obama is clearly meant to be a "kinder, gentler" manager for the national security state. Otherwise the Shadow Gov (spooks) would never have permitted his ascent. His voting record speaks for itself.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Anyone remember Clarence Thomas?

Who will have the audacity to question an African American president as he continues the elimination of civil rights?

The inverse race card is played again, it's brilliant in its twisted logic and use of American political sensibilities.

Will the African American masses accept this from one of their own?

Will the "liberal" media roll over on this?

Time will tell while the truth, and the truth movement, marches on.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Obama's victory is like a truth serum

Are we going to keep the democrats and liberals who have been with us these past few years in the Truth/Freedom Movement, or are they going to stand down now that their man Obama is in the White House?

Has it been about truth and justice or was it all really just a cover for partisan opposition to Bush and the Republicans?

I suspect

many on the hard-left are getting ready for a big fat cat nap. All that (apparently) fake opposition the past 8 years done wore 'em out. Shit, I'm already seeing it.

Obama to begin intelligence briefings

CHICAGO – The nation's top intelligence officials are to begin highly classified daily briefings with President-elect Barack Obama on Thursday.

The briefings typically last 45 minutes to an hour, but Obama's initial one scheduled for Thursday is expected to be longer. He will receive information that he would never have had access to before, even as a senator.

A U.S. intelligence official said Joe Biden, the vice president-elect, will begin to get his own briefings beginning this week.

The briefing is mostly written by the Central Intelligence Agency and includes the most critical overnight intelligence for the president. It sometimes digs deeply into a specific topic to give the president an in-depth understanding.

Horrible to think what's in

Horrible to think what's in those . . .

We still have awhile to go until January. So anything is possible. But they will work as hard as they can on him to intimidate him into compliance. Already the media is pushing with how he will go down in flames if he tries anything "liberal" as Clinton supposedly did early on. The race is on to see who can control him, but we already know

* He voted to confirm Bush in Ohio
* He voted to keep the PATRIOT Act alive
* He voted for the bailout and called Dem leaders to force it through
* He votes in corporate interests at every opportunity
* He votes to fund war at every opportunity
* He will have to bomb something to establish himself and there will probably be an incident to elicit that.

What's left?

Given his track record, expect a more right version of the Clintons, which means the R that gets in after him will be Bush on steroids because nothing will have been done to fix what's broken (the voting system, etc), and more and more compromises will open huge loopholes for disaster capitalism to thrive.

But we will have had the first African American President.

Justice as a deterrent.

There must be prosecutions to serve as a deterrent to future generations. The rule of law should reign supreme. Restore the rule of law and the Constitution. No one is above the law. Prosecution, conviction and punishment of the criminals is the only acceptable closure.

Except Pelosi and Reid knew case for war on Iraq was a lie

Federal Law requires the Senate and House Minority Leaders to receive the same CIA Intel briefings the President's Cabinet gets. Pelosi and Reid knew the mushroom cloud reference in the Bush State of the Union Speech was nothing but a lie.

Pelosi and Reid knew before the Iraq War started the entire case for war was a lie They kept silent. They are war criminals, too.

Having the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader from your party happen to also be war criminals who have repeatedly acted to cover their own asses from anyone figuring out how much they knew and when they knew it is a big pain in the ass (and therefore, a legit reason) for anybody actually trying to get anything done in Congress when the Dems take power.

I have no real illusions about Obama is anything more than the lesser of two evils, but there are some good Dems here and there. I have no idea what those guys do to try to get any investigations done with Pelosi and Reid in the way.

Speaking of Pelosi

I notices she beat Cindi Sheehan. In my opinion that is just as bad as Obama being appointed president. Oh I know, he won by a landslide. Just goes to show how powerful the controlled media is. The whole election process is a joke.

Correct: Major Election Process Is A Joke

It is a media managed spectacle designed to cause the public to believe and be grateful, that they have only 2 choices:

Coke or Pepsi.

The powers controlling this country understand how the collective public mind functions.

The power of television and other media is enormous.

who is voting this down?

Of course the election process is a joke. Theatre. No diff than WWF wrestling. They pretend to battle, but there is a pre-determined winner.

Why are people voting this down? If you disagree, why don't you say so, and give a reason?

I appreciate your comments Aidan. Astute and on the money.