Is Obama Serious About Protecting Our Liberty?

Obama, a former Constitutional law professor, promised during his campaign to curb the unconstitutional practices of the executive branch.

If he is serious about this, he must appoint vigorous advocates for constitutional principles and the rule of law to serve as heads of the following agencies:

  • Department of Justice
  • FBI
  • CIA
  • Treasury (which oversees the Secret Service and - of course - the bailouts)
  • NSA

The Sec Def should similarly be someone who respects the rights of civilian populations.

Our first order of business must be to pressure Obama to make decent appointments in these areas, in order to insure that liberty is restored.

good luck.....

I do not believe any pressure upon Obama will be sufficient to alter his loyalty to the powers that control him. HE is not setting the agenda. (Kennedy was the last president who buck the dark force.) Focusing upon Obama as the wielder of power is a misdirection. Listen to Ron Paul's comments on Alex Jones today. But even if you don't do that, simply remember that both presidential candidates of the two parties of the one power are thoroughly and entirely owned. That there is no essential aspect of their agenda that will alter in response to 'public' pressure. Various elements of policy may be altered to maintain the illusion that you/we have some say. But none of those will be crucial to their course. Simply watch carefully as an unfortunate and interesting history unfolds.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Kennedy was the last president

who bucked the dark force. I was thinking the exact same thing and look what happened to JFK. Gunned down in the streets of Dallas. Perhaps Obama will be the next JFK. Wouldn't that be something. I know, I am dreaming. Hope rings eternal.

so grateful for blogger

I would never be clued in to so much interesting news and vid clips if not for blogger's tireless cadre of patriots who post all this stuff. Thank you, both for this post and this video from Lullabye.

I agree with Alex Jones.

The elite planned this carefully. It is totallly good cop-bad cop. After the bad cops have finished nearly destroying the country, they bring in the good cop, who will try, but fail of course, to undo the damage done by his predecessor.

In fact both cops work for the same corrupt chiefs, who are playing the American people like a maestro on a baby grand.

An Obama Presidency: More of the Same, Only Worse

An Obama Presidency: More of the Same, Only Worse Larry Pinkney /

If the masses of people in this nation knew or had known the pertinent facts pertaining to the war mongering “we can fight the war better,” pro-apartheid Zionist, corporate Wall Street-backed, slippery tongued Barack Obama, it is doubtful they would have been so thoroughly bamboozled and hoodwinked to their own detriment and that of the world. Wall Street and the corporate media, however, have, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, engaged in a relentless, ruthless, and absolutely unprecedented campaign of corporate branding and marketing on behalf of Barack Obama, with the peoples of the United States as their targets.

Assuming that the corporate Wall Street elite and its concomitant opinion-forming, omission, and misinformation machinery of the U.S. corporate media successfully installs their favorite choice - Democratic Party Republicrat Barack Obama - as the first colored President of the U.S. Empire, the majority of people in the United States are in for a rude awakening in the form of increased economic austerity, internal political repression, deepened racial disharmony, external U.S. military adventurism, and an endless stream of misleading disinformation from the corporate government. The peoples of the world will face intensified imperialistic and military assault and attempts at U.S. hegemony. This time, however, the imperialism of the U.S. Empire will be conveniently spearheaded, condoned and rationalized by its newest and most potent weapon: the dangerously double-talking “Emperor” in black face - Barack Obama. Moreover, in one fell and foul swoop, the corporate / military elite of the U.S. Empire intends to utilize Barack Obama as the “messiah” (created by none other than corporate America and its corporate media) to neutralize and destroy the ongoing Black liberation struggle for justice and equality in this nation, and in people’s liberation struggles throughout the world.


WhenCan Obama normally begin impeachment procedure against Bush?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

please, is there anyone who can explain why is there so much time between the winning of the presidential elections and Obama's taking up the job the 20th of January ? In France NIcolas Zarkozy the French president was elected the Sunday 6th May 2007 and he took over the nation ten days later the Wednesday 16th of May. When can Obama normally begin impeachment procedure against George Bush and his cronies ?



Any impeachment proceedings would have to begin

in the House of Representatives.

After Sen. Obama is inaugurated he could direct the Justice Department to start investigations into Bush et al.

Only a sitting president can be impeached.

I expect that a President Obama will say that the country needs to look forward and not get caught fighting the partisan battles of the past, or some such nonsense, that is if he is even asked the question by the corporate controlled media.

There is no justice in the U.S. at this time, perhaps the French should ask for their lovely gift to the U.S. be returned until liberty is also restored here.

La vérité nous est libre. L'amour est la seule façon de progresser.

(feel free to correct, I haven't studied French in over thirty years)

"Only a sitting president can be impeached."

Not true.

not true interesting? How about giving us the details please.


"It is possible to impeach someone even after the accused has va

John, see:


(2) "It is possible to impeach someone even after the accused has vacated their office in order to disqualify the person from future office or from certain emoluments of their prior office (such as a pension)."

For more info: (3)

Thank you for correcting the record

I must have missed that in my seventh grade civics class.

Nevertheless, I think it highly unlikely that the House will initiate impeachment proceedings against Bush/Cheney during the next administration.

Would not a guilty verdict on treason charges also result in said disqualifications?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.