Details Emerge on New WTC Collapse Videos

Details Emerge on new WTC Collapse Videos
The Corbett Report talks to source connected to the footage

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
06 November, 2008

A source connected to the previously unreleased footage of the collapse of WTC1 and WTC7 which suddenly appeared on internet video-sharing site last weekend has revealed details about the footage to The Corbett Report.

According to the source, the videos available on the internet come from a DVD that was compiled from raw footage taken in New York on September 11. The video on the internet has not been edited or manipulated in any way from the footage on the DVD, although the 'replay' of each collapse has been slowed down by 50 percent. The source indicated, however, that the raw footage had been edited before it was put on the DVD, thus explaining the sudden cut from a close-up of the North Tower to a long shot of the entire building with the collapse already underway.

This source also dismisses internet speculation that the person who took the footage was connected in any way to the collapses themselves. A number of posters on internet discussion boards and forums have claimed that the WTC7 video is suspicious as it zooms out just moments before the collapse, as if the person taking the footage knew what was about to happen. The source notes that the footage starts with a close-up of the windows breaking out on the north side of the building, which would have been a visual cue to anyone watching the building at that moment that something was taking place in the building.

As The Corbett Report previously reported, the videos were released anonymously on the internet on November 1, 2008 with no further information. Watch the video in the player below:

The video shows perhaps the clearest view yet of World Trade Center 7 as it collapses directly into its own footprint at freefall gravitational speed in the late afternoon on September 11, 2001. This collapse has long interested 9/11 researchers as the building was not struck by a plane and only had two isolated office fires burning in it that afternoon before its sudden and complete collapse, an unprecedented event in the history of modern steel-framed skyscrapers. The video of the North Tower also shows an extremely detailed view of the bottom half of the building as the collapse reaches the lower levels, including a brief, clear glimpse of the 'spire' of interior columns before they disappear into the pyroclastic dust cloud at the base of the building, a feature not found in ordinary office collapses and also seen in the wake of the WTC7 collapse. Both videos also show clear views of the blast squibs preceding the collapses, another sign of controlled demolition.

There is still no word from prominent researchers of the collapses regarding the new footage. Richard Gage was contacted for comment on this story but has not yet replied to the request for comment.

Also on the DVD...

the filmmaker walks around the site on the 12th or 13th and you can see cranes with cables attached
to massive vertical beams suggesting that "45 degree angle cuts" would not have been used to direct the fall of the beams cut during rescue as someone else here at blogger has already noted.

The video also captures the demolition of the first tower to fall but most of it is obscured by the other tower still standing.

The filmmaker also used "classical" music to accompany the visuals.

would that necessarily mean

that 45 degree cuts were not made in some cases, perhaps if cranes couldn't get close enough? Arie has posted photos here showing that 45 degree cuts were made on WTC beams.

just saying, the photo of the cut beam does not seem to be conclusive evidence itself, and there's plenty of evidence already, with the videos and photos of molten metal and explosive "collapse" of WTC 1 and 2, and the obvious traditional master controlled demo of 7, first responder testimony, Appendix C of the FEMA report that notes the sulfidation, the photos of the slag, the omissions and contradictions of the NIST and FEMA reports documented by Jones, Ryan, Legge, Szamboti, Gourley and all the other papers at JO911S- in addition to the VISA violations, FBI/CIA surveillance and obstructed investigations, air defense failures, 9/11 Commission coverup, etc. etc.

This is just my "think" about manually cutting a beam...

Just thinking out loud...If I were an iron worker working a torch on a high beam weighing many tons...I would NOT want that beam "to slip" while I was almost through cutting it. It is a safety issue. So, I would cut flat, straight across for safety reasons, while a crane held it steady. Cutting one of those beams is a lot more dangerous than chopping a tree. But even when cutting a tree, it gets to be a safety issue on how the thing will fall. I would be scared as hell to stand near a 45 degree cut beam as I finished the final few inches...there is not telling how that thing could sway, swing, or fall.

Also, I think that the "famous cut beam picture" is fine for marketing a concept that thermite was used. It is primarily a marketing tool of grabbing attention and forming an easy-to-digest concept for new-comers, which we hope leads them towards the scientific papers & other data. While there may be unknowns about that particular photo, I do not see the unknown data about that one particular photo as significant. The purpose of the photo is to relay a concept of thermite to new people. We know that thermite was used, and this becomes a great tool to relay the concept that thermite was used. (Personally, I think it is a demoliton thermite cut on that photo.)

DVD On Bittorrent Etc?

Is there a bittorrent site or rapidshare links to this DVD anywhere?

James Corbett does it again.

James Corbett does it again. great work

What possible explanation

can be concocted to coincide with the official story to allow for those windows blowing out in systematic fashion down the side of WTC 7? To me as a layman, it appears that those windows are nearest to critical columns blown just before the collapse and blew out from a series of explosions that removed those critical columns. What would an unbiased expert say?

angle-cuts on vertical columns

I worked there for the first three days. Those vertical beams were NOT cut by iron workers. When they did cut them, it was straight across. The oxy-acetylene cuts don't leave a large amount of slag, which one can clearly see on the sides of the vertical columns. The cuts made by the iron workers leave only small drops of molten iron at the edge of the cut.

As Henry Ford said, "It is well that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be revolution before tomorrow morning."

The most concerning issue

of the angled cuts is the lower part of the cut.(the bottom of the angle. When cutting thick steel you do get alot more slag,however on a column it would be on the inside,not the outside.
There is NO reason at all to make an angled cut in demo.


What if you were using the thermate to make the first three cuts in preparation for the explosive charge to make the final cut which would cause the failure. If thermate did cut the column on three sides it would remain intact for the most part. The angle cut would then be used to direct the fall of the column once the final explosive blow was initiated.
Using the thermate in this way would drastically minimalize the amount of explosive material needed.
The thermate would also add to the appearance of out of control fires with the subsequent fire and smoke.
Together in Truth!

Can the DVD be made available?

Is there any reason why an ISO image of the DVD can't be made available via bittorrent?

WMV and Flash formats suck for a frame-by-frame analysis of the videos.

In case anyone hasn't downloaded it yet the WMV of the WTC7 implosion has been posted to UK Indymedia:

9/11: New Footage of the Implosion of WTC7

Direct link to the 11M WMV:

Also the videos and the information about the source could be posted to Wikileaks: if anyone has the time to do this...

Angle Cuts

Angle cuts are used in normal gravitationally driven demolitions. Since the WTC towers were exploded outward top to bottom I see little reason for the CD contractor that rigged the buildings to use angle cuts. Most if not all columns in the pile appear to be snapped at their wield points. Some with concussive blast damage.

It's well documented that angle cuts were used in the cleanup.

Corbett provides good work, but

I sure wish we could be told about his background and references