Ask Any "Debunker" Revisited

The other day I made a short movie entitled, "Ask Any "Debunker" to address "debunkers." Walter Ego, on a site filled with "debunkers" known as "JREF" posted my movie.

From "Walter Ego":

"This has got to be the dumbest video yet from Jon Gold."


"The second and third questions follow from the first question which is where the "trick" is... question three is the "gotcha."

The premise is hidden in the first question. A sensible person would ask WHAT multiple cover ups are we talking about? A sensible person would not even humor a truther asking dumb-azz questions like this.

Truthers are trolls... don't take the bait."

No answer.

From "Grizzly Bear":

"1. Are there or are there not a multitude of cover-ups concerning the 9/11 attacks?

Complex Question

2. Was the 9/11 Commission, headed by Philip Zelikow, a whitewash?

Complex Question leading to Poisoning the well

3. Should there be accountability?

Complex Question derived from the previous two

Jon Gold needs to work on his interrogation methods..."

So rather than answer the questions, he developed an argument as to why he shouldn't answer them. In other words, no answer.

The only person to answer them directly was "240-185":

1) There aren't.
2) No.
3) For what?

Am I lying with these very short answers? :D

Do they sound right? Do they sound like honest answers? Decide for yourself.

Quite honestly...

I didn't put so much thought into that movie to "trick" anyone. It was just from personal experience I knew that "debunkers" wouldn't answer those questions.

"Debunkers" like to say that they are the most knowledgeable people on the planet regarding 9/11. It is literally impossible to study the 9/11 attacks, and not stumble across a cover-up. Why then don't "debunkers" acknowledge them? It is because they are either afraid of the truth, blind patriots, ignorant, or paid to fight us. If you think saying they may be "paid" to fight us is crazy, I suggest you listen to this series by Michael Wolsey.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I have no doubt that the key

I have no doubt that the key players on that forum are paid to oppose us. We really shouldn't even acknowledge their presence. That's already giving them too much credit. ;-)