Congratulations To Cynthia McKinney For Getting 144,286 Votes

That means 144,286 people didn't follow the norm and vote for the "lesser of two evils." That means 144,286 people probably thought it was more important to find out the truth about 9/11 than making sure McCain didn't get into office. That should say something. Congratulations to Cynthia McKinney on her run for President.

Congrats, Cynthia

As we can see by the Obama appointment of hardliner Rahm Emanuel, it will be difficult to break the endless global preemptive borderless war on "terrorism". A vote for Obama was not the vote for peace that some have claimed, albeit I remain optimistic that he at least talks to other world leaders before bombing unlike the current administration. That being said, my conscience would only allow a vote for the end of the military industrial politics and so I voted for you, Cynthia. Keep up the good [peaceful] fight!

Exactly. A vote for Obama was not a vote for peace

Click here to see his extensive pro-war record.

Also, McCain--not Obama--was the lesser of two evils. I agree with Webster Tarpley's analysis. With a McCain presidency there would have been gridlock between the executive, house, and senate. Barry O'Bama will be able to expand militarism with "left cover." Also, he has a huge following of zombies that could potentially bring in "bottom-up" fascism.

Scary but very likely on all

Scary but very likely on all counts, Patrick. Wish it were different but this administration will show that our voices as dissenters are more important than ever given the "bottom-up" fascism that is likely from those misguided masses who supported the "winner". His Move.On masses are so understandably longing for real change but will be slow to realize when that :"change" never really happens due to blind hope.

A vote which I cast proudly.

The only "truth" candidate in the race. Go Cynthia!

I would like to take this opportunity to decry George Orwell's utter failure of imagination.

I voted for Cynthia because

I cannot stand to hear more of the carefully framed political debate in the US. Can the candidates talk about 9/11? Nope. How about the loss of habeas corpus? Nope. How about the evil of occupying 2 countries, killing more than a million? Nope. How about the folly of printing trillions of dollars to hand out to private bankers? No, they can't talk about that either, or the public may realize that they are getting screwed.

Cynthia McKinney does not know these bounds. She just tells you the truth. Hats off to her, and to the other 144,285 people who voted for her.

yes proud

to be in the 144,286.

This number will only

This number will only grow.
~In Lak'esh
(Mayan: You are another me)

My Vote Felt Worthy & Powerful

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Thanks Cynthia for being one of the few TRUTH candidates out there to vote for. You made my vote feel worthy and powerful. I'll be looking for you in the near future if you run again. You can always count on my vote when your speaking for Truth.
Take Care Matt

We need Cynthia!!

We need Cynthia back in Congress or back in some type of position in Power...
Because her questioning of Donald Rumsfeldt was classic and enjoyable.

Keep it up Cynthia. More leaders like you are necessary.

Absolutely. This may be the

Absolutely. This may be the most pragmatic approach. We need 9/11 Truth advocates in Congress.

"Can't we just all go out and say things are OK?" -- President Bush, to congressional leaders during bailout negotiations - September 26, 2008

We'll have to wait two years to run her for Congress,

unless someone steps down and a special election is called.

I'd love to run her in my district in northern CA, where she is popular and a Green just might make it.

(Our present Congresswoman is a do nothing "ultra-liberal" Democrat, bah)

My daughter and I both voted for Ms. McKinney and I think a lot of others around here will soon rue their votes for "the chosen one" as the reality of his reign becomes apparent for all to see.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


I too followed my conscience this time and voted for her, as opposed to the lesser of two evils. I hope that Obama in fact turns out to be considerably less evil than the Bush gang; it would not be hard. And hope is a dangerous thing -- for the powers that be.

Noam Chomsky also voted for McKinney. See my blog for a couple of interesting links.

I've changed the banner on my Yahoo group from "Impeach" to "Indict Bush-Cheney," which remains a possibility I hope people won't forget (

More to come

I had to vote Provisionally because I was an inspector at a poll too busy to leave. Add at least one more to this number. Also more will come from the Vote By Mail ballots turned in that day. We should all check the numbers at certification in a month or so. I think we will all be happy with the true number.

Congrats again Cynthia.


Congrats Cynthia

"Justice will only exist where those not affected by Injustice are filled with the same amount of Indignation as those offended"

I live in Kentucky and she was not on the ballot, but.....................I proudly wrote Cynthia McKinney in as well, so add one more to the total!

This quote is so similar to one from my spiritual teacher...

who says:

"If you feel the humiliation of another person less than your own, you still have too much pride. And who does
not feel that way, my friends? Who has truly the same reaction to other people's humiliation as to
his own? None of you! If you yourself are humiliated, you are hurt; if the other person is
humiliated in the same way, you may feel sorry, but the reaction is certainly entirely different, no
matter how much you try to tell yourself that this is not so. Be honest with yourself and this
honesty will surely do more for you than any self-deception."

from: Pathwork Guide Lecture No. 30, May 23, 1958

Where did your quote come from?

One of those votes was mine.

One of those votes was mine.

Vote truth

We love you Cynthia McKinney. With the massive election fraud that must still exist (after all, nothing has been done to stop election fraud at the root level) you probably got much much more than 144,000 votes. Congratulations and much thanks for running a presidential campaign.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -

Yes this is the whole point

There is a major move to demonize and marginalize third parties. I had a hard time finding overall election statistics until I came across Alan Keyes' website at Third party and independent candidates were our champions, but in order to create a future for such movements, we must build up starting with the lowest local level of elected officials, who are still receptive to local concerns and can be educated about the direct effects that bizarre federal policies are having.

Third Parties ~ Voting Reform.

The Third Parties need to unite and try to get friendly voting reform legislation on the ballots in different states. Instant Runoff Voting or IRV which allows you to rank your preference of candidates is a possibility. I could see states like Oregon and Minnesota being receptive to this type of change. Once you get a foothold in a few states it can sweep the nation. Look at the Marijuana legislation for an example. It won 9 out of 10 initiatives this election.

Obama?? McCain was the lesser of two evils

I agree with Webster Tarpley's analysis. With a McCain presidency there would have been gridlock between the executive, house, and senate.
McBama will be able to expand militarism with "left cover." Also, he has a huge following of zombies that could potentially bring in "bottom-up" fascism.

Well done Cynthia unlike you B. Obama is prisoner of the CIA !

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
would have liked that you had a lot more votes as we can count on your courage and tenacity to bring the 911 truth out.

Barrak Obama is a prisoner of the CIA , Secret Service and the Bilderberg group. Either he toes the line and he will get adequate protection and he lives or he goes on his own and he gets the same lesson as JFK and his collister ( choosen by Bilberberg ? ) Joe Biden will take his place.

Also, Barrak Obama, risks to complicate the truth job for us all, as the mass media, and the powers to be will tell us to leave Barrrak Obama to do it his own way. YOU DID VOTE FOR HIM ! So now that his in charge, stand back the truth movement, and give him a chance !



Thanks for the great effort

Thanks for the great effort Cynthia McKinney. No doubt she recieved even more votes than that.

Thanks for the great effort

Thanks for the great effort Cynthia McKinney. No doubt she received even more votes than that.

thanks for posting McKinney's results

One of those votes was mine. In the election carnival it was hard to see McKinney near the end. Now that it is over it is hard to find mention of her results. But we can always count on 911Blogger!


Cynthia was the only candidate worth voting for. In my opinion the whole voting system is a farce. Obama was the chosen one that is why he got in. Well at least we won't have to listen to Bush anymore. That is about the only positive thing I can think of.

I have to respectfully

I have to respectfully disagree with you, Jon.

You're framing the issue much like George W. Bush did when he said, "You're either with us or with the terrorists." It's not an 'either or' situation; they are not mutually exclusive.

It is not a valid argument to say that 9/11 Truth is more important than McCain getting into office, since the converse of that is meaningless. How is voting for McKinney now and knowingling not getting her into office and letting McCain win helpful to 9/11 Truth?

"Baby steps" in getting this country back together after the nightmare administration of the last eight years is a start with Obama, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME pushing for 9/11 Truth and exposing all else . . . which is the ultimate fantasy for we truth-seekers.

While I completely understand the NWO issues (as much as anyone can), I couldn't in any way, shape or form allow a "conscience vote" on my part (I would have voted for McKinney if she had had a hair of a chance) risk letting McCain in if only for the next Supreme Court nominations or the Pro Choice issues which I feel strongly about. I would never judge how anyone else in the 9/11 movement voted, unless it was for McInsane & Appalin' . . . jk.

I love Cynthia McKinney, and I will work behind the scenes in the coming years to make her a more well-known third-party candidate.

This year, however, my conscience couldn't allow McCain in or Sarah Palin, a 72 year old heartbeat away, or a 1-in-6 chance away from becoming the next Commander-in-Chief of our country.

I will continue to work towards 9/11 Truth much happier and positive now knowing Obama is our President-elect, and not the Unstable and Unable team.

Please don't ever think that voting for Obama trumps 9/11 Truth. Apples and oranges.

"Can't we just all go out and say things are OK?" -- President Bush, to congressional leaders during bailout negotiations - September 26, 200

My point was...

That it was more important to 144,000+ people to vote for Cynthia McKinney and expose the 9/11 cover-up, and take the risk of having John McCain in office. THAT should say something...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Interesting point of view

Michelle Obama has been informed on 911 Truth.

She is aware of the facts of the matter. It is a question of where one's loyalties are finally placed.

Self interest or the Constitutional Republic.

BTW, does anyone know what Cynthia McKinney's future plans are?

I hope she is thinking ahead to capture some position in Political Office so she can be representative of True Change.

We have to Move Forward and Think Forward.

Its time to plan for the years ahead. To capture more political and moral high-ground so the masses are never so easily fooled again.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

It felt so good....

.... to vote my conscience for a change. A change I can believe in. The sooner the masses wake up to the fraud of the "two-party" system, the sooner we'll have a chance to reform this country.

priorities overlooked - nyc ballot and IRV's

i am as big of a supporter and appreciative of Cynthia McKinney, as those voting for her, but I have a different sense of priority for strategy in politics, and taking steps to become effective rather than a limited rant among the choir..

the feelings of being a truther.. and supporting truthers is something i wish all would feel.. or will feel..

and when i cast my vote for obama.. it was a step in a good direction toward truth..

with all these comments taking pride in a mckinney vote, i read nothing of efforts to obtain Instant Run-off Voting that could help a 3rd party candidate WIN and take away the spoiler vote in a close election.

Also.. while i would like a president turn everything around in a day.. i am not that naive.. but as the left sidebar states: 30% of Obama supporters and 91% of McCain supporters believe that terrorists attacked NYC and DC on 9/11/01 as per 'official' story states.. which means that getting someone (Obama) who represents 70% of supporters aware of the bogus government story is significant, much more than 9% aware McCain supporters. Having Obama elected, and he had to win by a lot to stop another vote theft, was/is critical.

So while idealists are used in minority settings, like the drafting of a 3rd party candidate to pull in woodrow wilson to overcome a 2-party Prez race in the early part of the 20th century, (woodrow was a little known academic), we ended up with a deal on christmas 1913 that created the federal reserve system.. likely aiding the incentive for 2 world wars and current financial crisis.. etc.. when will we learn..?

we can overcome being manipulated for the wrong end in a tight race by creating an election system with instant run-off voting.. so we can all vote for our highest priority candidate, and choose secondary candidates, if our top choice does not get enough votes to win, so we don't have a spoiler vote.

the other deal missing in all the comments for those wanting a new 9/11 investigation is getting the truth out by going to the people of nyc.. and supporting the 2009 ballot initiative. this vote truly overcomes the boundaries of a controlled political system.. and for people power.. please .. when thanking cynthia and others for running great campaigns.. encourage them to help for the 2009 initiative vote in new york city. i would suggest while reaching out to lawyers, architects, engineers, firefighters for joining a campaign, to reach out to those professionals in nyc.. more than 50% of nyc people were polled on this in 2004, who want a new investigation.. the concentration of awareness, and the harm to nyc by 9/11, is our best chance to win a referendum for a real investigation and an authoritative exposure of truth by following the evidence of what happened, and to expose the cover-up. this would be strategic and hopeful to creating peace in our world.. truth, justice, and peace.

every group needs a black sheep regarding righteous voting.. but in truth.. we're all on the same team..


News fit to transmit in the post Cassini flyby era
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~~~ for life's survival in the 21st Century ~~~

why is this framed as criticism?

This thread is about Cynthia McKinney, so many people will give a brief statement about her without mentioning all the other truth activities they are involved in. Your tone is critical towards those who fail to mention any work towards IRV or the NYC ballot initiative.

It is fine to promote the activities and efforts you believe in. But to castigate truthers because they haven't mentioned their support of your favorite actions here is misguided.

Being a truth activist consumes vast amounts of time and money, freely given. We write, design and produce DVDs, brochures, newspapers, op-eds. We rent halls and venues to get the truth out. We travel to distant cities for truth related events. We blog, we protest in the streets, we appear on radio and TV shows, we read voraciously and attempt to inform others.

We are very active, industrious and passionate about what we do, in an unpaid job that earns us scorn and ridicule from those still alseep.

So please, go ahead and promote the actions that matter to you. But lose that scolding tone towards those proud of their McKinney vote in a thread about McKinney. Most of us have made huge personal sacrifices to bring others to the truth. We deserve support and thanks, not criticism.

Yeah ...

I got some amusing hate mail on Myspace for making my vote for Cynthia my default picture.

I'll have the last laugh when Obama starts Obombing.


Apparently the targets are Pakistan, Central Asia, Russia etc.

With Zbigniew "The Grand ChessBoard" Brzezinski looking over Obama's shoulder, we can expect more shadow wars coming to fruition.

Our Truth Movement efforts and responsibilites are going to escalate EXPONENTIALLY.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I tried to convince many here in CA that Obama

didn't need THEIR vote to win the state, but they all wanted to vote for the "historic winner" never mind that he's a clear tool of the elites.

I'm not sure how much laughing we'll be doing when he does start "Obambing."

The McKinney stickers on my car will probably remain on for a long time, though, just to keep tweaking all the "liberals" and "progressives" around here. They're right above the license plate frame that reads: "Why did the Twin Towers come down so fast?".

Canada or Amsterdam anyone?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks Cynthia you rock!!

You've shown them the you are a great shinning light in one hell of a dark world!

Kindest regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

McKinney sets good example

In contrast to most major left activists, Cynthia does NOT put down the truth movement. Maybe she would consider helping bridge the divide between the truth and peace movements.

Chomsky endorsed her. Could that mean he's mellowing to the truth movement? I think it's more of a reflection of his opposition to racism. No domestic issue moves Noam as much a racism.

I propose we approach the leftgatekeepers and their supporters to mellow on the truth movement for 2 reasons: racism and civil liberties. If "Joe Sixpack" didn't hold Arab Muslims responsible for 911, our efforts on behalf of peace would get much greater traction.

Civil liberties coalitions often include left and right. Swiftboater Dr Jerome Corsi has been emphatic in his criticism of Presidential Directive 51. The leadership of the left should not defer to their parallel conservatives in such a situation.

I was so proud of my CM vote...

And this is the only place I found with her vote total.

I'm beginning...

To agree with people that say he isn't the "lesser of two evils." I'm beginning to think the U.S. was sold a "bill of goods" with savior Obama. According to the Polish President, he's going to go ahead with the missile defense shield that has caused a lot of friction between Russia and the U.S. We are all familiar with Obama's "close and effective cooperation with AIPAC" and Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden. The Democrats now have just as much power as Bush. One of the first things Obama should do if he actually believes in change is reverse all of the Executive Power grabbed by Bush. I can almost guarantee he won't. As we've been saying for years, presidents (from the two party dictatorship) that replace Bush aren't going to turn power AWAY.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Every vote for Cynthia McKinney...

...has given fuel to the flame of Liberty. Her outspoken integrity and willingness to face the true nature of the darkness we face is a wonderfull example of commitment and resolve. Cynthias votes are also a message to the world that many citizens of America are willing to acknowledge and clean up the mess we've allowed to unfold.

Thank you Cynthia, for giving me a candidate I could feel good about voting for.


"Few victories can rival the initial one of parting company with the spectators and stepping ito the arena" - Stewart Howe


Just a start for Cynthia. Congrats to her and everybody with the courage to vote for the truth for a change!


Voting's the easy part, and

Voting's the easy part, and may be just a great self-congratulatory, feel-good pat on the back to one's self.

It would be interesting to know what percentage of the people here actually worked on her campaign. THIS is what we must do in the future, otherwise it's all just a symbolic, armchair quarterback, "love me" wall, empty-in-the-end action . . .

On another note, I was also troubled by the many people I have met in the last few months (non-Truthers) who labeled themselves as Green Party yet were unaware of who Cynthia McKinney was.

We have A LOT of work to do if we're serious about Cynthia . . . (Bumper sticker? "Serious about Cynthia")

"To destroy this invisible government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day."
-- Theodore Roosevelt's 1912 Platform of the Progressive Party

I think that Cynthia McKinney should form a shadow government

and, for at least the first 100 days of the new administration, hold events focusing on the real problems and solutions, and saying what she would do had she been elected in contrast to what King Barrack does.

I've always considered Sen. Obama more dangerous than any Republican candidate, as his election will put many on "the left" to sleep and they will rally to defend him as they would no other. This is the myth they have created for us, right along with 9/11 and no less important to their goals.

The problems of global trade (esp. finance), the "global war on terror" and global warming all require global governance in response and now we have the world's president, the mythical Barrack Obama, an "African- American" riding in to save the day.



(We'll see about those court appointments, Betsy, I suspect that they will disappoint you.)

The truth shall set us free, but we have to keep putting it out there.

Love is the only way forward.

wow 144,286 votes is nothing

wow 144,286 votes is nothing to sneeze at. good job and congrats.