Paul Zarembka Lecture to be streamed on - 11.7.2008 - 8pm Pacific

That's this evening, Friday November 7, 2008 - 8pm Pacific.

Paul Zarembka is the editor, and a contributor, to the The Hidden History of 9-11, a paperback version of the original Elsevier hardcover. The paperback features some new material from Kevin Ryan and David Ray Griffin. 911blogger is hosting one of the chapters from the book, the essay by contributor Diana Ralph, Islamophobia and the "War on Terror": the Continuing Pretext for U.S. Imperial Conquest.

This past September, Zarembka lectured on 9/11, based on the contents of 'Hidden History', at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Seattle. This is what will be broadcast on (also on local cable: Comcast Ch 77 and Broadstripe Ch 23)