The Escalation of the New Arms Race! By Rev. Richard Skaff November 07, 2008 "Information Clearinghouse" (Article below my comment.)

[Remaining hopeful, I would like to believe that Obama knows exactly what is going on around him, and what a number of his consultants like Brzezinski assigned to him are all about. I also have to believe that at this time, Barack Obama still has a good heart (stop laughing; I know this sounds incredibly naive), and being so relatively new to the scene has not yet been compromised, like most are, with few exceptions (JFK), that rise to the top in politics.

McCain was compromised, I believe, by the desire to one day become President, dreaming of this as a POW. I think his "test" was being put in charge of the POW commission set up to discover the truth of the 1,208 U.S. troops believed to still be alive after the Vietnam war was over. We all know how "commissions" go . . . It seems probable he was given the assignment to sink the inquiry . . . (for reasons that aren't the point to go into here) because who would believe a POW "war hero" would or could do that? "They" have a desired outcome, and they put in charge the most cosmetically honorable person possible that will knowingly help along the desired action or event. Sound familiar?

I believe that the 9/11 Truth movement will have a much better chance of moving forward under an Obama presidency than a McCain one . . . and that it's not just Pollyanna thinking on my part . . . Regardless, we have a lot of work to do, continue . . . Have Cynthia McKinney and Obama talked? --Betsy]

The Escalation of the New Arms Race!

By Rev. Richard Skaff

November 07, 2008 "Information Clearinghouse" -- The winning of Barack Obama in the US presidential election signaled a possible shift in international policy from anti-Islamism back to anti-Russian-ism and prospective anti-Chinese-ism.

The myth of Al Qaeda will be replaced by a new monster to slay, namely, the Russian Bear.

Obama’s national security Adviser will be the lifetime CFR member, Rockefeller henchman, and the architect of the Mujahedeen ”Zbigniew Brzezinski.”

The Polish Zbigniew has always harbored a strong dislike and resentment toward the Russians, and his policy has always been hostile against them.
When it comes to the Chinese meteoric economic rise on the global stage with the aid of the West, which also coincided with the decline of Japanese influence by accident or by design, Zbigniew the soothsayer will certainly anticipate future conflict between the Chinese regional power and the US superpower. As a result, the Asian Pacific Union will be completed and strengthened to contain a future ogre that the Anglo-American Military Industrial Complex has to defeat.

Henry Kissinger will have to wait this time until the next Republican candidate wins back the white house, because his partner Zbig is back.

Henry Kissinger and Zbignew Brzezinsky have been involved as presidential advisers and foreign policy makers in every administration for the last forty years, to ensure the policies of the Rockefellers’ and their global partners are implemented.

As JP Morgan once enunciated that it is essential to have a foot in every camp, so the money masters have Henry for the Republicans and Zbigniew for the democrats.

Historically, every American administration sets the stage for the next one, and every new president will complete what his predecessor has started. The recent war in Georgia, as well as the ballistic missiles pact that binds Poland and the Czech Republic to the US has set the stage for Obama’s advisers to choreograph the next conflict with the Russians.

Sure enough the Russians are responding with escalating rhetoric and threats. On Wednesday, 11-05-08 the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stated in his first state of the nation address to parliament that Russia would deploy short-range Iskander missile systems in its exclave of Kaliningrad "to neutralize if necessary the anti-ballistic missile system in Europe." [1].

Anatoly Tsyganok, head of the Moscow-based Military Forecast Center stated that the deployment of Iskander missile systems with a range of 500 km (310 miles) [in the Kaliningrad region] would allow Russia to target the entire territory of Poland and also parts of Germany and the Czech Republic. [1].

So here we are, once again, a new American administration, a new conflict, a new monster to quell, and a new arms race.

The new face in the White House who was chosen for us to elect will only bring the public vague promises, different rhetoric, additional newspeak, but no true change; instead what we get is more erosion of our personal and national sovereignty as well as the identical revolving advisers and policy makers, and more of the same.
Rev. Richard Skaff, Journalist and author of "The Human Manifesto"


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