Willie Rodriguez


The story of William Rodriguez is one that will surely change the way you look at the world.

A Puerto Rican, William was the master janitor in the North Tower of the World Trade Centre on 9/11, having worked there for 20 years previously. Having arrived slightly late for work that day, he was in the basement of the tower at the fateful time of 8.46 am. Suddenly, there was a massive explosion, that was so powerful, that it lifted him and his co workers, up, off their feet. The sprinkler system came on, parts of the ceiling fell loose, and everybody was screaming. A man came into the room, Felipe David, who had had parts of his face and his arms burnt off, screaming “Explosion, explosion!” Then, shortly after this initial incident, there was another “Boom!”, but this came from on top. No one knew what this was, but this was flight 11 hitting the building. 2 separate incidents.

William, along wit many of his co workers, had survived the 1993 Trade Centre bombing, so for many of them, the first thought was that- they’ve got us again, another bomb. But for the moment, they had to evacuate the building. The reports of the bomb in the basement was reported by these people to the police, and as such, viewing early news accounts on 9/11, the initial “working theory” of the police and the FBI was that there was a car bomb that was in the basement that had been times to go off at roughly the same time as the plane hit the building.

Nonetheless, William’s story does not finish here; rather this is where it begins. As the master janitor, he was one of very few people who had the master key- the key that would open all the doors in the WTC complex. Thus when he got out of the building, carrying Felipe David on his back, and found out what had happened, his 1st thoughts were for his friends working in the Windows of the World restaurant up on the 106th floor, and how he needed to help them, and others, get out of the building. So he ran back in, with the firefighters, and went running up the stairs of this catastrophe area, unlocking doors, and getting people out. For much of the while, he would hear massive, deep explosions coming from inside the building. His actions single handedly saved the lives of potentially hundreds of people who would have otherwise have been trapped inside the doors leading to the stairwells which were, by procedure, locked for 3 or every 4 floors.

He helped one man down to the lobby of the building, and had run out momentarily, when the police and firefighters outside started screaming “Get away, get away”, and ran from the building. This was as the building had just started to collapse. Willie ran, and dived under a fire engine, praying for his life. Luckily for him, there were camera from CNN and Globovision just as the collapse happened, who had seen him come out of the tower- the last man out before it collapsed. They were able to point the rescue workers to the right place, and Willie ended up pulled from the rubble.

For his heroism as depicted above, Willie has been honoured at the White House 5 times, as well as in Puerto Rico. You can in fact see pictures of him with George W Bush, and Hillary Clinton.


They were delighted to parade him for political benefit, as he would attract the Hispanic vote; it was only when he started relating his story of the bomb in the basement, which he had heretofore pinned on the terrorists, that they started to distance themselves from him, and indeed he started to realise the truth about who was, in all likelihood, behind the events of that day. It is since then that he became a campaigner for the 9/11 Truth movement, and was involved in the creation of the 9/11 Commission, amongst other things.

Now note the important facts here- his testimony, backed by many, many of his co workers:


(a compilation video of interviews with them, relating his story, is set to be released very soon), represents something quite extraordinary. It is the first time in the history of advanced democracies that there has been reports of a bomb in a populous location, which has injured and hospitalised civilians, relayed to but not investigated by authorities, whitewashed actively by the government (see the 9/11 Commission report), and whitewashed completely by the mainstream media. NOTE- the working theory, according to the FBI, was, at the start, that there had been a bomb that had exploded in the basement on the WTC as the planes had hit, just as Rodriguez and others had reported:


This, like WTC7, has now disappeared down the Orwellian memory hole.

The point of the 9/11 Truth movement is that there is sufficient evidence of government complicity in 9/11 to warrant an investigation into such. The testimony of Willie and his co workers, while forming but a small part of the swathe of such evidence, is an irrefutable instance illustrating the necessity of this.