911 truth action in France. Welcome Richard GAGE to France.

Herblay France
Sunday 9 November 2008

bonjour ,

Was on the Herblay market today ( 10h00 et 12h45 ) informing of Richard GAGE’s arrival here in Paris, France, next Thursday the 13th of November 2008, by tract and sign see °1 and °2 below.

My sign « Barack Obama, Yes you can, Investigate 9/11 » had a good success. When asked many times if I thought that Barack Obama will be a change, I replied that the only change will be cosmetic, the white president puppet will be replaced by a black president puppet. Barack Obama will not impeach George Bush any more than Nancy Pelosi.

Barack Obama did not see in straight in front of his eyes the « Investigate 911 » sign of Matt Dayton at the Austin Rally the 26/02/2007 ? (see °3 below ). Unfortunately I think that we can not count on him to reopen the 911 investigation with help from the 911 truth movement.

We have to understand that Barack Obama is a prisoner of the CIA and the secret service. If he does not toe the line drawn by the Bilderberg group and financial powers , he will suffer the same treatment as JFK. To live he can not do what he wants.

Got down to essentials amonst the regulars who encourage me in my presence on the market by asking them for an active help for the 911 truth. To help me organise locally a projection of a 911 documentary. Their reply 4 out of 5 was « I have no time ! »

Hoping that Richard GAGE’s visit to us, will help other people to join actively the 911 truth movement.



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Very good post

Excellent job!

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

thank you John for your efforts!

I hope soon you can find some to join you in spreading the truth.