Take Action Against the "Obsession" DVD

Stop AIPAC has launched an initiative in reaction to the "Obsession" DVD, which was circulated in an apparent attempt to affect the U.S. presidential election, in favor of McCain. If you are unfamiliar with the "Obsession" story, please check out Omid Safi's detailed blog on the subject: Who Put Hate in My Sunday Paper?

Send your copy of "Obsession" to Stop AIPAC, and at the AIPAC membership dinner in San Francisco on December 9th, SA will deliver the DVDs to AIPAC, who has supported many speakers on the DVD, and stands to benefit from the ideological propaganda being disseminated on the DVD.

Civil Disobedience...

If you receive a copy of any DVD from the Clarion Fund in your mail or your newspaper as an advertising supplement, please forward it to:

PO BOX 11311
Berkeley CA · 94712

We will make sure that AIPAC and the larger community gets the message. America rejects hate. Stop promoting voices of hate and bigotry.

sorry, threw out my copy

sorry, threw out my copy months ago..