Jane Harman in line for post. CIA director? director of national intelligence? secretary of homeland security?



"Harman.... has been mentioned as a candidate for several positions, including CIA director, director of national intelligence, and secretary of homeland security."

Harman in line for post
By Gene Maddaus, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 11/08/2008 10:59:30 PM PST

Rep. Jane Harman has served the South Bay in Congress for 14 years.

As President-elect Obama begins staffing his administration, one name that keeps popping up on lists of potential appointees is that of Rep. Jane Harman.

Harman, who has served the South Bay in Congress for 14 of the past 16 years, has been mentioned as a candidate for several positions, including CIA director, director of national intelligence, and secretary of homeland security.

Harman has said nothing publicly to encourage such speculation, but neither has she tried to tamp it down. Late last week, her office said she would have no comment.

As the former ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, she has a deep knowledge of intelligence matters and good relations with Republicans.

"Frankly, it would be a shrewd choice," said Michael Franc, vice president for government relations at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. "She's very well respected for her work in that area."

In recent days, Harman has been mentioned by the Washington Post, Politico, The Associated Press, Reuters and several other news outlets as a potential appointee to the Obama administration.

Other candidates for a job in the intelligence world include John Brennan, former director of the National Counterterrorism Center and an adviser to the Obama campaign; Anthony Lake, who served as national security adviser in the Clinton administration; and former Rep. Tim Roemer of Indiana, who served on the 9/11 Commission.

supported Sen. Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries, which might harm her chances, but she campaigned for Obama in Ohio and Virginia during the past few months.

A point in Harman's favor is that few Democrats have as much passion for the subject as she does.

She has been outspoken on the failure of intelligence agencies to share information with each other and with local law enforcement, and was deeply involved in the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

In 2005, Harman founded a political action committee, Secure US, that trains centrist Democrats on national security issues.

Closer to home, she has led the charge on increasing counter-terrorism measures at Los Angeles International Airport and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

She has demonstrated ambition in the past, running an unsuccessful campaign for governor in 1998. But lately her career in the House appears to have hit a roadblock in the form of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

When Democrats took over Congress in 2006, Harman was passed over for chair of the Intelligence Committee, evidently because Pelosi found her to be too hawkish and too accommodating of Republicans.

Now Harman chairs a subcommittee of the Homeland Security Committee, where she is far from the center of the action on intelligence and defense matters.

Writing on the SpyTalk blog at CQ Politics, reporter Jeff Stein noted that Harman has been "languishing" on her subcommittee, and might make a good CIA director.

"It's often said that Harman is difficult to work with, to put it kindly, but the CIA may need someone with as finely tuned a B.S. meter as Harman's to fix its long-ingrained problems," Stein wrote.

As a member of Congress with friends on both sides of the aisle, Harman might also be more easily confirmed than someone like Lake, whom Republicans refused to confirm for CIA director during the Clinton years.

Harman might have difficulty with more liberal members, due to her support of some of the more extreme policies of the Bush administration. She initially supported the administration's program of domestic wiretapping, and in February 2005 gave a speech at Georgetown University in which she suggested creating a system of warrants for coercive interrogation.

Human rights groups protested the idea.

The concept got no traction in Congress or with the Bush administration and was dropped.

There is a precedent for a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee to move to the CIA. Intelligence Chair Porter Goss was appointed to head the CIA in 2004.

A conservative reformer, Goss left after less than two years, apparently the victim of bureaucratic infighting.

"The intelligence bureaucracy is renowned as being a snake pit," Franc said. "It's a real treacherous place for people to go."

An appointment would create a vacancy in the 36th Congressional District, which runs from Venice to San Pedro.

Torrance Assemblyman Ted Lieu, a moderate Democrat, would likely be a top contender in a special election. Asked about the possibility, Lieu said such discussion is "premature."

Manhattan Beach Councilman Nick Tell, a Democrat who has harbored congressional ambitions, said he, too, might consider a run. Tell has the resources to self-finance his campaign, but he also has four small children and has only been in public life since 2005.

"When the time comes, certainly it's something I'd be interested in," he said. "You never know. I'd honestly have to think about it seriously."


Bad news.

Review some of these links about Harman, RAND, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and see why she would be bad news;


Jane Harmon Sponsors HR 1955

She backs the bill that puts our movement to expose the truth about 911 in the category of TERRORISTS.
IT PASSED in the House and is currently stalled in the senate.

It is the THOUGHT CRIMES BILL. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violent_Radicalization_and_Homegrown_Terror...

Who is advising Obama on these choices?

The United States of


You've got to be kidding

Harman supported the NSA's warrantless spying on Americans. Check out this article in TPMMuckraker:

She knew about what the NSA was doing months before the Times ran the story and actually told the Times not to run the story. Then, when the Times finally figured that al-Qaeda terrorists in the US already knew the government was listening to their calls, she turned round 180 degrees and started bashing the programme she previously supported.

Having Harman as CIA director would only be slightly better than re-hiring G. H. W. Bush for the position.

I'm sure I won't like whoever gets it, but could we at least have someone without a track record of supporting warrantless spying on Americans?

More strings

for more puppets for the cannon fodder that is the Military Industrial Complex.

Corrupt Power will NEVER last.

Sooner or later.

Justice and Truth will catch up.

If I were in their shoes, I would turn direction.

Truth is like a Lighthouse in the stormy sea.

Captains of Battleships, Air-Craft Carriers can demand for the lighthouse to move if they think it is blocking the path of their ship, hower it is THEY who have to Change Direction, les they Run Aground.

They same applies to CIA Directors.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I don't live in the Homeland, I live in America


If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

And as long as America

and the Constitution lives in us, she will Live on.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

How can you not be in love with Truthers?

That's all I have to say about this cartoon...

Except that to OTHER comments...moving Harmon out of congress...for ANY reason is a big, big step ahead. OF COURSE we will be opposed by ANYONE appointed to or working for the CIA...come on, you gotta be kidding me.

Its BETTER for US if she gets appointed...it simply proves the MAJOR point that we have been making for quite some time...

...the government is hiding its complicity in the attacks of 9/11...

If I remember correctly, we have almost 60% of this country believing that the Feds are covering their asses...and you all DON'T want that reality to expand?

Wassssup gang?

Losing Harman from congeress would be SOOOOOOOOOO good...[too bad Carol or Cindy weren't in those districts...]

Besides, from my wierd point of view, she KNOWS that she was backing the wrong horse...she KNOWS that she and her intel friends are gonna get beat down pretty badly...she KNOWS that she has betrayed the values of this country...and I'm bettin that with all the incredible info that we have generated...SHE KNOWS that her number is up...so, how toget OUT gracefully?

...and being a true whore-ish politician, she KNOWS that she needs to get out of congress for "understandible and defendable reasons"...

Griffin's Ripples...quietly doing their work at rocking the boats...

Harmon for the CIA-AIPAC-The MIC...for ALL those criminals...I'd vote TWICE for this to happen if I could!!!

And regarding Emmanuel/Mossad/AIPAC...

"keep your friends close and your enemies closer"...

I'm NOT an Obama fan...but maybe he has an interesting agenda going on unseen by anyone...


Some advice...think things through as though you were Karl Rove, Cheney or Rummie BEFORE you come to conclusions. Good stuff is happening out here...

...hit the streets...hand out some DVDs...defend our first amendment rights...its payng off! r

She's my representative (I'm

She's my representative (I'm in Redondo Beach). I voted against her last Tuesday solely because of her support of HR1955...

Harman was a member of the the 9/11 Joint Inquiry Committee

She knows things about 9/11 that have been kept from the public. Such withholding ensures that the scared public will go along with claims that police state counterterrorism tactics are required to prevent terrorist attacks.

Here's an idea: Declassify the closed session testimony of the Joint Inquiry and 9/11 Commission before the confirmation hearings begin.