Friend or Foe?

How about a Jehovah's Witness? How about the guy who introduced himself to me, and tried to sell his God to me? We just met. Please consider how you feel when this happens to you. Are you open to them? Do you trust them?

This is a matter of awareness on how much one listens to a stranger, or who has not yet opened their personal doors to them; with open ears and open mind, at least to hear what one has to say.

I want to tell you about a huge success I recently had exposing an entire discussion forum to Yes, you can always lead a horse to water, but can you make it drink?

Sometimes 911 Truthers appear to have rabies on the matter of interpersonal communications, and that is when they scare people. As they say in network marketing, "is it duplicatable?" This is a central concept in all Network Marketing: People have to see themselves duplicating the behavior of the person that turns them on. While I am thankful for all of the work of every 911 Truther, I also find wars amongst strangers that amount to so little, and in some cases, who may even be capable of producing negative results.

I went to one site, and I went to another. Ironically, I was at a site where I usually hang out for matters of a personal and completely unrelated hobby. On that site, the matter of 911 surfaced, and it got shot down pretty badly. I agreed with the assessment of that truther - that he had rabies, and I shot him down, too.

You see, he didn't respect anyone there. He told people that he was brilliant, and he came on down from high, and he was preaching the universe on (hobbyist) matters amongst people who had been working that hobby for years.

In the exchange, I made sure to add, amongst my interpersonal opposition to that truther, a link to, but in my case, I was a friend. In fact, I felt it was a keen move to oppose the fellow and slip in a link myself. He had just popped in for the first time, and he was quite an angry fellow, as if a prophet on stage from "The Life of Brian". I did not contradict myself amongst friends, and ultimately did more for the good, hopefully, than he did for the bad to come off sounding like a Jehovah's Witness amongst strangers.

These are long-standing relations for me that have developed respect, open-mindedness and caring amongst participants. This is where I find people who I respect and care about, and who treat me the same way, because trust and open-mindedness have already developed. These things must be earned by each of us, in all of our interpersonal endeavors.

Other forms of marketing, such as gaining visibility, should be supported for their own more obvious reasons. Every form of greater visibility is simply greater. As we continue in our efforts, I recommend to consider relationships and respect and caring for the people we talk to. Someday, this will all be over, and we'll all still be there, together. And I am very appreciative of the efforts of everyone in this movement. I find every bit of it that I see to be inspiring.

And this is the winning team. ;-) When you haven't got a person's ear, you're still on the winning team. I want you to know that. People who are not in this movement are probably conflicted and in pain.


p.s. If you please, I don't think, in tracking down the hobbyist discussion, that linking to it here would be well-founded in its potentials. That's just my opinion. Thanks!

I always start by asking them a question and letting them talk,

that way I can see what level of information they have, what questions they may have and what interests them most. Then, I can more finely tune my interaction with them so I have the greatest chance to make a connection and achieve some level of success.

I've worked beside people who are so angry you can practically feel the heat coming off them, they drive folks away faster than a homeless panhandler.

Lately, I usually lead with the need to help those who were exposed to the dust, as this is critically important and a non-threatening issue that everyone can easily get behind. This opens the way for further dialogue about what actually created the dust, which in turn allows them to ask me questions about anything else they are curious about regarding the events of 9/11.

It can be a delicate balance, trying to educate the public while not coming across as a zealot who knows everything or just someone who has a few random questions about some loose ends.

I recommend taking a patient approach, just expose them to a bit more each time and eventually their innate curiosity will usually get the better of them and they will start digging on their own, and that's really the only way most people get there in the end (which is really just the beginning).

I find working with the public the most rewarding and enjoyable part of being in the truth movement.

Thanks for the post, this is a topic we can never talk about too much, imo.

Keep up the good work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

More Room to Learn..

"Its such a passionate issue 9/11 and as this crime goes on unpunished it inspires our deepest of emotions"...

That's what it was like for me when I first started doing my part as a 9/11 truth activist...since then I've learned to bite my tongue on a number of occasions, so much so that I nearly chewed it off completely...I've since have found my comfort zone that employs a few simple rules I like to follow. such as..

Quick to Listen , slow to speak! Since I employed this rule my tongue has grown and re rooted to my brain.

Visibility!, I simply make myself visible with a sign, a smile and I allow the stranger to approach me and ask " Whats this about?".

Non Argumentative, Non Debatable,
I quickly harness arguments and leave debates with our coffee club get togethers, There's no time when doing street action to argue as it takes away my time and energy and benifit to others who are truly interested in 9/11 DVDs and information hand-outs.

Respect for self,
Respect for others, including property and authority...
I could write a book on this experience on respect, I'll just say this...I am thankful to the police, peace and security officers in my home town at helping me further the message on 9/11 truth into my community , I know Alex Jones and perhaps We Are Change might have a bird over that , but sorry for them, It works for me! People are open if you dish out the respect! "Yes including neo con's-Alex" , I know this first hand, RESPECT produces results!

That's just a couple ideas, there's so much more for all of us to learn from, Thank you for this post of your ideas and like the last commenter said...we can never talk enough about this subject...more, much more! please!

Doug's Blog:

I'm enjoying your posts!

LeftWright, Richard, I would like to call you friends. The time spent learning in this movement for me has involved extensive personal growth, I think much like what you're stating. In the beginning, I wouldn't entertain this material, and my bro' had to come back and hit on me with it a few times. I had to go through a coming around process in the psyche of the thing.

Today, I know I can look at the video of those towers going down, and it is just so obvious as to what is happening there. Ok, that's also a thousand pages of study on the towers as well. A couple of years ago, I was able to put this page together on them...
My 911 Page

I have to respect what I had to go through to see things as I do today. I had to face the possibility of changing my entire world view, just to consider what truthers had to say. With respect for my bro' as well, that certainly helped in my ability to entertain some of what he had to say, and then, to conduct investigations of my own.

I find self-reliance to break through a lot of problems with my mind of before. I used to have to answer to all kinds of social callings, and of political correctness, and to think in a "societal sort of way", but that just turned out to not be me. I've found far greater happiness in requiring most highly my own personal harmony and integrity within, and by way of this, to de-prioritize the needs of my society. For as backwards as it sounds, I find the experience of my own happiness and integrity, and by such lesser priority on the happiness of others, a way to be more exemplary for others than I ever could have been. That's incidental.

I've struggled with the notion of "what is a friend?", and the funny ways it seems to develop vague and lesser meanings for the word. Come to find out, friend and foe are simple virtues all the world over. A friend is someone who does good turns, and a foe is someone who does bad ones. I no longer hold the notion that a friend is someone who hurts me, such as on the basis of another meaning of the word.

I see more in every person than I ever did before. I used to see a body, and a mind, and now I see more. I used to use people for body and mind, and now I see more. I care about how they feel. I care about things they might not even be aware of themselves. I have put my own harmony, happiness and integrity first, and in this movement, I can have these things, as current affairs go. I simply find my state of being more important than the stuff between anybody's ears.

Having herein said all of this, I can only imagine that, as has happened before, "Mark seems to have walked off the edge of something", but here I am. I'm certainly enjoying your replies.

One of the things that helps me now is to see the plight of a mind that is trapped, or confined, and to avoid the hostility within myself, by formatting said person's statements in such as way as to understand the plight out of which they're arising. It puts the crazy-driving statements into their place, and where they fit in my mind more harmoniously.

Edit-add: I feel I should mention another "truth" development, that has had profound developmental meaning for me. I am reminded of something Socrates once said, that when one forgets all that one has learned, that only the truth will remain. (They say that a lot in the east, too) For me, this is no small affair. It has created a kind of "acceptance faith", where nothing between my ears is sacred, and where I find there to be a covenant, or promise to say that whenever I surrender that which I know, there is a promise of a greater truth to gain. My faith in that promise, as based upon that thinking; it seems to pay so well!

Cheers -

Excellent comment, friend

***big smile***

State of being is very important and being able to understand and be empathetic with people who are externalizing their internal struggle is critical if you want to reach people.

One of the most difficult things to do is to teach someone how to do something you take completely for granted, like walking. In a similar way I think many in the movement forget their own struggle to escape the modern mind trap of the mainstream media and public miseducation. When they are then confronted by someone who is still stuck in this mind trap, they lack the tools and/or patience to engage in the often painstaking dialogue it takes to break through.

Most people do not enjoy cognitive dissonance and become irritated, withdrawn or even angry when confronted with that which completely violates their world view and background expectations. It takes real courage for a person to confront their own belief systems, especially adults. This is why our best approach with the general public is to initiate an open and friendly dialogue, try to understand their world view and address the questions and concerns they have while carefully pointing them in the direction of truth (as we understand it).

I was fortunate in that at age eleven my family moved, most of my expectations of everyday life were disrupted and I began a process of questioning that continues today. More relevant to the events of 9/11, I studied the Iran-Contra crimes very closely and became very aware of the deep state and the totally corrupt elites running the show. While many would expect this to make me very cynical, and some try to pin this label on me, I remain an unrepentant optimist as I know that the human spirit is the most powerful force on earth and it is this knowledge that informs my state of being.

Human beings are, at their core, irrational and spiritual beings; and until we fully understand and embrace this reality we will continue to externalize our internal conflict and be incapable of creating true peace in the physical world. This is a very long process and 9/11 truth is a key turning point in it.

(Btw, I've had great fun talking to Jehovah's Witnesses, for a time they came around often, testing their new recruits on me and hoping they could convince me to join them, some of them express no surprise when informed about 9/11, but "human politics is not their concern.")

The truth shall set us free, but we have to be ready to receive it.

Love is the only way forward, but we must leave constricting fear behind.