Statement On The Election Of Barack Obama As It Regards The 9/11 Truth Movement

It's good to hear from you Donna. - Jon


From Donna Marsh O'Connor
November 9, 2008

First let me say, after years of skepticism re the Democratic Party, I am a Progressive Democrat and so my comments reflect that. Someday perhaps someone more powerful than I will be able to dismantle the two party system, and make more genuine choice possible in this country. Right now, there are two parties. For eight years George W. Bush and Dick Cheney impostered as Republicans. I have said before and will say again, they would not have fit into my party and of this I am proud. They led a band of rogues that brought this country to the brink of absolute despotism. Let the Republicans worry about that mess. I remember telling my students long ago, I didn't vote for Bill Clinton for what he would do, I voted for Bill Clinton for what he said, for the values he espoused, for the way his insistence on social justice resonated. After his election, his actions were, indeed, another matter.

The good news: Barack Obama seems to be a decent man, tough enough to steer this nation in the left direction, confident enough to know he will succeed, smart enough to know that the powerful right still has the means to inflict great pain and re-enter greater and stronger. His election has elated many, particularly me, for a whole host of reasons, but for our purposes the following two:

The reign of Bush/Cheney/Rove (given a peaceful transition) is over.

Though I don't believe that this election cycle was completely fair and free of vote tampering, we did remove Bush from office.We don't know how Obama will govern. He says he will govern to the center and there is some clear evidence of that. But I believe there is no person in government with living brain cells who really believes that the narrative constructed by the Bush/Cheney administration regarding 9/11 is entirely plausible, and so there may be rapid changes to some of the laws that have made the argument for an investigation impossible.

The bad news: We won't see Bush, Cheney, Rove or Rumsfeld, et al steered out in handcuffs anytime soon. No one in the Democratic Party will steer us toward an investigation anytime soon. 9/11 Truth will be an argument that falls on deaf ears across this nation for a very long time. People will feel that there is no need to bring pain where jubilation sits. Many people don't grasp what the German citizens do so palpably because only some of us knew we sat at the door of fascism.

We, ultimately, don't know what changes will come under Barack Obama--how much of the violence (to citizens of the world and to the Constitution of the United States) of the Bush administration will end. We don't know (though there is clear reason to worry) whether Obama's idea of centrist government is synonymous with Pelosi's.

We do know we need to prevent another 9/11 and we do need to have some access to data that will help us to hold accountable those who allowed or facilitated the events of that day.

Some things we should press on immediately:

Obama's promise to end the Iraq War and to allow the Iraqi people freedom to self-govern.

An immediate end to the Patriot Act.

An immediate end to warrantless wiretapping.

The immediate closing of Guantanamo Bay.

The appointment of a scientist as the head of NIST (perhaps the most important).

A reconfiguration of Homeland Security that re-evaluates its mission and methods as well as its appointed head.Finally, we need to remind President-Elect Obama that for eight years, whether they know it now or not, the people of this country, the people of the world, were endangered by the Bush administration. Though Bush was enabled primarily by the Republican Party, he was also enabled by the Democratic Party. It was the individual citizens to the left and far left who suffered most under Bush/Cheney rule because we saw it. Governing to the center should not include every policy and every issue. Some, as a matter of the most common sense, need to be changed expediently.

It is imperative that those who fought for our collective integrity the hardest, who fought for his election with the most energy and fervor, be given some hope now. It is one thing to hear the voices of the entire population, another to ignore the voice of reason, particularly when we've seen so clearly what can happen in reason's absence.

Donna Marsh O'Connor is a member of the Advisory Board, with a brief bio available here.

Homeland security

Personally I think the correct thing for Obama to do is to abolish Homeland security. It costs way too much of taxpayers money and it even sounds like a 1930's German idea.

With all due respect Ms. O'Connor

I think you have misread Sen. Obama and what he, and those behind him, are really about by a wide margin, but I will not get into that now.

What stuns me is that in your list of things we should press Sen. Obama on, you left out what I think should be at or near the top, and something I know you are well aware of: the need to fully fund benefits for all those suffering from the dust and smoke in Manhattan following the destruction of the WTC.

Please tell me you have not abandoned this fight and these people.

Please tell me that you will fully support a massive campaign directed at the incoming president and his offices.

Please tell me that this was just an oversight.

Seven years is long enough, the truth movement needs to put their plight at the top of our priority list, it is the right thing to do and the strategically wise thing to do.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Is a hopeful Democrat. She knows he's not the best possible choice, but she sees him as a decent man. I hope she's right because a decent man wouldn't allow the things that have taken place over the past 8 years to continue.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Sounds as though

the illusion of the progressive Obama is pretty strong, just as it was for Clinton. Do you think Clinton's actions were different than his rhetoric because of the Republicans?

We're past the doorstep, and right in Facism's kitchen, cooking up some slavery and genocide. Have been for a while now.

Left, right, left... just marching orders.

Please don't propogate the myth that we are powerless against the "two"-party stranglehold. It starts with a vote of conscience and some grassroots media. Yes, it's hard to contend in a billion dollar election cycle, but that's no reason to give up. We may have to measure success in different ways than winning the presidency.

Obama is bought and paid for

It amazes me how many otherwise astute people fail to comprehend the grip the shadow government has on our political leaders and our election process.

Obama would not be where he is now unless he agreed to play by their rules. Any changes will be in areas which don't threaten the NWO agenda.

Eg, he will roll back restrictions on stem cell research, but not the Military Commissions Act.

He may have actually believed his own rhetoric about change. But now that he's been briefed by the CIA he is probably seeing things differently.

As in, he wants to live.

hope springs eternal -

While hope is necessary, false and foolish hope is damaging. Obama supports all the bailouts of Wall Street and those to come. On war and peace issues, just look at Obama's apointments and inner-circle. Emmanuel, Harman, Buffett, Brzeziski .. wants to keep Robert Gates who is developing the preventative nuclear war doctrine. ..

OK we differ, fine. But what concernes me is the unreconstructed naivete (playing dumb) evident in the article. Now we want "a scientist" to head NIST. Just like we demand "an investigation" of 9-11. Does anyone doubt that that "investigation" was a huge set-back and distraction from what we are trying to do here and will need to do before these nuclear nuts on top side can carry out their designs !!

"demanding an investigation" is a way to avoid saying much

Some truthers are so afraid of being labeled "conspiracy theorists" that they shrink in fear from stating any opinions, theories or facts at all about 9/11, no matter how well reseached and well informed.

They feel that by demanding no more than "a new investigation" they haven't committed themselves to very much, so can't be shot down.

That kind of reticence needs to end if we are to succeed.

At least a dozen of us on here know enough to convict several members of the Bush admin in a court of law for treason. We know this right now -- before the new investigation.

We need to start saying so, and stop letting the perpetrators limit our speech through their ridiculous propaganda about "nutty conspiracy theorists." We are not nutty, and though they say it a thousand times, their saying it doesn't make it so.

As an advertising copywriter for the past 20 years for companies like Coors, Disney, AOL and Microsoft, I am well aware of how propaganda is crafted. I have (unfortunately) written it myself. I have sat at my keyboard praying "God, please forgive me for these lies I am writing!"

Good propaganda doesn't announce itself as such. The millions of people reading the copy I wrote believed it was true, and the company I worked for made a big profit off of them.

Even Gov. Kean and Rep. Hamilton

were surprised when certain members of the military were not investigated for perjury.

When working with the public I never hesitate to say that the only way the events of 9/11/01 could've gone down the way they did is if certain elements within the U.S. government and business community were involved.

The reason for a new investigation is to determine exactly who did what, and who planned, ordered and paid for the operation.

We can name some names right now and if Sibel Edmonds were free to tell what she knows I'm sure we'd have a much longer list of names and some high profile people would either be in custody or hiding out in a foreign country right now.

Facts combined with logic, not opinions, are all one needs to state in order to make the "inside job" case. The easiest of these is the NORAD stand down and the clear demolition of WTC 1,2 and 7.

Familiarity and comfort with the relevant facts is all that should be needed for most people to do more than simply call for a new investigation.

A comprehensive and open investigation is our goal, agreed?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

if it could be completely uncorrupted and uncorruptible

a new investigation would be wonderful, of course. But I doubt that can be achieved. The PTB have the ability to either shower millions of dollars on influential people, or to have them killed. Were the investigation to truly reveal the truth and get wide exposure, those involved would be eliminated, one way or the other.

Let's not be naive. We know they will stop at nothing to suppress the truth from the masses.

My point has more to do with people reining themselves in by asking for too little, and by claiming too little. We know a great deal now, and the darkness of fascism is closing in on us. We don't have time to lose, or to wait, or hold back from saying what we know now for fear that we are accused of spouting "theories."

I think the movement makes an artificially rigid line between theories and facts. Theories flow from the facts. Give me your list of the most important facts, and I will know your theory. Theories connect the dots between the facts and give us the big picture.

As I said elsewhere:

Suppose your husband starts staying late at the office night after night. You see a lot of charges for restaurants and flowers on his credit card bill-- and you never received the flowers or went to those restaurants. You find lipstick on his shirt -- not your shade. Sometimes the phone rings, and when you answer, the caller hangs up.

You would certainly develop a theory about what is happening, based on these facts. That you don't know exactly what is going on doesn't mean you are paranoid or hallucinating or deficient in any way. In fact, you are smart to pick up on the clues.

Truthers are allergic to any mention of theories because they have, at some level, bought the propaganda that we must not be "conspiracy theorists." I say the hell with that. We know what we know. Let's just say it.

"Theories flow from the facts."

I couldn't agree more and that is why we should always present the most convincing, relevant and well-documented facts. Any true critical thinker will then develop a theory (a narrative) that explains said facts. Some will suffer cognitive dissonance and retreat from the exercise as humans often do. Others will push on and join us, or at least not actively oppose us.

The real problem remains how to approach those who are not critical thinkers, and there are far too many of those in the U.S. today. What "hook" do we use to interest them in that which they have been told is nonsensical "conspiracy theory"? How complete a narrative do we give these people? Since we are directly confronting the myth constantly reinforced by the msm, we must choose our narrative very carefully and craft if for the audience we are trying to influence. Every audience is different and thus the narrative that works best for them will be different.

One way to "hook" the noncritical thinker is to show them how your narrative ties in with their everyday concerns, such as their economic well being. Another way is to point out significant contradictions in the government narrative and challenge them to make sense of it. This takes time, but as long as we remain civil and engaged we will prevail as we have the facts and logic on our side.

I have no problem with theories or narratives that explain all the known evidence in a way that corresponds with logic and the laws of physics. I think you would agree that without more complete information, more than one theory is possible.

I also have no problem saying "I don't know, that's why we need a real investigation."

We still lack much information and thus, we still don't know how deep and wide this corrupt cabal is. Having been disappointed by the very limited hangout that allowed many off the hook in Iran-Contra, I don't want to see haste allow any of the perpetrators and backers of 9/11 to escape and start anew.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I agree with all that

One mistake I've made is starting by telling someone my conclusions. Usually, this is what they ask for. They want to know "what does it all mean?" Or "why would they do that?" But without first laying the groundwork, they will never understand my conclusions.

So now I find it's better to tell them one or two facts to pique their interest. Such as, "did you know that on the FBI website, Osama bin Laden is not wanted for 9/11? He is wanted for other attacks, but not 9/11. And the FBI has told journalists that the reason for that is that they don't have enough evidence against him."

This certainly is more effective than giving them the big picture right away. The big picture is an emotional shock and even I sometimes find it hard to believe.

Reality is coming together

I think our best hope is from international pressure. We are seeing mainstream Spanish TV covering Richard Gage on his European tour. The film Zero was shown on Russian mainstream TV. Surely there will be a growing awareness among the publics of countries outside the U.S. to start exerting pressure.

In the mean time, the U.S. debt is going out of sight somewhere in the unfathomable debts of red ink, which demands the continued underwriting from international parties.

There just has to be a coming together of these desperate situations. I don’t see how the U.S. can maintain its unwillingness to own up to reality.