publicity opportunity at

A new site,, went live last month, and it offers 9/11 truthers some opportunities. It is similar to Digg in that users submit stories and readers endorse the ones they like. The most endorsed stories go on their front page.

Since is new, it currently doesn't take much to get a story moved to the top of the list. The all time highest rated story they've run had 9 endorsements, but just 3 endorsements is enough to put a story out front.

Seems like right now we have an opportunity to get some news into the public eye and perhaps influence the direction of the site. It already has a slightly off-center feel, with a highly rated piece by Christopher Hitchens mocking Obama-fever.

One of my complaints about Digg is that it is so overrun by techie types that non-tech stories never get much traction. That's the kind of trend, that once in place, is almost impossible to turn around. But this site is new, so unclear what it's niche will be.

Due to suppression by the MSM, most people don't realize how big the truth movement is. Without gate-keepers, this site could reflect that. I'd love to see truthers from all over the world swarm this site and put TRUTH out front.

Perhaps I am being naive. Perhaps we don't have that kind of power. But doesn't hurt to try. When posting a news story here on blogger, users could include a brief line that they have also submitted it to

(I am deliberately not putting a link here as I'd prefer they don't follow their referrers back to this post and discount our submissions. )

Thank you for all you do.