Spain- Tele 5 broadcast about Richard Gage's conference with english subtitles

Thanks to the conference by Richard Gage, AIA here in Madrid's Colegio Oficial de Arquitectura, on Nov 7, th, this is the first time that 911 truth has been shown on mainstream media here in Spain. The conference was packed and the Colegio, which is the oficial "Guild" for architects here in spain has requested several copies of the video conference. This is the recording of the news item shown at midday on the 8th of November which was seen nation wide, with english subtitles.

Sounds like a huge

success !!!

Seems like TRUTH is spreading like wildfire in Spain

North Texans for 911 Truth
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Any coverage is goog but . . .

They did NOT show the collapse of WTC 7.

They also got some of the facts wrong.

In spite of this, it was good because it was straight forward and did not use the term "conspiracy theory"

Go Richard!

McPadden edited

Note how McPadden's testimony is edited here to convey the impression that the explosive sounds were from pancaking floors. In his complete testimony he states explicitly that the sound was not that of pancaking floors.
McPadden here:


Rally the Troops

I think ae911truth needs to be the new rallying point for the 9/11 Truth Movement, it brings a unique combination of professionalism, credibility, and outreach to the movement that has never been there before.

And thank goodness that other countries around the world that are more open to televising and listening to 9/11 Truth presentations. International pressure could be a real factor in getting things moving here in US, or at the very least they will see the 9/11 for what it really was.

Donate to ae911truth so we can keep that man going. And they also have some very professional new evidence cards that I would recommend, particularly the WTC 7 ones.




No single presentation about 9/11 is as convincing as Richard Gage's. His 2008 DVD should be pushed hard, on everyone in the world.

He needs to continue to push Steven Jones' evidence for thermate in WTC dust.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Grandísimo trabajo

Vuestro trabajo en Madrid y el hecho de haber traído a Richard Gage a España es impagable. A ver si un día vienen Steven Jones y Kevin Ryan, o alguno de esos grandes trabajadores por la verdad sobre el 11S. Creo que tenemos menos censura en España, aunque los de Telecinco lo consideraron noticia ¿Dónde están las demás cadenas de televisión?
La verdad llegará a todos los rincones, de los EEUU , de España y del planeta.

Gracias y suerte

Un saludo

The YouTube version is here,

The YouTube version is here, but doesn't have subtitles --